Ideas of my own.

The story that follows is fantasy. My version of a meeting between S___ an I , and a fellow blog writer.

L___ was arriving in the afternoon, I had wanted to pick her up, but we decided meeting later in the evening would be better, to give her time to get comfortable in the hotel, take a nap, do those things you do before meeting friends.
I was at a slow boil all day. L___ and I had been texting and sending each other pictures since she arrived in town. We were used to this, some peoples friendships are based around comfort and support, ours was on the fact that we looked forward to touching each other. Like little licks and kisses these messages were. A shower silhouette here, a shot of a garter belt there, glimpses of parts of each other we would be exploring fully later that night. S___ did his part in keeping me at a simmer all day as well. As we tried to go about our day, he would whisper in my ear all of the things he was going to do, and wanted to see us do with each other, brush his hands against me, lick my ear, and smile, telling me that I had to wait.
L___ had picked out a meeting place, not quite the type that we would normally frequent but the music was good that night and they had whiskey, somewhat secluded booths and a small dance floor.
We arrived early, I wanted to pick the perfect spot, and I wanted to see how L___ walked into a room. Corner booth, high backs, gauzy drapes creating a lot more privacy than you need for dinner, it was perfect. S___ and I ordered our drinks and waited, my hand on his leg, his climbing up my skirt, before I know it we are kissing deeply, I am crawling into his lap, whispering to him, begging him to fuck me right now at this table. We are interrupted by a small cough and a full smile. L___ had snuck up on us, drink in hand. We laughed and invited her to have a seat. S___ on my right and L___ on my left.
Small talk began, I am quite different from L____ but we manage to find similarities, we make excuses to touch, tasting each others drinks, her trying to convince me that JW Red is better than Jameson. Music becomes louder, talk more difficult, a pause and I kiss her. I lean over and gently take her mouth in mine, sweetly at first, as L___’s body responds and lens into mine our tongues slip past lips and we are kissing just as S___ and I were when she arrived.
First move being made we laugh. S___ has just enjoyed watching so I lean over and do the same to him, feeling his cock through his jeans as I kiss him deeper. L___ looks to me and says we should dance, I look to S___ who tells me the same, that he wants to watch.
L___ and I go out to the floor, making sure we are still close enough for S___ to see, we dance. Closer and closer, hands moving, breasts touching, skin heating up. We are doing what every one else on the dance floor is doing, coming as close to fucking right there on the floor as we can. Our dance seems less frantic though, less needy, more passionate. At this point S___, L___, and I know where the evening will go, so this dance is purely an appetizer, where for others it might be the meal. Soon we are approached by a couple of men, intrigued as men often are by two women so obviously sexually attracted to each other. L___ dances with one a bit, teasing him then tossing him aside returning to me. I am dancing close with the other, L___ behind me, pressing me against him. He says he wants to take us home and fuck us, he is bold. Sounds good, I tell him, but I mention that S___ would be joining us as well. A glimmer in his eye tells me he wants too but his rejected friend sweeps him away. “Just the three of us tonight then”, Liz says laughing. I kiss her again and tell her that the three of us will be plenty for now.

We go back to the table where S___ sits smiling, L___ slides her hand up my skirt as S___ leans to kiss me and stroke her breast. He suggests one more drink and then heading out. I think this is a fantastic plan. I tell L___ I have a surprise for her, she gives me a questioning look, as does S___, he isn’t aware of anything. I give L___ a small box, a little bigger than a bracelet box, but smaller than a tie box. She opens it slowly, curiously, and finds a studded black leather collar, nicely lined, with a D-ring right in front. “It matches mine” I say. She smiles. I look to S___, who gets immediately harder in my hand, smiles and kisses me again.

One Response to “Ideas of my own.”

  1. Similarities abound between our versions. A most exciting exchange, A___. I love the idea of matching collars 😉

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