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Posted in sex on 19 February 2008 by Ava

As soon as we walk in you knock me to my knees.  Looking up at you I see no anger, only lust.  Just the look you get when you are going to take what you want in whatever way you want to.  I’m anxious and wet all at once.  You push me down further, and nudge me with your foot in the direction of the bedroom.  You want to see me crawl.  My skirt covers only half my ass crawling this way, I can almost feel your eyes lingering over my g-string, down my stockings, finally resting on my feet, still wearing the heels you requested.  It’s not often we have the occasion to dress up.

I’ve barely crawled three feet when you grab my hair and pull me back to my knees.  I can see your cock pushing against your pants as you roughly pull my shirt up over my head and toss it into the corner.  You pull up on my hair again and I slowly climb up, the heels, and drinks, and adrenaline making it difficult to keep my balance.  You shove me hard against the wall and slap my face for making you wait then kiss me roughly as your hand moves up my skirt.

Pinning me to the wall your hand around my throat you feel how wet I am.   You tell me I’m going to be your slut tonight, and that you will treat me as roughly as you like. Your fingers slide inside me, fucking me, as you hold me against the wall.  Your hand leaves my pussy and moves up, giving my face another quick slap and turning me around, pressing me up against the wall harder still.  One hand still holds my throat as you work; quickly unhooking my bra.  I gasp a little harder when I hear you knife open, but it only cuts through the thin straps of my g-string.  You whisper to me roughly “you know I wouldn’t really hurt you, I just want to fuck you and not have to take those shoes and stockings off.”  I exhale heavily.  “You should know that.” you purr as you smack my ass, harder and harder until I almost cant take it.  You check to feel my pussy still wet.

You release my throat to grab my hair and half push, half drag me to the bedroom.  Pushing me to my knees again you pull my face to your bulging cock rubbing it through your pants.  Slowly you take off you belt and toss it onto the bed; holding me firmly in front of you as you finish removing your pants.  Your cock is at full attention as you stand in front of me.  I admire it for only a moment before you tilt my head back and force yourself into my mouth.  I suck as hard as I can, take in as much as I can as you fuck my face.  You force yourself further down my throat than usual, enjoying my struggle.  Your cock pops out of my mouth and you rub it on my face.  You hold me still as you slap your hard cock across my cheek.

My hair is still in your hand and you pull me up again, tossing me onto the bed.   Quickly you are behind me, flipping me to my back and pinning my arms above my head.  You crawl up and perch above my head, my arms pinned by your knees.  You loser your balls into my mouth as you bend down and take my nipples roughly in your mouth.  I suck and lick all I can as you move; I try to keep up with your whims.  You lean further and plant your face in my pussy.  I twist and buck as your tongue dives deep inside me.  Your hand grab my ass and pull me up closer to your face licking and sucking ravenously.  My legs are pulled further apart as you lower your ass onto my face, forcing me to tongue your hole as you finger mine.

You moan and loose focus as I lick you and you moan loudly before you climb off of me and release my arms.  I move to stretch and you hold me down again, a warning hand around my throat before you crawl back between my legs to devour my pussy further.  You use your tongue as a cock, fucking my pussy then moving to tease my ass.

In one quick movement you slide up my body and your cock impales me, moving me up the bed as you pound.  One hand holds my arms above me again and the other pinches my nipples then slaps me before kissing me hard.  As I cum, cursing loudly, you cover my mouth with your hand, never slowing your pace, never softening your thrusts.   I can feel you getting closer and I ask if you are about to cum.  Your answer comes in the form of turning me over and spanking me hard before entering me again.  You fuck me from behind hard, hearing my whimpers, enjoying them all and as you cum you pull out shooting across as much as you can.  Coating me, marking me, as you grunt and smack my ass.

You sit back on your heels to catch your breath and I move to turn over.  “I’m not done with you yet.” you say as your hand pushes me back down.  “Don’t move” you say over your shoulder as you leave the bedroom.  I don’t, I wait, dizzy from cumming so hard.  Barely responding when I hear the door open back up and  hear you ask “are you ready for more?”

More please.

