Ive been home today.  I’ve also been completely preoccupied.  I keep reading blogs, ours and others, looking through pictures, writing here and there, and all I want is for S___ to come home and fuck me.  I have been thinking about him cumming on my face last night.

I’ve been having this fantasy of him doing the same thing again, being just as strong, just as direct, maybe even a bit more so, holding my face down as he cums on it then telling me to wait.  He tells me to lie back on the bed, cum still dripping down my throat.  Wait.  Wait until he comes back.  I do, I wait, I am so wet, still panting, wanting to feel his fingers or tongue, or cock inside me, but I wait.  Shortly he returns and stradles my face, shoving his long cock down my throat again, turning on my face so his balls press up against it too, leaning over my body to slip a finger into my hot wet cunt.  He fingers me for a moment before turning around again.  Still straddling me he moves down pulls his cock out of my mouth and tells me to hold still, as he cums on me again, this time covering my face and breasts.  He rubs his cum into my chest, pinching my nipples, sucking them quickly, keeping them hard before getting up again.  Wait.  The same command, direct, undeniable.  I wait as his cum starts to dry on me, I am soaking the bed from my wetness, still wanting more but not taking it myself.  Again he returns after a while, I hear the shower running.  He stands in the doorway, looking at me, naked, still shiny with his cum, obviously agitated.  I start to get up.  Wait he tells me again and comes to the bed.  S___ flips me to my hands and knees, he crawls under me and begins to lick my pussy, working his tongue around the already wet folds, I whimper and he slides further up, his face is beneath my breasts now and he sucks them in turn.  Further up he moves until I can feel his hard cock pressing against me.  I instinctively start to slip down onto it but before I have him inside he again tells me to wait.  He crawls off the bed and stands behind me again, then bends over to begin licking my pussy again, this time slipping up to my ass for moments, making me take in my breath with surprise.  I am about to cum just from this when he stops again.  He crawls onto the bed and lays on his back, his long cock standing up, beckoning me.  He pulls me over on top of him and slides deep into me.  I ride him hard, trying to delay cumming but unable to as he slides his hands over my ass and slips a finger inside.  I explode, getting him almost as wet as he has gotten me.  As I finish cumming he pushes me off of him and onto my belly, pulling up my hips he starts to slowly fuck me from behind, alternating holding my hips, giving light slaps, and playing with my asshole.  He pulls out and cums all over my ass, it soaks me and drips down my legs.  Now its time for a shower he says, as the steam is pouring into the bedroom.

I guess I will just have to wait.

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