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On the town.

Posted in sex on 31 January 2008 by Ava

S___ and I haven’t been out that much lately. We are going out tonight. I took this as the perfect excuse to get clean and shiny. Showered, shaved, fixed my hair, then called in S___ to answer a question, while I stood there completely naked.

I think it was effective, as he had me on the bed with his mouth between my legs in seconds.

Then up, dressed, a bit of make-up, and I’m ready to go, still wet from his mouth.

“You look fantastic” he says.

His lips brush my neck. His hands lift my hair. He turns me around as his hands cover me; teasing both of us. No time for play now, our guests will be here shortly.

“Remember my lips on your pussy” he whispers, pressing me against the wall.

I wont forget. I imagine they will be there again soon, and my mouth will have work to do as well. It should be a fun night.



Posted in sex on 30 January 2008 by Simon

“Leave the light off please”
“But I…”
“…. no. Off. And please stay quiet”

It was said quietly, but I could tell A___ was pouting and preparing a rebuttal, I had no idea how to read L___ though I was sure she was, if anything less docile than A___. I could tell also that these instructions would hold for about as long as it took for them to stop kissing in the semi-darkness of the hotel room. Still, I had some thoughts in my head that I wanted to examine and some things I wanted to happen and it required silence and darkness; at least for the moment.

And for the moment anyway I had half of that. Entering the hotel behind the women allowed me to stand with the light of the hallway behind me; illuminating a continuation of the evenings visual pleasures; a start of the next chapter. I was content to stand and watch during the time it took me to undo my coat and set everything off to the side. A___ and L___ needed no assistance other than each other. I crossed my arms and waited. A silhouette statue.

L___ had pushed A___ up against the wall as soon as they were in the hotel room. At this point they weren’t strangers to each others bodies, but they hadn’t yet had a chance to let their hands roam freely over each other, away from the scrutiny of bar or hotel patrons. L__’s hands disappeared inside A___’s coat and turned the fabric into little hills of motion down her stomach and sides as they explored the hidden paradise. A___, for her part, was effectively pinned and could do nothing with her hands outside of wrapping her arms around L___’s neck. A beautiful pose for submissive kisses; kisses and support. Gloves and coats and shoes fell away in between their kisses and fondling and whispers. When I sensed the moment about to break I stepped forward; gently pulling A___’s arm so that it went down behind her back while reaching into her coat to find L___’s hand – massaging A___’s flaming sex through her dress – and turn it so it was behind her back also. Despite the slow motion of these movements the women seemed almost startled. I think they had forgotten I was there. That, or the click of the door plunging us into almost total darkness.

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What are you thinking about?

Posted in sex on 29 January 2008 by Ava

S___ is in the shower.  I believe we were home a whole five minutes before he had his cock in my mouth; maybe ten before he had me cumming; possibly twenty before he is asking me what I’m thinking of right before he starts to cum.

I was in the shower when he got home yesterday, he joined me at the end, but had missed the beginning.  Rarely do I play with toys without him.  I typically don’t find them as satisfying as the real thing and since I can have S___ pretty much whenever I like I don’t need them.  I enjoy them together though.  I enjoy S___ being able to penetrate me in mulitple ways.  I enjoy watching the pleasure he takes when using them.

My shower this time included a toy though, one that S___ has favored many times.  I was feeling quite worked up and I knew he wouldn’t be home for a bit.  I was also feeling a bit curious.  Slowly I shaved and washed.  Taking time to enjoy my breasts.  Soaping my already slippery pussy.  Gently fingering my ass as I washed.  I began thinking of fantasies and conversations.  Things we still haven’t done.  Ways we’ve played; and ways S___ plays.

I keep seeing him cum.  Hearing him as I ride him.  Seeing the difference between cumming just from the two of us, and cumming with a small dildo in his ass as I fuck him.  I wonder.

This particular toy has two ends.  One much larger than the other.  Slower I start to fuck myself with the larger end. Taking it fully inside, slowly playing, pushing it in and pulling it out, making myself more wet than I was before.  I feel ready, I feel as if I could cum.  My pussy gets a break as I slowly start to play with the smaller end.  Carefully, gently, pushing it against my tight ass hole.  Lifting a leg and bending slightly I push, just a bit, and find resistance.  My other hand works, sliding between pussy and ass, sharing the wetness.   I think of how it must feel for S___ to be inside my pussy as this toy is inside him.  I think of the glorious pressure.  My mind races at the thought of being fucked while this toy does its work as well.

