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Other voices

Posted in sex, Simons Side on 25 March 2008 by Simon

The reclusive spaces aren’t empty. We haven’t stopped. We’ve simply stopped talking.

It’s like that though occasionally. Sometimes when A___ rides me I talk to her about the things she’s doing and the things I could do to her. As I slide my hands down her thighs I talk about the photographs that could be taken of her in this position. With my hands massaging her ass I talk about her first time being fucked that way – still to come. In between kisses and sucking on her breasts I talk about watching her play with another woman’s breasts with her hands and lips. I remind her of times when she’s done that. I pull on her hair and talk about restraining her and cumming over her. As she takes me all the way in I remind her that her mouth could have another cock too.

All this talking makes her cum. Sometimes I tell her to cum quietly

Turning over then and I pound into her. Mostly I don’t talk anymore but I know that as her orgasm drifts off and mine arrives her head is full of images too.

Recently we’ve been talking less though. Or we’ve been talking just as much as before, only with our hands.

You should be here.

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures, sex on 21 March 2008 by Ava

A picture sent to me from S___ earlier in the day. I agree, I should be there. On my knees with his glorious cock in my mouth.


Lunch break.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 21 March 2008 by Ava

“We never make out any more, it’s just fuck fuck fuck all the time.” I’m sure he was smiling. At the time I was busy being pinned to the bed, both of us just removing our pants to get at each other.

I had been tempted but planned on just fixing him lunch then sending him back to work for a meeting. He started it. I can’t resist when he teases me. He came up from behind, put his hands on my hips and pulled me into him. Kissing my neck as he whispered in my ear. My hands went on their own and I am feeling him through his jeans.

When he jumped on the bed and told me to take off my clothes I thought he was joking. So instead I rubbed his stiffening cock and kissed him. Kissed his mouth, his ears, his throat; all the while his cock gets harder and harder. I love feeling him beneath his clothes. I love seeing him straining against the fabric.

This make out session was not going to be enough. Soon he is taking off his pants and working on mine. He is hard and ready, springing out from behind his briefs, waiting for me to climb on. A moment in my mouth and I oblige, his full length sliding into me. I ride him slowly feeling him deep inside me. I’m not cumming as quickly I warn him. “Take your time” he says. And I do. I ride deeply, slowly, feeling him. Closer and closer I get. My orgasm teasing me, staying just out of reach until it’s there and I explode. Breathing hard and moaning still sliding up and down his hard slick penis.

“Worth the wait?” he asks. Oh yes, I tell him as he climbs on top to continue fucking me, promising to fill me with his hot cum.

Spent, breathing heavy, and smiling we get up. Pants are pulled back on and he is off to his meeting, late. I ask what he will say, what he will tell them when they ask why he was late. “I was doing it” he says with a smile.

Great lunch break for me.

Soft with rules.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 17 March 2008 by Ava

The room was warm, S___ had shut the window to cut out the chill. Light was soft, candles lit all along the window sill. I had gone into the bedroom hudled in a towel, expecting the chill to hit me, instead it was warm glow. My laptop was set up on the bed, the screen black except for the lettering across it.

Dry off, put your hair back, lie down and close your eyes.

Smiling I did just that. The bed was comfortable, I was relaxed. The laptop was moved to the bedside table. I waited. Not long after I hear the door open. S___ tells me to keep my eyes closed. His hands worked quickly and quietly; gently binding my legs to the bed, then my arms. I’m a little nervous, I have been enjoying the soft, slow love we have been having. It suits me more lately. He can see that I am getting tense. Don’t worry he tells me, he just wants me exposed, he wants to be able to tease me, he doesn’t want me controlling when and how we cum. Nothing hard, just captive so that he can see me; so that he can play at his pace. The spankings I will get will be to make me wet, any force used will be for his pleasure but he knows I will respond.

He began just by tracing his fingers across my body, tickling in places, fondling in others, making me twist and moan. He tells me stories of what he will do to be, he gives me details of fantasies, he slips a finger in my pussy to see how wet he is getting me.

S___ crawls on top of me and straddels my face. I eagerly open my mouth, waiting to take in his hard cock, but I forget, S___ is in control tonight. He teases my mouth, rubbing his cock on my lips, letting me lick it before lightly slapping my cheek with it. He rests his balls in my open mouth as he strokes his cock before rubbing it over my face again. My mouth closes for a moment and he decides that wasn’t right. Forcefully but not painfully he grabs my hair and tilts my head back, shoving his cock into my mouth. Holding my head back he fucks my mouth, driving in a little deeper than he often would, enjoying the fact that my arms are straining against the ties.

Giving my mouth a rest for a moment he stays perched above my face, lowering his balls into my mouth again as he works his cock. I feel his balls tighten in my mouth before he lifts his hips and moves just enough to shoot his cum across my mouth and neck. Raising himself up he looks at me and smiles. “You look delicious” he says as he slides down my body. Long deep licks across my pussy have me moaning before he moves back up and sucks my nipples hard. I feel so ready so cum as he rises. “Stay right here…I’ll be back” he says with a grin, leaving me bothered, cum covered, and happy…

Eye candy.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 17 March 2008 by Ava

You looked amazing to me this morning. I wish I could have seen you from another perspective as well. I could imagine watching us. Seeing you between my legs, slowly sliding your long hard cock in and out. Your long strong legs holding you up. Your arms tense as you pull your body off of mine.

I can almost see you as I feel. Inch by inch sinking into me without any other contact. Slowly pushing deeper inside until I feel your balls pressing against me. Just enough friction to make each movement an amazing feeling. Finally I crawl on top of you. I sink onto you, pressing up against your chest, watching as your head tilts back exposing your neck for kissing. Your hands glide over me, intensifying everything I feel.

You roll on top again and your strength takes over. You bear down to thrust into me harder and harder. Today you let my hands move over you, seeing every muscles, every smooth hard curve. You let me have my fill until you find where you want me, and I stay, just waiting to be filled by you.

You looked amazing. You felt amazing. I lose words when you are inside me.

Soft in the shower

Posted in Pictures, sex, Simons Side on 16 March 2008 by Simon


Seamless transition

Posted in sex, Simons Side on 16 March 2008 by Simon

The night was full of dreams of smooth skin and soft kisses once again. It’s been like that for several days now. Whether we’re alone in the darkness and cool of our quilts and sheets or spread out on carpets with other hands and other lips joining us, everything is happening like a soft warm breeze. Slow and deliberate and sweet.

I’d thought our return to loving after such a long absence would be hard and frantic; explosions of passion and sweat and moaning; But my dreams articulate different pathways for desire, more like a slow river through soft stone. Intentional.

The transition from dreams of touching you to awareness of your breasts under my hand and you shoulder under my lips was seamless. I don’t know when it was that I reached a point in my awareness when my hands became my own again. When my lips went where I told them. When I could find release within the soft hot embrace inside you by simply rolling on top of you.

I love times like this; built up by a long night dreaming of past and future passion followed so closely by release inside you. Welcome back baby. I’m looking forward to you being home