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Just as soon

Posted in sex on 30 November 2007 by Simon

as I say we’re back, life does what it does and takes us away again. I really should stop saying what’s going to happen and just let whatever happens… yeah…

I had plans tonight, but they got circumvented. I was going to collar A___ and… yeah, instead, I got a little drunk and now…


… which is what I’ve really wanted since we’ve moved in and put the straps on the new bed. I don’t know why either. I’ve been feeling this way and… yeah. I’ve got a lot to do before A___ gets out of the shower.

I hope she uses me. I was thinking about it this morning when I fucked myself with her dildo. I want her to sue me as she see’s fit….

This isn’t what she had in mind when she said she’d like to read something I wrote.

Perhaps I should talk about the craigslist add I’ve been thinking about.

Back in the saddle

Posted in sex on 28 November 2007 by Simon

Ok. A___ and I are close to back. We have internet at the new place and the restraints are back on the bed. I anticipate there will be new posts spilling forth here in no time, including my part two and A___’s part three. Sugasm seems to have remembered us this week, though as I think about it I was a day late in submitting something. My bad.

Anyway. More soon.

While we were out (Sugasm #107)

Posted in sex on 27 November 2007 by Simon

Hey Folks,

Just a quick note to apologize for dropping off the planet this past week. A___ and I have moved to a new place and are waiting for the internet to get reconnected. We should be back up and running tomorrow evening. We look forward to talking to all of you again.

Come back soon
– A___ and S___

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More ideas of my own.

Posted in sex on 21 November 2007 by Ava

…L___ slides the box into her bag and leans over to whisper in my ear. “I have to use the ladies room, come with me.” I ask S___ to meet us by the door, that we will be back in a flash. Hand in hand we walk to the back of the club, the restroom is a single, we try to sneak in quickly and shut the door, only to have it stopped by a familiar hand. “The rules are, I’m there, remember honey?” S___ says while grabbing the back of my hair and pushing me to my knees. L___ looks surprised at first, then only excited, as she knows this is how we play at times. S___ slides the door lock and reaches for L___, his long arm brings her close, takes the back of her head, and shoves her to her knees as well. Both L___ and I know what to do and within seconds we have his pants down and a sharing his long penis, licking the shaft, sucking his balls, all the while kissing each other. S___ takes turns shoving his cock down our throats, directing one towards his balls while the other is busy sucking, then switching. L___ and my hands start roaming over each other, kisses get longer, she is rubbing his cock on my breasts, when we are brought to an abrupt stop by a knock on the door. The manager announces that we need to leave promptly. Giggling a bit, we rise from our knees and I kiss S___, he reaches into my purse and pulls out my collar. I know the next move, I lift my hair and he secures it tightly around my neck. “Help L___ with hers.” L___ and I look at each other and I do the same to her. We exit, collars on, skirts askew, S__’s shirt un-tucked, all hand in hand. We got a few looks, and L___ and I catch the eye of the guy who wanted to take us home. “So sorry!” L___ yells to him as we exit. A cab is already waiting, one of the perks of getting kicked out of a club I guess, and S___ tells the driver where to go. L___ looks at him curiously. “You aren’t the only one who can find people” he responds. L___ is sitting between S___ and I. He whispers something in her ear and she begins to kiss me. Our hands roam each others bodies, breasts, legs, face, arms. Hands slipping under shirts, pinches to nipples, hands sliding up skirts, fingers slipping under silk, finding hot wet spaces. All the while S___ is just watching, enjoying, whispering to L___ every so often, getting nods of understanding between kisses.

We get to the hotel and L___ takes the lead, straight to the elevator, wanting to get to the room as quickly as possible. As the doors close S___ reaches into the small bag he has had all night. He’s very quick. All we hear are two snaps and L___ and I are leashed. S___ walks to the corner of the elevator and pulls on the leather straps. L__ and are immediately moved toward him. “I like how that works.” S___ says and smiles. Suddenly we are there and the doors open. L___ takes the lead but S___keeps a tight hold on the leash. “Not so fast, walk together, I want to watch you both.” Down the hall we go, it seems endless, and even L___ seems a bit anxious as we pass the room service waiter. He doesn’t know what to say, can only stare as he sees two women, sex coming out of every pore, being walked down the hall on leashes by a tall slender, serious looking man.

