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Posted in Avas Side, sex, To be continued... on 19 March 2009 by Ava

As Simon took my left nipple into his mouth I couldn’t help but think that the right one could be taken care of as well.  As his tongue flicked and swirled it grew in his mouth and my right ached for the same treatment.  In my head I could see him there as well, just as attentive to my right.  I could see them both sucking and kissing, teasing the tips with their tongues.  Their hands each cupping a breast, gently kneading with one hand as their other explored each other.  Each growing hard beneath their jeans as they continued to kiss and tease, their hands wandering back and forth between my body and theirs.

From their my mind lingered further, and as Simon sat me on the stool and stood in front of me I realized that their similar heights would make so many things so simple.  My lips enveloped his cock as soon as it was presented and as I licked up and down his shaft and flicked the tip of his head with my tongue I was thinking that having another would be fantastic.  My hands would work both as my mouth went back and forth, taking long draws off of one before turning to the other.  I would want them to be close;  close enough to touch, both cocks and bodies, to explore as I sucked, to each feed me the other.  And as Simon came I had a smile on my face as all of the other possibilities ran through my head and sent shivers across my body.

Traditional HNT

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures on 19 March 2009 by Ava

Because the shower was so nice and the sun feels so good.

robe hnt

Background Process

Posted in Pictures, sex, Simons Side on 16 March 2009 by Simon

(basically) A geek concept for software running but not providing a lot of output. That describes Ava and my sex life right now. We’ve been fairly busy, but not so much with the writing.

A while back Ava posted an ad looking for a man for and I to share; I’ll let her share the details. The process left her fending off various dweebs and illiterates (again, she can share details if she wants) but there was always this one guy – the cute one – who we kept talking about who never answered his email. It was too bad; he was both our type.

We’ve since connected – In person for coffee and online frequently. We’re hopeful more will follow. When we did meet he had a present for Ava and I. Although he didn’t ask we sent him a few pictures to thank him.

Perhaps soon his hands will follow.

HNT- Window Dressing

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures on 12 March 2009 by Ava

As I was enjoying the sunshine this morning I saw an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.  The people outside got their own HNT, but you get the picture…




My type.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 10 March 2009 by Ava

When I walked in I just heard her voice, a pleasant greeting, typical for any retail store.  I wasn’t uncomfortable, I had been in many times before, today was only a little different, but she made me shy.  I couldn’t ask too many questions because I didn’t want to stare.  I didn’t want to be the one casting the lascivious glances.  In and out, I glanced around and left.  I felt like a bit of a fool, asking a couple questions and then dashing, but I didn’t know how else to act.  This girl, she just seemed so perfect, she seemed like exactly what I would want as a lover.

Simon often laughs at me because I can be so uncomfortable in my skin, he thinks I’m gorgeous, sexy, amazing, and sometimes I don’t see it.  He laughs because although I can’t imagine someone finding me, and my curves attractive, I find them attractive in other women.

But I could see she and I, curled on the bed, gently touching, smiling, nuzzling each other.  I wondered if she could see it too.

No caption (yet)

Posted in Pictures, sex on 7 March 2009 by Simon

This is probably the most tame picture I’ve ever put on this blog and the raciest one I could think to put on any of my other ones. I just realized this. When I was making the bed the other day I glanced in the mirror and saw this image.


I’m not sure what the caption should be. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts: We’ll choose a winner from contributions between now and Sunday night and the winner gets to suggest our next photograph (nothing out of bounds).

Have at it.

Morning Coffee HNT

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures, Simons Side on 5 March 2009 by Ava

The best part of waking up…Simon and I usually have our coffee half naked…he’s typically the naked half.

Ava's Coffee

Simon's Coffee