Honey I’m home.

S___ got home as soon as I got out of the shower. As is usually the case I was hot, wet, and wanting. S___ didn’t seem interested. That was until he followed me to the bedroom pushed me down and proceeded to bury his face between my legs. This on its own drives me crazy, I can barely deal with the sensation, I shudder, I writhe, his tongue inside me is amazing, his mouth does wonderful things, it is hard to sit still and just take it all in. S___ had some other ideas of what all he wanted me to take in. While his tongue was licking at my clit, sending shivers up my body he must have thought I was making a little too much noise, without warning one of my dildos is shoved in my mouth while his is just working away. A dildo in my mouth must not have been enough for him because I feel another thrust into my pussy, and at the same time his mouth keeps working. With both my mouth and pussy full he kept licking and sucking, kissing and flicking, until I came so hard I was shaking. Once he he was done he smiles up at me and tells me to get dressed and ready for a walk.

With shaky legs I get up and walk toward the dresser to find some clothes. Within two minutes S___ is back, telling me that if I want to leave the house I need to stop being naked because he keeps wanting to fuck me. Pushed onto the bed again, this time it’s not a dildo, or a tongue, he pushes into me and starts fucking me like mad. I know he is just using my body right now, which is o.k., I had used parts of his moments before.

Just another way to say glad to be home I guess.

2 Responses to “Honey I’m home.”

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  2. […] It went into more detail, into how he would use the “substitute” you might have read about it in “Honey I’m home.“. […]

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