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Morning light HNT.

Posted in Pictures on 28 May 2009 by Ava


Good Girl’s get spanked too

Posted in sex on 27 May 2009 by Simon

Ava may get a spanking tonight. I say “may” because who knows what the night might bring, but I fully intend to spank her; She knows this and has had the day to think about it. She also knows that there’s really no reason for it. She’s been attentive, hasn’t been lippy or anything else that would cause me to put her over my knee. She’s been a good girl. But it’s time for a spanking anyway.

I love the look she gets when she knows it’s time to head into the bedroom to get spanked; apprehension and anticipation. I love the way her breathing gets harder and faster and her mouth opens slightly. I love that she doesn’t like the spankings but likes the feeling when they’re done. I love that her pussy gets wet when she thinks about this.

I’ve been hard all day thinking about it.

We spent a good part of the morning online talking about the dominant and submissive aspects of our relationship – in and out of the bedroom. There will be much more on that some other time. Tonight Ava will do as she’s told; dress as she’s told, kneel when she’s told, and we’ll go from there.

Pillow talk.

Posted in Avas Side on 4 May 2009 by Ava

The other day I found myself with a bit of time on my hands and a desire to keep them busy.  Simon helped.

We aren’t much for phone sex, never have the opportunity, but chat sex…oh that’s another story completely…

This is the conversation that did it for me that day, a little tough to follow…but Im sure you understand…I was busy with my other hand.

Simon :  Hey Sexy
Ava: Hey sexier
I think you’d like the way this vibe feels in your ass

Simon: I think so too

I would love to feel a glass cock in my ass  or a real one  I get all gooey inside thinking about you in charge these days. I know it’ll turn again (some occasional flashes) but I’m enjoying the lack of control

Ava:  You had a flashback last night

Simon:  My shaft is SO hard it would impale you so easily right now, but we should invest in a nice glass dildo

Ava:  I think I’d want you to fuck my ass with it as you fucked my pussy

Simon:  You would cum SO fast

Ava:  Or the other way around  I think in my ass would be the way to start though

Simon:  Feeling yourself filled like that
I think you’d like it both ways

Ava:  I think I would

Simon:  With a little help we could fuck your ass and your pussy and give you a cock to suck on

Ava:  But a slim glass cock being worked in my ass by you would be amazing
I’d love it
Oh that would be fun
Doing or receiving

Simon:  Some day we’ll tie you down and cover you in cum
pad the coffee table and lay you across that
Fuck your face and fill your pussy
cover your breasts and make them hot
Multiple times.

Ava:  I hope  can I be blindfolded too?

Simon:  Play with your nipples while things dry
You will be blindfolded
And tied
And worked over
Are you using your vibe?

Ava:  You could have my wrists …. Oh yes … You have the right idea
I like the coffee table idea

Simon:  I’d probably have to spank you some too to warm up your ass
Not hard
You would
With a cock or a gag in your mouth there would be no saying “no”
And while we took breaks maybe J’s girl could keep you going with dildos and her mouth
while you cleaned your pussy off our cocks
Before we start to fill you again

Ava:  And I wouldn’t know who was where

Simon:  You would not know
Maybe plug your ears too to muffle your awareness of sounds
You would be fuck furniture
Do you like that idea

Ava:  Oh yes
we’ll have to work that out

Simon:  I just can’t decide how i’d want to tie you first
But I would love to just use you and share you and not be concerned with what you want
I’m sure you would cum and cum and cum

Ava:  We could all take turns . But I’d volunteer first  even just with you  a trial run so to speak

Simon:  For sure on both
Though there are limits to what I can do by myself
But I would definitely turn you into fuck furniture one night

Ava:  Toys help  oh god I wish your cock was inside me

Simon:  We usually stop playing when we both cum but I’d be game for keeping you in a ready state
You need it in you
I am so hard it hurts
I need to be on top of you pounding you down to the bed

Ava:  My pussy is so hot right now thinking of being tied on the table and used

Simon:  Imagine your ass after it’s spanked then laid on the cold hard wood
Legs in the air so your pussy can be used
head hanging off to take a cock down your throat
And imagine what so many hands and mouths can do to your breasts while you’re lying there being fucked

Ava:  I’m so wet right now… I wish someone could be lapping at my pussy

Simon:  and fingering your ass

Ava:  Just licking up my juices not even trying to make me cum
Maybe shoving the vibe up my ass

Simon:  Teasing
Before my legs get spread and you fill me with your cock
Or lay you on your side and take you that way
You keep thinking about my monster cock taking you over
Ava:  I need your cock inside me… I need you to fuck me every way

Simon:  You know I own you – Even when I want you in charge eventually I’ll come back and claim you again and show you how a woman is supposed to take a man
Your pussy and your ass and your mouth are mine to fill with my hard hot shaft
You close your eyes and open your body up to me

Ava:  Ooooh fucklkk……..

Simon:  You need to feel filled and full, pounded to the bed and muscled down
My arms holding you and my shoulders driving into you
my weight makes each thrust mean it

Ava:  I do

Simon:  Have you cum yet?

Ava:  I did  seconds ago
Mmmmmmm good

Simon:  You’re a good girl

Ava:  With great help

Simon:  That’s a chat to share
Well; your a good girl anyway; when you’re not I let you know.