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Sugasm #103

Posted in sex on 30 October 2007 by Simon

So another week and we’ve moved sections. We were listed in the Erotic Writing and have been moved to BDSM and Fetish. Ah well. Fitting this week I suppose. Anyway. Here’s the rest:

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“Feel the electricity from my fingers as I peel the damp cotton of your panties away from your sex, as I ease them to one side.”

The Man From Del Monte Says…Yes, Yes, Oh God! YESSS!
“She let her lips and tongue explore me all over.”

Traveling the road, Sharing a load, Side by side
“I guess this is not very sexy, my ranting about politics while playing with your cock.”

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The US Constitution Erotic Coloring Book

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Dinner Date: Part 1
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Flight dreams.

Posted in sex on 29 October 2007 by Ava

I fell asleep on the plane. S___ and I are away again, this time to the West even further. Somewhere over the mountains I was dreaming away of hidden toys and surprises for S___. I have been, let us say, out of commission for a bit. Poor man, he’s been having to settle for me sucking his cock as opposed to being ridden for days. I see this changing quite soon but I had plans for him tonight. This time he was naked wearing the collar, cuffs attached to it around his back and behind his head, I was leading him to the bathroom where I blindfolded him and gave instructions, he wasn’t to touch me, or try to, in any way. He was to stand, sit or lie wherever I told him and follow instructions too the letter. Nodding agreement, slightly disoriented, he stood waiting. I had him raise his arms and hooked his cuffs over the shower (S___ being so tall is so convenient). There I showered, turning him on occasion, feeling his penis, light slaps on his ass, taking my time as I showered, water splashing onto him as I moved. When I was finished, I moved him down, took the handheld and cleaned him, working his soapy penis to the point he was about to cum and then stopping, sliding my fingers between his slippery legs, fingering him places he rarely asks but always wants. Once we were out of the shower I cuffed his hands back in front of him but had him dry me, taking care and time, it was difficult him his hands bound, he had to move in close and at one point he took my nipple in his mouth sucking hard, wanting more. I turned him around and gave him a few hard slaps on his ass. I had told him not to touch me without specific instructions. S___ continued to dry me and them dry himself off as I had asked. I walked him to the bedroom where I attached his leash and had him climb onto the bed and kneel on it, keeping on his hands and knees. The collar stayed on and I tied the leash to the headboard. Having him face the direction of the bedside table I took off his blindfold so that he could see the lubricant and double sided dildo that I had already laid out. I bent over him and whispered in his ear that I would be gentle, I know that he will have his turn in my position later, I would start with my fingers and then move on from there, and if he behaved I wouldn’t have to use his belt on him. I woke up to turbulence and S___ smiling at me. Dreams are funny, sometimes prophetic, sometimes not, but always enough to start that familiar warm wetness.



Posted in sex on 27 October 2007 by Ava

S___ and I are away right now. Internet is spotty and our schedules are so busy we haven’t much time to write. We will though. By next week I am imagining numerous experiences to share, stories to tell, how the flight went, and what we found when we got to the hotel. I imagine S___ will be writing as he has me tied down, and I will be writing in those moments were he has let me off the leash. A good week coming up I’d imagine. Right now we have a beautiful day and great hotel room, with a seat in the shower, so handy for those nice messy blow jobs. I know tonight at some point I will be on that seat with his cum shooting all over my face and chest, I am excited about it, I can’t wait. So be patient and rewards will come, and in the mean time, we will pop in when we can for a quickie.

Talk to you soon.


Collar Rules

Posted in sex on 25 October 2007 by Simon

I’m right in the middle of a bunch of other things, but all of a sudden I was thinking about A___ and her collar.  Specifically, I was thinking of the collar rules we’ve established.  I don’t know why.

Once the collar is on, A___ needs to get permission to take it off.  She can take it off for work, but then it needs to go back on immediately.

While wearing the collar she needs to ask permission to cum, and can only cum loudly if she asks first.

“I want you on your knees”, “I want you on your back” and “I want to be in your mouth” are followed.

There are a few other ones, but they escape me right now.  If I remember them next week while we’re in the hotel, I’ll write them down.  And really, I don’t know why I was thinking of this just now.  If you saw what I was doing, you wouldn’t make the connection.  I certainly can’t.  But that’s just the way it is sometiimes.

The other thought I had while I was getting ready to post this was that… well.  We’ll save that for another time.

Perfect height.

Posted in sex on 24 October 2007 by Ava

S___ and I were downstairs, I was bringing up some things, he was getting a beer. I saw him in the roughed out doorway, one step up into the next room. He asked if he could get me anything then smiled and mentioned that this step made him just about the right height. S___ is quite a bit taller than me, about a foot actually, and this step was about a foot, so his assesment was correct, by standing there his belt was right about level with my mouth, I would barely have to bend.

I walked over to give him a playful smack as he walked by but he didn’t, instead he undid his belt and pulled his long already hard cock out. Honestly I was a bit suprised, his parents were in the house, could walk in on us at any moment. S___ didn’t seem to be thinking that way, he was thinknig he wanted to cum in my mouth. He grabbed my hair as a handle and shoved himself into my mouth, he didn’t have to try very hard really, I love sucking his cock but he likes to be in charge. I licked and sucked as he pumped in and out of my mouth fucking it as he would my pussy, holding both sides of my head as he would my ass, telling me where to go with his hands.