Posted in sex on 19 February 2008 by Ava

The three of us are on the bed.   The two men have become comfortable with not only using me, but each other as well.  S___ lies on his back cock stiff and straight.  Our friend tells me to get on top and guides S___’s cock inside me.  His hand remains for awhile, playing with S___’s balls, teasing my ass.  S___ is sucking my nipples as I ride him, I moan and He takes advantage of my open mouth.  S___’s cock fills my pussy as the other fills my mouth.  S___  pulls me down onto his cock further, telling me to fuck him harder before his lips come up to meet mine.  For a moment  the cock in my mouth disappears and is replaced by S___’s tongue.  Our friend quickly want some attention again though and pushes my mouth to his balls.  I suck them in as S___ licks the thick shaft, taking it into his mouth a little at a time.  S___ continues to guide my hips as our friends cock goes from mouth to mouth.  He then decides to move back behind me.  The first thing I feel is his finger slipping inside my pussy, fitting in tightly with S___’s cock.  Then his mouth.  He licks up and down from my ass to my pussy, taking S___’s balls into his mouth, sucking them hard as S___ fucks me.  His tongue explores ever where it can, getting me even wetter, then his tongue disappears.  The next thing I feel is his hand slapping my ass and the tip of his cock rubbing up and down from pussy to asshole, as he masturbates.  He teases me as I ride S___ harder sliding a finger inside my ass as he still rubs his cock all over me.  S___ is getting closer to cumming, forcing my hips up and down as our friend continues to tease me from behind.  The tip of his cock presses against my ass and I gasp.  Laughing he gives me another firm spank.  More and more he teases, all the while stroking his cock.  S___ fucks me harder until I feel him beginning to cum.  Our friend follows his lead and pushes the very tip of his cock in my tight hole and immediately begins to cum.  He pulls out and covers my ass, as S___ fills my pussy.  Their hot cum drips down my legs as I cum screaming, then roll to the side, exhausted…

To continue part of a thought.

Posted in sex on 19 February 2008 by Ava

Fantasies often come in waves.  Images flash like pictures leaving out certain parts in between.  A collage of explicit images.  Just a taste, a sound, a picture, all jumbled into a puzzle where many blanks are yet to be filled.  I began with one image that led to another, then another.

It began with me on the sofa.  I am curled between two men, S___ and a another.  A simple dress barely covers me, the straps from the shoulders fall down, the skirt creeps up over my thighs, my nipples strain to be released.  As the three of us watch something my hands massage two hard cocks.  One one each side.  My right hand curls around S___’s cock, long and slim, filling the front of his pants.  My left rubs the firm thick cock on my left, seeing how hard I can make it without trying.   Soon the film is forgotten and the men focus attention on me.  The kiss my neck, my mouth, my chest.  My hard nipples are sucked through the thin fabric of my dress.  He holds my head back as S___ rises and takes off his pants.  Head tilted back he kisses my mouth, wetting my lips with his tongue before pulling S___ and his cock towards my mouth.  S___ stands with his hands at his sides, looking up eyes closed, moaning quietly as He feeds S___’s cock into my mouth.  As S___ has me sucking him slowly He takes off his pants, releasing his cock, a little shorter, a little thicker than S___’s and begins stroking it.  S___’s cock still in my mouth I reach out and pull Him closer.  He is right next to S___, his cock brushing up against S___’s as I move my mouth to work on Him as well.  Both men stroke their cocks as I move between them.  Taking their cocks in turn, sucking their balls, massaging them as I take them as far down my throat as I can.  As they get closer to peaking lines blur; hands intermingle, cocks rub each other, both of them take care of themselves and each other in between using my mouth.  I hold them together and lick from head to balls like a Popsicle.  I wish I could fit them both in my mouth at once.  Stroking them faster and faster they become more aggressive, taking turns fucking my face, both racing to cover me with their hot cum.  S___ shoots down my throat, filling my mouth until it is spilling out as He covers my face and chest with his cum.  When S___ is finished I move to clean His cock.  Back and forth I move again, licking them both clean as their combined cum dries on my face and chest…


Posted in sex on 19 February 2008 by Ava

It was suprising when you got out of bed this morning.  You felt so warm behind me;  your arms pulled me close; I could feel you cock, hot and hard, pressing against me.  I was wishing I had a sleep dress on, or better yet been naked.  It would have just taken a small movement from you.  You could have slipped out of your briefs and right into me.  Curved as I was, bent slightly, you could have taken me easily.  Sliding inside from behind, pulling me onto you, pushing yourself into my tight pussy.  I would have quickly obliged, but you got up and teased me, standing there naked, your cock half hard and waiting.  I was expecting you to take my breasts in your mouth, for you to make me cum quietly.
Then suddenly your cock is in my mouth, then my pussy, then you are up again; getting ready for work with a smile.  You are making me wait to cum.  Wanting me worked up for when you get home.

There are certainly benefits to being home with you in the morning.  Even if you are a tease.

Like in the shower

Posted in sex on 17 February 2008 by Simon

It’s amazing to me that when i suck on your breasts your pussy gets so incredibly wet. Like in the shower wet.


Posted in sex on 16 February 2008 by Ava

We had a friend come do some photos, we wanted a few good ones while I’m pregnant. Just one of a few here. I know S___ enjoyed directing.


Two of three.

Posted in sex on 15 February 2008 by Ava

Two fantasies crowd my head at this very moment.  Both very similar.  S___ and I and one other.  Both begin on the couch.  Both end in the bed room.

Two cocks in my hands, nearly fighting over my mouth as I go from one to the other, sucking and licking and stroking.  Two cocks to fill me, to keep me busy as they both demand attention.


Having to share, a challenge for me, but made easier by her tongue sliding into my mouth as we share.  Each licking our way up his shaft.  Each taking his cock down our throat between kisses.

And now another pops into my head, of the best of both worlds, two of each, plenty to share.  But sometimes having just three can be more fun.  I’ll have to decide where to begin. Maybe I’ll get a suggestion or two.