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and continues…

Posted in sex on 31 December 2007 by Ava

S___ had given me more instructions.  I was to unlock an ankle and turn so that my head was hanging off the side of the bed.  He wanted his cock all the way down my throat now.  I quickly move and wait, mouth open.  Without words he comes into the room and slides that amazing cock right where he wanted it.  Further, he tells me, take it in further, and I do.  He is filling my mouth, I am immobile, impaled.  He slips his cock out and leads me to sucking his balls and licking his ass.

Everything is over taking me.  I am dripping wet, my nipples like stones.  Still sucking, I cant concentrate, my thoughts are everywhere, my body is barely doing what is told.

“Turn me over, hands and knees, spank me, cum on my ass.” I beg, please.  S___ thinks I should wait. No, please, please, cum on my ass, spank me, please.  I plead with him until he orders me up.  His sharp hand feels incredible, leaving a bright red sting.  I feel him stroking himself faster and faster, rubbing his cock over my ass, teasing my ass hole.

I am cumming from the action, from the ideas.  He cums hard, shooting all over my ass, dripping into my pussy.  Cumming so hard he hits my back, the back of my neck.  Covered with him. I feel his tongue on my asshole again and melt.  Drunk with pleasure.

He plans on keeping me at a boil tonight.  Currently I’m about boiling over.  Tonight I’m his cum slut.  I’ve begged for it and will take whatever he gives me and do whatever I am told.

Visual aids

Posted in sex on 31 December 2007 by Simon

While I was doing this…

Img 6056
A___ was doing this…
Photo 330
And now we begin by sucking this…

Photo 174

And ,maybe fucking her here.
Img 5957

And a night begins.

Posted in sex on 31 December 2007 by Ava

I lie here bound at the ankles and thighs, S___ has gone to shower and has left me my hands and my computer.  I dont dare untie my legs.  I can not begin to imagine the punishment I would get for removing them.

He has brought me to the brink, kissing, licking, and gently biting my body.  His fingers and tongue playing with my nipples, teasing my asshole.

S___ has not taken me there yet.  He has yet to claim my ass.  I am nervous but so excited about this.  Every time he gets close I gasp.  He presses his cock against me as I am tied, face down.  He isn’t going to fuck me yet.  He will play first, we will experiement.  When he left for his shower he left our dildo placed right where his cock had been.  “You will be fucking yourself with this tonight” he tells me.  I am so wet I am dripping onto the bed as he pushes further against me.  “You’d like my cock up your ass if you could take it wouldn’t you?” “Yes…” I pant before he slips away…


Posted in sex on 31 December 2007 by Ava

My breathing is heavy already. You make me dizzy. I get so wet thinking, talking to you, getting orders, you make me so hot when you direct me. My pussy is soaked, my nipples hard as rocks.

I keep seeing my self, feeling myself, tied to the bed, stripped down to my panties. Tied to each corner, just a target for you. You move along my body, licking, kissing, nipping at it. Rubbing your cock all over me. Spilling your cum on my face, my breast, my stomach. Coating me, covering me, feeding me your cock.

You crack the window so that the cold comes in, chilling me, hardening cum and nipples, giving we goose bumps, just watching, barely touching, hearing me moan. I feel your lips cleaning me off, making the chill stronger with every wet kiss, every lick.

The window is closed and you work on warming me again, fucking my breasts, fucking my mouth. Telling me what a good girl I am to take all of your cum again…



Posted in sex on 31 December 2007 by Ava

Instructions by phone, blog and IM. We’ve decided on my outfit, black pants under my skirt, tiny black tank with matching panties. Sexy but subtle. I know you like to see me crawling with my collar and that, you like to see the black against me pale white. The leash will stand out.

The cuffs will be set out on the made bed. You have been so gentle, so patient with me. Tonight I feel that if you cant fuck me you will use me in many other ways. Tied down and cum all over, I am wet thinking about it. I’ll have my leash, I’ll do whatever you say. Keep me where you want, have me boiling… I’m yours to use tonight.


If you’re a good girl

Posted in sex on 31 December 2007 by Simon

I may let you cum tonight.

First, make sure your phone is with you throughout the night. You may be getting instructions.

Wear your pink and blank underwear. I want to know that your breasts are adorned that way and that your pussy is only covered by a thin veil of silk and lace. When I slide my hands down between your legs or up your shirt, that’s what I want to feel. I want you to think about the times I’ve moved them out of the way to use your body. Remember being tied to the bed with only the black silk to cover you…

Wear your black pants and short denim skirt. I want to know that when I touch you through your clothes you will feel it. I want your wetness to soak through. I want to know that I can pull them all the way down easily and make you available to my lips quickly.

You’re a good girl. You may be spreading your legs for my camera tonight.

Wear a shirt that shows your cleavage to advantage. I want the other guests to be looking at you all night. I want them to secretly take glances down your shirt. I want to know that your magnificent breasts are near to exposed, ready to be set free (again quickly) for my hands or for my mouth.

When I point to the ground I want you to bend over and show me, wherever you are, how your breasts would look were I to stick my cock between them.

You may well come up with a better way to dress tonight. Let me know if you do. You’re a good girl and you know what I like to see you in

And be ready to suck my cock quickly. On your knees quickly. Mouth open and hot and ready to take my cum. Be ready to have your nipples coated in semen and left to torment, sucked and licked clean later in the same manner in which you suck and clean my shaft after I’ve spilled on you.

Then, if you’re a good girl, after we get home…

From out of or into dreams, depending

Posted in sex on 31 December 2007 by Simon

Similar to here where I mostly sit back and read all the things A___ has written, I have found myself more often then not lying on my back on our bed while A___ does most of the work.

It’s been exquisite.

There’s something other-worldly about climbing out of a wonderful dream sleep to feel my cock being gently sucked and massaged by A___’s warm mouth or cool hands. I’ve found myself awake having not yet opened my eyes but picturing her there; head slowly moving up and down with her hand, or her face buried between my legs sending shivers through me from deep in my core. I love the feeling of my hands in her hair holding tight. Not really moving her head, but keeping her from straying too far. When I cum it almost feels soft at first. Soft like the beginnings of a volcano, then the pulsing and and arching as I explode. A___’s mouth working furiously by sealed taking everything in, or held more firmly now by her hair as she’s made to feel me spraying out across her face or breasts. Her hands massage my balls and fingers work there way down into my ass. After – we lay quietly for a moment before the day begins.

Having the lust built up from dream night before sucked out of me. You’re a good girl

Img 5960