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Time away.

Posted in sex on 21 September 2008 by Ava

I forgot how to write.  I know what I want to say, but I forget how to put it here.  I know that I want to tell you how excited I am for our event, how I want to tease you.

You’ll know that there is nothing underneath.  As the fabric skims my body you will know there is nothing to hold you back.  No panties, no bra.  Only a dress, one thin layer of fabric.  My breasts full, skimming over the top, longing for your lips.

As we dance your hands will roam.  They will float over my hips, wander down to my ass, glide across my back.  Pressing against you I can feel your cock hardening through your pants.  Your lips press against my neck and you whisper to follow.

The music follows us but fades as you pull me into the room.  I have no idea where we are, but it doesn’t matter, this tiny bit of privacy and you have me pressed against the wall.  I can’t see but I feel your hands slide down and begin to lift my dress.  Your lips find my thighs and I feel your tongue moving up my leg to my pussy.  You lick across my shaved pussy before slowly opening the folds, slipping your tongue in further and further.  Your face pressed harder against me, your lips working, kissing my pussy deeply until my knees begin to buckle.

Just a start…