Carefully I push harder until I feel it inside, just the tip, barely invading.  My breath stops as my fingers work.  The excitement of something so new, something so taboo to many, takes over and I cum.  My fingers dive deeper into my pussy as I barely push the dildo in the tinyest bit further.

Soon I need to breath.  I put away the toy and start to come down.  The thoughts in my head still make me shiver though.  New feelings, future possibilities, and the memories of cumming as S___ barely plays with my ass.

Thats what I was thinking at the moment.

Some Sugasm (#116) with your coffee?

Posted in sex on 29 January 2008 by Simon

We’re fans of Sugasm and hope you are too.  Good reading to be sure!

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This Week’s Picks
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“His hand slid around the back of my neck and pulled me close – easily, no effort at all, letting me feel the power of his arms and the warm puff of his breath against my ear.”

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“I gasped as he slowly pushed in one finger, slippery with oil, and began to wiggle it and spread me open.”

Sex Worker Confessions: Gracie Passette
“But underneath it all, sex workers are all about bridging, in body & soul, word & deed, the irreconcilable differences between realities and desires.”

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Looking down (a series)

Posted in sex on 29 January 2008 by Simon

TXT “Interested in kneeling tonight?”
TXT “mmmmm… yeah!”


Thinking about it makes me dizzy. looking down and seeing A___ on her knees with her head tilted up slightly, her eyes closed and her mouth opened a little bit. Ready. From here I can reach down and run my hands through her hair, moving her head as I please, pulling her closer or pushing her away using the tips of my fingers wrapped around the back of her head. Her hands work quickly to undo my belt and set me free. Her mouth opens wider to accept my cock as I lean in feeling her cool wet lips give way to her hot tongue working its way up and down my shaft as she sucks me in, then out to the head, then back in again. Her fingers on one hand make a ring to guide me towards the sweet pressures while her other hand cradles my balls. I could stand here until I cum, shooting a load of hot lava passion down her throat. Feeling her suck harder and moan as I fill her up until there’s nothing left inside me. She licks me clean after her mouth releases me. She licks her lips involuntarily.

There are other ways to do this, of course. We will be exploring those in some detail soon.

More kisses.

Posted in sex on 28 January 2008 by Ava

I can imagine kisses; my hand on her waist; things escalating ever so slowly.  As she caresses through lace, my nipples harden.  Her finger and thumb takes it gently, pulling a tiny bit, just enhancing the hardness.  I tilt my head back and open my mouth further as I moan quietly.  She responds by licking my lips; tracing them with her tongue before her mouth meets mine again.

My hand moves from her waist down, finding the end of her chemise, following the edge with my fingers.  I tug gently at the silk and her body lowers.  Our mouths still kissing, her fingertips still teasing my nipples.  She is beside me now just far enough away so that we can see each other, close enough that a movement makes us touch.  Our kissing stops as she pulls away to look.  Her fingertips rub over my body, and mine echo on hers.  We touch only silk and lace.   The fabric transferring electricity between us.

I move to kiss her neck.  Covering her throat from he chin to the tops of the gentle curve of her breasts.  Hard kisses, soft kisses, licks, and tiny nibbles I enjoy her skin.  Her hands tangle in my hair as she has me lie back.  Deep kisses on the mouth, moving to my ears, down my neck until her mouth hovers above my nipples, hard as rocks.  She licks them through the lace. The wetness and breath keeping them erect.  Then one by one her mouth takes them.  Warm and soft she sucks them, still covered, the lace wet and clinging, enhancing them further…


Posted in sex on 28 January 2008 by Ava

I’m not sure how long I had been lying there unable to quiet my mind; but I found my hand wandering, moving down between my legs.  I was thinking about many things.  One image was closest to the front though, one in particular made my fingers slide inside with ease.

I’m on my hands and knees, I had beg you to cum on me.  Behind me you kneel, cock in hand, stroking faster and faster.  My chest is on the bed but my ass is held high, my legs are spread, I want to feel you covering me.  You slap my ass just a little then explode, your cum covers my ass and drips down over my pussy.  I can also feel the spray across my back all the way up to my neck.  I remembered your mouth and tongue, cleaning me up but fucking me at the same time.

That memory was the one that got me out of bed and crawling into your lap.

I don’t know what it is about you cumming on me.  I think it appeals to the side of me that likes to feel your hand around my throat; the side that loves it when you whisper how you are going to fuck me;  the side that wants to be tied up and used and made to cum again and again.

I was glad that side was so ready last night.  Determined to have your cock.  Knowing that if I were to start to unbutton you that I would be met with a hard cock.

I liked sliding onto you so easily last night.  I hope you enjoyed the surprise.