When we reach the door L___ unlocks the door and we quickly move inside. S___ quickly reaches up and unhooks the leash that was attached to me and hands hers over.   L___ looks at him, “But I thought…”, more quickly then I could imagine he is back behind her and has her bent at the waist, several hards spanks on the ass as she is whimpering, but breathing excitedly. “You’ll still get your chance L___ I’m just giving A___ a bit of time first, or else she will be serving us all night. She’s a good girl, she gets to play too.” L__ stands back up and S___ moves to the bed. I keep tight hold of the leash and pull L___ near to kiss me. My orders to her are simple, she is to undress me, except for bra, stockings, and panties, undress herself, keeping the same, and then undress S___.  L___ starts at the top, gently pulling my shirt over my head, standing close, pressing against me, moving her lips in to kiss my nipples through the thin lace of my bra. I moan as her lips touch them. Then a snap! L___ jumps a bit, reeling from he sharp pain of the riding crop. She looks at me questioningly. “She just said to undress her, not to kiss, follow instructions closely, she loves to use the crop” advises S___. I kiss her softly on the lips and tell her to continue. L___ slides her hands down my body, unzipping my skirt, pushing it to the ground, she gets to her knees to take off my shoes and begins to slide off my stockings. Snap! Another swift hit with the crop, and she remembers what she did wrong. Carefully she makes sure the stockings are back in place. “Now you” I tell her. Slowly she removes her shirt, her nipples show hard through her bra, I can’t help but pinch them, I begin to suck and lick them through the lace and she moans, stopping her undressing. I pinch one nipple hard and remind her not to stop until she was finished. Left in bra, panties, and stockings I have her get to her knees and crawl to S___. He stands as she begins removing his pants. L___ rubs her face across his penis, pressing hard through his briefs as she pulls them off. I pull her leash to have her stand and remove his shirt, and then back to her knees as she removes his briefs. She does so slowly and slips his hard cock in her mouth for a moment on the way down. S___ moans with pleasure until I pull her leash, yanking her away from him. “I told you to undress him, not suck his cock, stay on your knees, hands on the floor.” I spank her soundly with the crop, reddening her ass, reaching between her legs occasionally, slipping a finger inside her hot pussy, feeling her excitement, making her moan. After some time, I bend over her, fucking her with my fingers, playing with her clit until I ask if she understands how important following instructions is, yes, she says, she promises, I slide my fingers in further, flicking her clit as she gets more and more wet. I ask if she is going to cum, yes she pants, I tell her to do it quietly. L___ moves on my fingers, moans, and shudders, her wetness covers my hand and she says thank you.

S___ is sitting on the bed, back against the headboard, legs spread, hard cock in hand stroking slowly. He tells me to come sit with him. I crawl up and between his legs, L___ following where the leash leads her. I take his cock down my throat as he gently holds the back of my neck with one hand and teases my nipples with the other. He gently lifts my head and asks if I am having fun, yes, I tell him and he kisses me. “I think it’s your turn to cum now baby” he says pulling my up and turning me around so that I am sitting between his legs. “Spread your legs” he whispers in my ear as he takes L___’s leash. I lean back on him, legs spread, feeling him toy with my nipples and kiss my neck. My eyes are closed when I feels L___’s mouth on my pussy, getting the already wet silk wetter, feeling her searching for a way through. S___ is pulling her leash, guiding her heard between my legs telling her to make me cum, that I was already so good to her, she should return the favor. Her lips move, gently grasping my panties, tugging them, she looks up at S___ with them in her mouth and her nods, she can remove them. She continues to do so with her mouth then goes back to excitedly licking my pussy, gently kissing my clit, sliding her tongue in and out of me, using her hands only to push my legs apart further. As she is making me hotter and wetter I feel S___ behind me, stroking his cock, rubbing it against my back. “Make her cum” he orders L___. She presses her mouth even harder against me working her tongue and lips in and out, finally taking in my clit and sucking until I feel as if I am going to explode, I cum so hard I don’t know how to act, I can breath but I am shaken, her mouth is still on me as I shake. Suddenly S___ reaches forward and unhooks her leash, he pushes me over and raises me up so that he can enter me from behind. Clicking the leash on my collar and shoving into me nearly simultaneously I barely realize what is going on until I feel him fucking me hard and L___ pulling my head down on top of her pussy. “It’s my turn now” she says with a smile…

Happy ending.

Posted in sex on 21 November 2007 by Ava

S___ and I were just lying down, watching a movie, it had been a rough night, some serious relaxation was in order.  Honestly I had nothing else on the agenda, I was very happy just to be next to him with his arms wrapped around me.  His fingers brushed my nipple and it responded immediately, that may have been what prompted an innocent brush to turn in to intentional playing.  S___ began to rub and pinch them, lightly at first but then with vigor, making me moan quietly as they became more and more sensitive.  Keeping one hand busy on my nipples he moved the other down my leg, across my body, and started fingering my pussy, very gently, almost absentmindedly.  I moved my arm over and began to slowly stroke his cock, feeling its warmth, playing with it as casually as he was my pussy.    As I play with him, S___ moves my body, spreads my legs so that he can start slowly fucking my with his fingers, they slide in and out, making me wetter, making my breath come faster and my temperature rise.  His cock feels amazing, growing harder in my hand, responding to my excitement.  Slowly but with intent he works me, keeping equal attention on nipples and pussy, whispering in my ear, telling me I’m a good girl, asking if I am going to cum.   I cum before I can even answer, my body taking over, becoming even more wet, sending waves of pleasure through me until I am shaking, still on his fingers, unable to speak, only breathing.