He came quickly and quietly, filling my mouth with his hot cum. I had to work to not have it dribble down my face and onto my shirt, that would have been an interesting stain to explain to Mom. S___ buckled back up and gave me a playful smack on the ass as he said thank you and sauntered upstairs.

As I tried to cool down and fix my now tousled hair I wonder if he noticed had I been standing there at that height it wouldn’t have been hard for him to fuck me while I was tied in the door frame.


Warm waters

Posted in sex on 24 October 2007 by Simon

(continued from before)

I don’t know why I had a dream that included a hot tub.  They’re not something I’m around, think about or have spent a lot of time in.  I know that people host hot tub parties and often those parties end up with hot, naked, wet participants – sounds fantastic right now – but I’ve never been to one.  It was out of the blue.

We had all gotten up from the couch in a kind of mad rush; that awkwardness that appears when people are naked together for the first time coming to the four of us briefly as we were all woke up from the collective sensual stupor we had fallen into.  At the breaking of tension something new needed to happen and the suggestion of a hot tub was greeted by everyone enthusiastically.  I do remember in the dream the guy saying “we don’t have swimsuits for you, is that OK?” and A___ slapping him lightly on the face as she walked past before wrapping her her arms around the woman and both of them walking off toward the hot tub, laughing and kissing and touching.  He and I laughed and followed.  walking almost as close as they were.

Outside it was cold.

Cold especially after the heat of the blankets and fire and what had already gone on.  I could feel every part of my body from where hands and lips and breasts and thighs had been.  I remember thinking they planned this! That’s why the hot tub is running!  But I didn’t have any time to articulate the thought because all of a sudden we were all stepping down into the warm water and all the feelings that had scattered when we stood up came back to the surface.

This is the point in the dream when I kept waking up for whatever reason, but would rejoin it as soon as I fell back asleep.  It was also a part I really remember as lucid.  I would be thinking “I would love to see A____ and the woman kissing” and it would happen.  They spent a lot of time all over each other.  Touching and kissing and handling each others breasts and pussies and whispering a lot.  Other times I would be thinking about a hand on my cock and look over (in the dream) to see the man smiling at me while he moved my hand to his cock, then leaning in to kiss me as he rose over me.  There were times when I remember A____ in my lap but kissing the other man while the woman fondled her breasts and i played between her legs.  Or the other woman was in my arms kissing me, her body on the surface with A____’s mouth between her legs.  I remember A___ and the woman laying on their backs on towels alternating sucking our  cocks while they fondled each other.

It was a time when we each spent a lot of time in pairs discovering each other further.  Most things happened in pairs, but the pairs changed.  There was conversation, but it was limited to what was happening and what we wanted to happen next.  We settled on a shower.

As we piled out and back into the house we walked a lot closer together.

There was a stand-up shower off their bedroom and we crowded in with the lights out and the hot water blasting.  Nobody could see a thing and although the shower was large, it was crowded so that no matter where anyone moved they were constantly in contact with everyone else.  Hands and mouths moved freely in the darkness without regard to who was doing what to whom.  I would feel a mouth on my cock and one on my balls and one kissing my back and then things would change and I would be pushed on my knees and have a pussy or a cock in my face and feel someone else’s face on the other side with their tongue in an ass.  It was a constant tide of water and lips and hands and sensations.

That could have gone on forever, and at this point we all wanted it to, but someone’s hand shut off the water and in the silence between moans towels were passed around and we began to dry each other in the darkness.  Spending extra time in cocks and breasts and pusses and legs until everyone seemed to be ready to leave the bathroom.  Nobody was talking, but I could feel hands on my ass and an arm around my shoulders and A___ beside me as we were being gently but firmly pushed out into the dark bedroom.

Quietly everyone climbed onto the bed….

in the spaces in between

Posted in sex on 23 October 2007 by Simon

It’s a quiet night for us; especially in the context of this blog. A___ has gone to bed in anticipation of an exceptionally long day tomorrow, and I’m sitting up reading and playing video games while a printer finishes what it’s doing for me. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re in an intercourse free period (ending Saturday), but tonight will most likely be an any-course free evening. One of those nights for sleeping.

Though in saying that I’ve probably made it not true. That seems to happen. Like I say “stay tuned for part two” and I never get around to writing part two (I’ve started though). I say it’ll be one of those nights for sleeping, but I’ll climb into bed and A___ will be warm and asleep under the covers and I’ll have every intention of kissing her goodnight in a manner that won’t wake her.

What will probably happen is that my cock will rub against her ass while I’m leaning over her, my lips will linger and my hands will wander. Soon I’ll have a breast in my hand and will have had her head turned to kiss me more fully. My hand will wander down between her legs. Soon I’ll have decided that I want her to suck me again or that I want her pussy and I will have made the necessary adjustments.

It will end up like most nights for us.

This isn’t me complaining at all. in fact, I’ve decided to rush this post and get moving. I’m just saying that even in the spaces in between times when we’re all over each other, we still end up being all over each other.