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Inspired thoughts.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 19 May 2008 by Ava

Simon bought me a few books the other day, I think that’s what sparked the thought. Anias Nin. She has a very particular writing style, and tells a wonderful story. Sometimes the full story, sometimes only a snippet, but she is direct and crosses taboos in a way that will make me wet even if I am shaken by the story.

Before sleep my mind was wandering, thinking of things Simon and I have done in the past, what we have paused on, and thinking of the future. I had memories of shows we have been to. Dark, crowded, people pushing against you in all directions. All sweat and movement.

I thought of him behind me in the crowd, pressing against me harder and harder by the rush of people. His hands protecting and owning me at the same time; using the slower music to play with my nipples; to press up and hold my ass against his hard cock. Another push of the crowd and we are pressed closer still as his hands fall to the hem of my skirt. He lifts it, unconcerned about the crowd, everyone is to close to see anything even if he did care. My ass exposed he presses harder as his hand wanders to the front and explores the wetness of my pussy through my thin panties. The crowed moves in pulses and he is fucking me with his hands, with his whole body from behind. My eyes close and I wonder how he is standing, his cock feels like stone through his jeans. I reach around to feel and he denies me, moving my hands back to my sides as he continues his assault of my pussy. A whimper escapes me, unheard in the pulse of people, my panties are soaked, Simon is virtually holding me up as my orgasm runs through my body.

Slowly he pulls my skirt back down and we return to the show as active participants, dancing, singing, pulsing with the crowd. I press against Simon again and feel his cock as hard as before. I reach for him and rub through his jeans, eliciting a moan as I lead him back to a dark table in the back…


Posted in Avas Side, sex on 18 May 2008 by Ava

Things have been quiet here lately. All is well in the world of Simon and Ava though. The world is just a busier place with a few kinks (not the fun kind) thrown in on occasion. Several months ago I let our readers know that we were expecting a baby. I left it at that. Though being pregnant has given us some interesting stories to share, some new pictures, some new ideas, I didn’t share them here for a couple of reasons. I didn’t want my pregnancy, or baby, to become a part of someones sexual fantasy, and I wasn’t as comfortable with my body as I had been in the past. I’ve realized that some of pregnancy is like fantasy, some of it can make things incredible. Simon and I can share these things, but the aggressive nature of some readers made me not put those feelings here.

So the months have crept by and the day sneaks up on us and dreams are filled with many things and sex is somewhat less frequent. Love is still here, intamacy is still here, sex is still here, just in a softer more gentle way.

Simon and I have shared our thoughts on my new body, on what is to come. The faintest touch still arouses me, only sleep often takes me before he does. We know there will be a time after the baby when we won’t be able to enjoys each others bodies quite like we did before so we take advantage of the times now, when we can.

The touch of his lips, his fingers on my skin, his arms wrapped around me; still finding me beautiful. These subtle things are so valuable. The little things keep me warm and make the sex more incredible, if less frequent.

There are still many stories to tell, experiences to have; now is just a bit of a break. A few words here and there that spill out of a cluttered mind that is trying to keep everything in close balance.



Posted in Avas Side, sex on 3 May 2008 by Ava

Hands floating over each other, bodies pressed together, legs entertwined. Hands slip under shirts, inside waistbands, across seams. Lips touching, kissing, licking. Hair in hands, breath quick, warming flesh.

There are times when making out like teenagers on the bed is perfect. Love with a touch of lust. A little preview of what comes later. A way to fan the fires before moving on later, or warming up for right then.

His lips and mine. Just perfect.


Posted in sex, Simons Side on 2 May 2008 by Simon

It’s hard not to cancel the plans tonight and take you to bed. Tie you down and blindfold you. Then do all the things we were going to do last weekend before we got sidetracked. If I had bought the tickets I would, and I still may after, or tomorrow evening.

You look so good getting ready I just want to keep you that way: showered and naked and warm. Later….