I crawl to the floor from the couch, unable to stand quiet yet, and I feel his hard cock enter me from behind, a moment on my knees on the floor and he takes pity and leads me to the bedroom.  S__ is right behind me and barely a moment passes before he is fucking me from behind again, pinning me to the bed, holding me still so that he can use me.  He asks if I have another orgasm waiting, I tell him I dont know, he pulls me on top to ride him and gives me several hard smacks on the ass, “you don’t say I dont know, you get on top and ride me until you cum again”.  Which I do, I ride him hard, I can not get enough of him inside me, soon I am pinning down his arms, sreaming with pleasure, cumming as hard as I had before.

The evening continued with him fucking me without mercy, including a bit of punishment for not answering questions.   I believe S___ has some desires he wasn’t able to fulfill last weekend, luckily its a new weekend already with a couple extra days.

In the darkness is where explosions occur

Posted in sex on 19 November 2007 by Simon

Continued from “I (also) had a dream” and “Warm Waters”

There’s a kind of darkness that starts off total – nothing can be seen – but ends up being seductive. It happens when your eyes adjust to what seems like total darkness to find that there’s just enough ambient light to see if you focus really hard. Whether its from outside or an alarm clock or a smoke alarm, there’s just enough of it to make out silhouettes and shadows. There’s enough to know a little about your surroundings, but not enough to eliminate the mystery.

The bedroom we moved into from the shower was like this; pitch black, except not quite. By the light of an alarm clock I could make out a massive four poster king size bed. That’s where A___ and I were being led. It seemed massive in the darkness. Raised to that someone lying on the bed would be about thigh high to someone standing. The covers were pulled back to make a huge nest of comforters and pillows. The rest of the room seemed infinite in it’s darkness…

I had mentioned that everyone climbed into bed. This is essentially true, but happened a little slower. When we reached the bed A___ and I started to climb in but were stopped by firm hands. His were on me and hers were on A___. Throughout the course of the evening prior to this we had all shared mutually in each other, but A__ and I were guests here and had surrendered to their lead in the evening’s events insofar as we were moving where they were taking us. At the edge of the bed they took a moment to take something entirely for themselves – call it a hosting fee.

As I stood by the bed, his hands began to roam over my back and arms, neck and ass. He gently pulled my head back and to the side so he could kiss me while he did this. She was doing the same to A___. His kisses were deep but slow, his hands were light but strong, exploring my penis and balls and ass and stomach while his lips and tongue explored my mouth. Softly but firmly he bent me over the bed and my hands were guided onto the sheets and slid forward so that I was bent over the bed but standing, ass exposed. Looking to the side I saw that she had done the same to A___. These two had done this before.

His hands continued to roam as he laid over me, the slid down my back, kissing his way to my ass. Back up again and this time I could feel his cock pushing against me a little. Enough to make me moan – but not enough to push inside me. She had gotten on her knees by now and was sucking and licking on A___’s pussy and ass so that A___ was moaning also. He got on his knees behind me as well. I was melted onto the bed and could have stayed that way for a long time. After a pause the work started again. Sucking my balls and ass, hands massaging me again. Eventually I was made to stand and someone laid on the bed where I had been. Pulled down by their hand, I was surprised to find her pussy in my face – I didn’t know they had switched. I could hear A___ sucking on his cock and moaning. I began to lick her clit as I separated her lips with my fingers and started to work inside of her.

In this manner A___ and I were invited onto there bed. We crawled up to continue our work while our hands found the other partner and each other. As we all piled in and bodies got closer again, things stopped being so separate. I paused a moment to make out with A___, who turned to me kneeling to accept my kisses and found that she could straddle his cock in this pose. Meanwhile, his wife had kneeled also and joined us in making out. Not to be left out, he sat up to find A___’s breasts while his wife kissed her way down to suck my cock…

Things get seriously blurry from here.

I remember this part of my dream more as feelings then as sights. Sensations and sounds. Like lips or a mouth on me or the feeling of my fingers sliding into a pussy. Like A___ riding me while she and I licked his cock and his wife’s tongue licked my balls. There were mouths and hands and it all melted into this sensation of a fantastic orgasm floating right on the horizon…

… and I came to with A___’s head bobbing up and down in my lap. We were in our own bed. My hands were holding her hair and I was telling her I was going to cum.

I came deep in her mouth and moaned as I felt her lips tighten around me as she sucked and worked my cock dry.

It had been an amazing dream. It was a great way to wake up. And it filled my head with ideas…

Nothing ever does

Posted in sex on 19 November 2007 by Simon

…go as planned, but that doesn’t stop me from planning ahead and I certainly don’t mind changing my plans either. Sometimes it’s equally arousing for me to tell A___ what I want to do; we don’t have to actually do it at all. Sometimes the talk is everything. That’s why these blogs work and why talking “dirty” works. The implication is enough. A___ was in her collar all weekend, but that didn’t mean a whole tot this time around. She did get a spanking for her lapse in memory, but it was with the crop – quick and (mostly) painless. More playful than anything else. I did threaten other spankings for her forgetfulness. Spankings and tying her up, but those never happened. Though when I mentioned them as A___ was about to cum she get instantly more wet. A conversation for another time.

The weekend didn’t go as planned at all, but it was fantastic.