About last night…

A___ did as she was told. I was proud of her. There were a lot of instructions;

Washed and shaved
Fucked herself with her dildo
Collar and wrist cuffs on
Lay out our toys on the bed
Wearing her robe open
She had written here
Hair tied back
Had a whiskey neat waiting
I will tell you what to do…

We had been texting back and forth all evening. She had said she wanted to be used by me; do whatever I told her / wanted her to do. I passed instructions back. A___ was in quite a state by the time I arrived home.

My hands were cold so I warmed them by lightly sliding them all over her breasts and back and stomach and ass. Barely touching, listening to her breath get quick, feeling her body move towards me. I made her stand with her hands behind her head while I did this. her robe was open and her body looked delicious

I love her collar with it’s leash ring. Without the leash I can still move her around with one finger hooked through the ring

I made her sit back in a high back chair and buried my face between her legs, licking and sucking the evenings wetness, listening to her moans grow stronger. She didn’t expect me to do this right away

Standing again with her hands behind her head while my hands began roaming inside her robe again. Warmer, but still traveling lightly. Exploring her pussy and ass with fingertips while my lips found her neck. Her nipples were hard.

I raised my arms over my head and A____ took off my shirt

“Start the shower, and take off anything you don’t want wet”

I read her post and drank my whiskey before heading into the bathroom

She was standing naked, shower running. Waiting

I stood in front of her while she removed my pants and underwear. Her lips touched my penis which I hadn’t told her to do. A quick turn and a slap across her ass “don’t do that without asking”. (A___) “Ok, I’m sorry”

“Put your hands on the tub and stay bent over”

I pushed my cock inside. She’s so wet that this is nothing, but her body starts to move and I am hard as stone.

I pull out

Into the shower with the lights out. A___ uses the soap on me everywhere, making sure my body gets clean. “Take your time and do it well”. She does. Hands massaging my cock and balls. Sliding over my ass and fingers working there. Down my arms and legs. A___ knows that I will make her lick me everywhere, so she makes sure I’m clean.

Out of the shower for her, a quick dry and kneeling down beside the tub to take my cock in her mouth. I tell her not to use her hands and guide my balls over her face to be licked and sucked before returning my cock to her mouth. A___ gives the best blow jobs I’ve ever had, so i can stand only so much.

“Kneel facing away from the tub and wait”. I take my time finishing my shower and drying off while she waits quietly. The water is warm on my body and my cock feels good in my hands. I am tempted to masturbate here and make her turn in time to cum on her face. But that will be another time. I have plans to use her body as a place to cum, but tonight I want it for other things.

Out for me a dry while A___ holds my robe open.

Into the bedroom I lie back on the bed with my robe open and spread out around me. A____ takes hers off, gets on her knees and starts sucking again. Slowly at first, but with more intention. Her hands wander my balls and ass, then her lips follow while she works my shaft with her fingers, back into her mouth again. I love to watch my cock disappear into her mouth and reappear. I love to watch her face buried between my legs as she sucks my balls and tongues my ass. I love feeling her hair and moving her head. I love when her wet lips suck on the head of my cock while her hands fondle my balls. She gives a fantastic blow job

By now I want to hear her cum

Up into my lap I make her kneel over me and slide down slowly. I almost got the camera to show you this – my cock sliding into her. It’s nice to see.

Finally she’s riding me like she’s wanted to for hours. A___ cuts loose; swinging her hips and pushing herself down onto me, taking me all the way inside her, then out to the head, then back in, moaning and kissing my neck, grinding her clit into me. It’s over so soon…

“I want to cum, can I cum, can I, please please please can I cum?!?!?!?!” (me) “That’s my good girl – of course you can” (asking before she cums is one of A___’s collar rules. I was proud that she remembered.

A___ melted into me.

On her back now with me on top, she puts her hands above her head (the way I like them when i fuck her this way). She’s being such a good girl tonight, remembering things. It makes me so hot I don’t take long to cum. Exploding into her after just s few moments of moving, driving my shaft deep into her so that when i pull back after everything spills out around her.

We lay there, but only for a moment. Time for our walk and dinner – that was the evening’s plan before A___ decides she wants to be bound and used.

She has a turtle neck sweater and jeans on.

…. (walk)

… (dinner) A___ says something lippy. I don’t remember what, but I grab the back of her neck like I’m rubbing it to let her know that I know she’s worn her collar under her sweater (a first). She stops being lippy and her breathing gets heavy again.

… (walk home)

Into the house again and I begin to take off my clothes as we move to the bedroom. I am left in my underwear and shirt as I lay down again. O make sure that she knows my belt is off. I set it next to the riding crop.

“Take of your sweater”. A___ is left in jeans and a black bra and her collar.
“Take of your Jeans”. A___ is left in a black thong, her bra and her collar.
“Turn around”. Even better from behind and watching her turn. I could cum right now just looking at her
“Go get your wrist cuffs form the bathroom”

She comes back a moment later but forgot her cuffs. “Go get them”

Back in the room I tell her to kneel down facing away from me so that her ass is facing me.

Quick Smacks with the riding crop – “Are you going to forget?!?!” – “NO – I’m sorry” – More Smacks – “Say it again” – “I’m sorry” – “Ok, turn around an kneel up”

I’m still lying on my back and she is kneeling in front of me. She looks so fantastic I want to take her then. Instead, I make her undress me, suck for a second and then kneel up again.

I hand her a thigh cuff, she puts it on
Another thigh cuff, she puts that one on
A wrist cuff, she puts that one on
Another wrist cuff, now the set is complete

I attach the cuffs – wrist to thigh, wrist to thigh and make her stand again so i can look at her. Collar, bra, panties, cuffs. Back down on her knees and I pull her across me so she’s lying on her back and I can climb over her at will

Hands working her pussy through the fabric of her panties while we talk – she’s already soaked them through. My penis is close to her hands, but out of range except for brushes from her fingertips. Lips kissing then talking then kissing. Up on my knees so my cock is in her mouth. She’s almost helpless bound like this. I can do what I want.

Leash to collar. least to radiator and she is limited even more.

Her big dildo eventually replaces my hand and I loose her arms. “Show me how you fucked yourself earlier”.

As the huge penis slides into her pussy past her panties, I slide mine in her mouth to watch – She moans and has to use both hands to push it into her. he back arches and her pussy swells to take it all in. I can only watch for so long, so out goes the big one so my hands can work again but I slide her little one into her mouth, then into her pussy. I like having her filled with two cocks at once. I like them switching so that I can see her fucked from different angles. Bound and plugged with the huge cock while mine is in her mouth. She is almost ready to cum

“Lets see how far you can move on this leash”

I lay back and pull her over me so that her mouth can suck me again. Eventually I can’t handle it an more and her panties come off. She’s on top of my and fucking me hard, her pussy grinding into me again and it’s better than before.

“Can I cum can i cum? pleas please please”

A____ explodes onto me. I can feel her juices running out….

I turn her over and rebind her wrists and fuck her hard and fast, nailing her to the mattress. I’m done in just a few seconds, exploding into her.

….. we lay there for a while ….

She gets fucked again. A little longer, but not much.

It was a good night. It happened a little differently then that (I can’t remember all the details), but you get the idea.

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  1. This reminds me so much of good times I’ve had 🙂

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