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An apology.

Posted in Pictures, sex on 27 February 2009 by Ava

Simon didn’t post an HNT yesterday.  We have also been a bit swamped with life which leaves us for time to have fun at night or write about our fun at night.  The actual having fun wins right now.  I did get a picture from Simon though, and don’t worry, he’ll be getting a spanking for not getting it up in time…well not getting the picture up in time…

Simons hands full.

A different kind of HNT…

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures on 26 February 2009 by Ava

One of the definitions of naked :  6: devoid of concealment or disguise

In a blog such as ours, where anonymity is a factor very rarely do you get a glimpse of identifying characterstics.  So today I’m half naked in a completely different way.  Exposing myself in true color, or at least half of it.  And yes, I am a natural red-head.  ( and this is my first time on photo shop, so be kind 😉 )


Good girl.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 19 February 2009 by Ava

As I closed my coat I smiled, either way it went it would be fun. It was just a matter of when I got fucked now or later.
I walked in like I always do, said hello to everyone I passed and ended up at Simons desk. “I brought you a present” I said, setting the bag of cookies down in front of him. “Aww, that’s sweet baby, thank you…..” When he turned around he saw his “real” present.

I had found it weeks ago and had just been waiting for the perfect time.  The polo shirt was tight, you could see my pink bra peeking through and the buttons showed the perfect amount of cleavage.  The pink tennis skirt was perfect with it and I glanced to make sure we had some privacy before I bent over to show off my matching pink g- string.  But what I knew would catch his eye were the knee high white socks and tennis shoes.  No body noticed what I was wearing when I came in and if they had I’d given myself an alibi by toting a racket.

“I came to visit you today! Aren’t I a good girl?” I cooed in his ear.  “You came to tease me… That makes you a bad girl…” he whispered back, looking me up and down lasciviously.  I put on my best fake pout.  There are very few places that are less appropriate than where Simon works to have sex…which makes it such a temptation.   “Alright little girl… It’s not nice to tease.. I’ll walk you out.”  He quickly pulled my coat closed for the walk and took me by the hand.  I pouted and scuffed my shoes as we walked then realized we weren’t headed toward the exit.

Quickly Simon unlocks a door and swings me inside, and takes off my coat.   A pull on the blinds and the empty office was private. “Good girls don’t tease and pout, are you sure you’re a good girl?”.   “Yes..”  I said pushing my lip further into my pout. “Take off your shirt.”.  I pulled off the polo leaving on the skimpy lace bra.  “A good girl wouldn’t take off her shirt like a little slut” he said as he sat at the desk.  I pouted again and began to pull my shirt back on but was stopped when he pulled me onto his lap.

One hand began to fondle my breasts as the other went up my skirt and began to finger my pussy. “A good girl wouldn’t have such a hot wet pussy,  only a slut would… Are you sure you’re a good girl?” he asked as his fingers dipped further inside me. “I am a good girl” I whined and he stood me up briefly.  He pulled me back down onto his hard cock, impailing me. “A good girl wouldn’t let me fuck her here like a little slut.”.   My only responce was a moan as I came.   He slid me off his lap and onto my knees and shoved his pussy wet cock into my mouth.   I sucked hard until I could feel that he was about to cum.   “A good girl would swallow…” he moaned as be gushed down my throat.  I greedily drank it all down before rising from my knees. “Told you I was a good girl”.

Sugasm and coffee, all you need for a good morning.

Posted in sex on 19 February 2009 by Ava

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Morning Playtime HNT

Posted in sex, Simons Side on 19 February 2009 by Ava

More than half naked, but only half way to cumming…


Fun with mirrors.

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures on 19 February 2009 by Ava

Fun with Mirrors

Not traditional half naked…but one of Simons favorites.


Posted in Avas Side, sex on 18 February 2009 by Ava

Some recent correspondence has gotten my mind wandering.  Wandering to dark, dirty places, places that I wonder if I would ever go…

It’s for Simon, I rationalized before I walked in, it’s so that we find exactly what he wants, this is like an interview…I just want him to be thrilled.  I told him I was meeting the finalists so to speak, the men that I had been talking to for weeks.  We had met a few together already, and the others, well they were late entries.  I told Simon about this meeting I just told him it was going to start a little later.  I wanted to get a read on the guys first, you know, weed out any that I knew weren’t right, especially the ones I hadn’t met yet.  Simon was going to be here in an hour, we had reserved a hotel room just so that we could all be comfortable.  The guys knew it was just another meeting.  But when I walked in and saw the four of them I gave up all of the rationalization and the honest truth came out…

I wonder what his first thought was when he walked in.  Opening the door and being met with the scene of four men fucking me.  My head was hanging off the bed, sucking two different cocks while another pounded my pussy.  My cum covered tits were being sucked and fondled as I stroked the cock that had covered me.  I smiled an upside down smile when I saw him and beckoned him to join the fun. For a moment he just stood there, I wasn’t sure what Simon was waiting for until I heard the tell tale moan of a man cumming and felt a hot load spray across my face.  The other man began to cum too, but decided to decorate a little more, shooting for my chest and throat.

“You dirty slut, Ava, I thought you were finding one for us, and here I find you…you’ll be punished for that later…but right now I see that you don’t have a cock in your mouth, that won’t happen again tonight.”  He shoved himself so hard down my throat I couldn’t breath for a moment, his laugh told me that was intended, and as I sucked he starting giving instructions to the other men.  “I guess Ava decided she wanted to be a little cum slut tonight, so that’s what she’ll be, let’s make sure she always has a dick in her pretty mouth and don’t waste any cum…she’s going to swallow it or wear it.”  The sounds of agreement surrounded me and I felt the man pounding my pussy pull out and shoot his load all over my cunt and belly.

Five different men, five different cocks, it felt like someone was always cumming, and Simon made sure that my mouth never got a rest.  He especially liked fucking me from behind as the guys took turns in my mouth, pounding hard so that each thrust had me gagging on cock.  My ass cheeks were held apart so that cum could cover my ass hole, my nipples were caked in it, and my pussy dripped.  Load after load until I was completely covered.

Eventually the crowd was spent and began to gather their things and leave.  Simon continued to fuck me until the last man was gone, whispering in my ear that I had been a good slut but I still had work to do.  “Did you notice that I didn’t let anybody fuck you in the ass tonight Ava?” he asked as he began to slide his cock across my tight hole.  “It’s because it’s mine alone…”  I moaned as forced his way into me and slowly worked it in and out.  He let out a groan as I felt him unload into my ass, feeling him throb, pulse, and fill me, and I moaned as he pulled out and began to pull me toward the shower.

“You were a good little cum slut tonight Ava, but you really should have asked my permission first…”