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Patience is a virtue.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 29 August 2008 by Ava

We will start out slow.  Slow, simple, easy.  I’ll probably go to bed early, and knowing you’ll be in to kiss me good night, I’ll wait.  It will take you a moment to realize I’m naked, for the first time in months only skin beneath the sheets.

We kiss as your hands begin to explore.  Running across my breasts, heavy, nipples hard, waiting for your mouth; your fingertips tease me.  Down across my belly, round and soft, nervously feeling the warmth of your hands.  Around my hips, full and smooth, just waiting to move on top of you.  You move down and work your way up my legs, tickling the back of my knees, making them part slightly.  Then slowly you find my pussy, smooth like before, hot, waiting.  Gently you cup it, slipping a finger inside, testing my wetness, testing my reaction.

Fingers tease me, gently working the folds of my pussy, warming me up, letting me want you.  When you pull away I gasp, the feeling was so fantastic, it had been missed so.  I watch as you pull of your shirt and slide out of your pants.  Your cock is so hard, so fantastically long and smooth.  I don’t know how I waited so long, I want you to impale me, to nail me to the bed.  I want you to fuck me hard from above then drag me on top of you.  I want you to use my hips, to pull me harder on to you, to drive your cock deeper so that I feel your balls pressing against me.  I want to ride you as you spank me, slapping my ass with every thrust, hearing me whimper with pain and pleasure until I explode on top of you.

But we need to start gently. Slow and steady until we both cry out and I feel your cum fill me.

We can be patient at first.  Spankings can always come later.


Posted in sex on 14 August 2008 by Ava

We are still here.  Life has just been a bit more busy than it had been, and I am temporarily unable to, well lets say “fully engage”.  This wont stop us for much longer.  It hasn’t stopped Simon from taking pleasure as he likes.

There have been many times when I can barely hold myself back.  His warm cock in my hands, his lips on my neck, his hands on my breasts.  It takes all of the restraint I have to not climb on top of him a drive his cock deep inside.  I want to ride him until we are both unable to move.  I want to feel him cum inside me, I want to feel him fill me as I melt into him.

I know his head is full of things.  Times and places, different ways he wants to fuck me, different fantasies that have been on hold.  He sometimes whispers them as I desperately grind against him.  Knowing how badly we want each other again makes me cum.

In the meantime I use my hands, my mouth, all that I can to satisfy him, and all he has to do is whisper to me.