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Getting ready, and Waiting. HNT

Posted in Pictures on 30 April 2009 by Ava

A little color as Simon cleans up, and I wait patiently.



Storage Closet

Posted in sex, Simons Side, Spanking, Submission Memories on 29 April 2009 by Simon

So as it turns out we didn’t need to be as quiet or slow as I’d thought and Ava handled stealth like a pro.  We came home late from our date but as we approached our apartment building we made a detour to a basement level entrance that is never used this late.  I don’t remember why we decided to head that way.

As soon as the door shut I was spun around and slammed hard against the wall.  I’m stronger than Ava but nine months of toting our baby around combined with booze and surprise rendered me unable to react.  By the time I even registered anything Ava was forcibly removing my belt and biting my neck; telling me what was going to happen while squeezing my cock through my unzipped jeans.  My resistance melted as her grip tightened.

Whispered conversation about needing just a little more privacy led us to a storage locker hallway around the corner from where we were standing; it’s secluded and locked and dark.  With my pants undone and falling down and my belt wrapped around Ava’s hand, I was pushed to unlock the door and get inside with a sharp command and nip from the belt.  As I turned to lock the door behind us Ava pulled my pants and briefs all the way down; leaving me exposed and breathless in the dark.  Some harder slaps from the belt and I was on my knees with my face pressed to the dirty floor while Ava straddled my back.  From my position my hands were pinned underneath me and I could see under the door out into the hallway; from hers, Ava could do whatever she wanted.

I was well and thoroughly handled.

After the rapid sequence that brought me to the floor Ava seemed to take her time; lulling me to relax with gentle touches from her hands and tongue, sucking on my balls and teasing my ass.  As I relaxed and began to moan I felt an amazing sting from the belt I forgot she had; the slaps and her words brought me back to where I was.  The semi-public space forced me to keep silent as she continued to work over my ass with her hands and my belt, penetrating me with her fingers and tongue, stroking my cock hard and fast, then back to the spanking…

I don’t remember how long this went on but I was not allowed to cum.  Eventually I was brought up to standing by my hair and told to dress.  I was given further instructions about what would happen once we were back in our apartment.  I would continue to be her toy, only this time in silence.

As we walked upstairs Ava reminded me that I had just been beaten, sucked, slapped, spanked and penetrated on the dirty floor of a storage locker hallway.  She told me next time there would be pictures, she would take her time, and not worry about how I felt.  As we reentered “normal“ life my head was swimming with anticipation.

Silent Night

Posted in sex, Simons Side on 25 April 2009 by Simon

My mom is staying with us for a few days to take over for Ava with the baby and give us a break and a chance to get to a concert.  It’s fantastic that she does this but the house is small enough that it puts a bit of a limit on our sex lives.  Not that there isn’t plenty of fun to be had, we just have to have it quietly.  Too bad too because I woke up this morning wanting to the be gagged, spanked, fucked and used.  Not a quiet pass-time.  So when we get home tonight a bit tipsy from a night out it’ll be stealth sex; quiet oral or slow love.  I’m certainly not complaining.

Suggestions welcome on anything else we might be able to do without a sound!

I will look forward to the other stuff later next week though 🙂

P.S. a new Leather / Latex shop in the neighborhood has us excited and thinking.  More on that soon


Posted in Cravings, sex, Simons Side on 23 April 2009 by Simon

Last Sunday morning I was standing at the sink when Ava passed behind me and slapped my (naked) ass.  It wasn’t entirely playful.  Or maybe it was; but The effect was startling.  My breath went away for a moment; my knees got weak; I wanted more, harder…

Since then the pendulum has swung a few times; I know I should commit some paragraphs to these things, but when my mind wanders it goes back sometimes to the sink, then to my knees, then hog tied on the bed, gagged and blindfolded, not knowing whats next…

… Maybe next week.  Right now Ava’s being a good girl, doing what she’s told willingly and immediately.  There’s no reason to let that pass (though she is like that often).  That’s a post for later.  After we’ve had some beer and she’s showered and shaved.

Walk in the park.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 17 April 2009 by Ava

The bench was off the path, maybe not as far as it should have been, but far enough for us.  The combination of flirting and drinks had us wanting more, and wanting it right then.

He sat on the bench and pulled me between his legs.  A smile showed on his face as he reached up my skirt and slowly began to pull down my panties.  I knew not to protest, not right now, that wasnt the game, and it was obvious by my wetness how much I wanted him.  I quietly stepped out of the panties, leaving them on the ground.  A treat for some wild animal or old man.  Pulling me closer he lifted my skirt and kissed my wet pussy, burrying his face in it and licking from top to bottom.  A moan escaped me as he pulled my leg up beside him, resting it on the bench so that he could shove his tongue deep inside me.  My balance left me and I swayed, but he continued, gripping my ass in his hands, holding me up, fucking me with his mouth until I shook.

Carefully he set my foot back on the ground, letting me regain my balance, as he pulled out his cock.  I dropped to my knees.  I could see a tiny drop of cum on the tip, shining on top of his long hard cock, and I took it with the tip of my tongue before taking the rest in my mouth.  As I sucked and licked his fantastic cock I saw a couple guys walk by, behind the bench, and I heard a slight laugh.  It made my smile as I took him all the way in and sucked hard, making him moan for our observers as well.  He groaned as I fondled his balls and I saw the couple pause and back into the shadows.  It seemed as if they were staying to watch the show.  Licking his shaft up and down he had finally had enough and told me he wanted to be inside me.

His cock slid in quickly, my pussy was so wet.  And we both let out a moan when he was deep inside.  I rode him hard, bouncing up and down, looking in the direction of the shadows, until he pushed me hard onto his cock and pulled my shirt down.  Taking my breasts in his hands he sucked my nipples hard, one after the other, making me moan, and then pushing hard into me until I came, soaking his cock, and crying out.

He sucked my breasts a little harder, getting every moan out of me he could before pushing me to the side and standing up.  My hands he placed on the back of the bench as he lifted my skirt and slammed into me from behind.  As he pounded away at me I saw the shadows move some, I heard muffled voices, and with every thrust he became more vocal.  “I’m going to cum all over your ass” he moaned right as he pulled out and coated me with his hot cum.  I just stood there, ass exposed, dripping wet as he pulled up his pants.

Pulling me up he kissed me pasionately, and whispered, “lets give them a souvenier”.  I straightened my clothes and he quickly bent down and picked up my discarded panties.

We walked toward our watchers, they seemed too stunned to move.  As we passed Simon tossed them the panties, “Next time, come say hello, maybe we’ll let you play too…”

Soft Resistance

Posted in sex on 15 April 2009 by Simon

The morning after a night when I had sex with Ava while she was sleeping (or half asleep) she feels the need to apologize for being so out of it. Every time I tell her it’s ok, I don’t mind, if I had wanted her more awake I would have woken her up.

Sometimes I like it like that.

Taking Care Later.

Posted in Pictures, sex, Simons Side on 13 April 2009 by Ava
I had to head home today for a bit while Ava ran some errands.  As I lay back on the couch one thing led to another and I spent the majority of my time wishing my hand were Ava’s.  With my eyes closed I could imagine her head bent over, mouth open slightly, , licking her lips and breathing hard, descending…

I didn’t satisfy myself.  I liked the idea of holding off until later when I had time to relax and let Ava take care of me.  Any thoughts on how that should happen?