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Hot HNT.

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures on 25 June 2009 by Ava

While Simon has been enjoying the shadow and light play from the blinds, I’ve been a bit more involved in staying cool.  I know why I am no longer a Southern girl, I just can’t take the heat.

Window HNT

Stripes HNT.

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Traveling creates some interesting dilemmas for us right now, staying with family puts a bit of a hold on some of the more rough and tumble games we play, but gives us a whole new world for pictures.  Simon enjoyed the light in our room this morning, and a quick stroke or two…he’ll be pinning me down tonight though, not sure that he can hold out much longer.

Average Jane HNT.

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures on 18 June 2009 by Ava

If you were to peek in our windows in the morning, you’d see a very “average” couple…sometimes engaged in not so “average” activities.  On the street, however, you probably wouldn’t ever connect me to this place.  So with every post I’m half naked, exposing a side that you might not normally see.  And so a HNT to match, “average” Ava, getting ready for an “average” day, with a head full of fun to share later.


Tutoring. Part 2.

Posted in Avas Side, sex, To be continued... on 17 June 2009 by Ava

The somewhat nervous greetings were quick and he welcomed her in.  There wasn’t enough room at the desk so they decided the coffee table would be better.  She sat on the floor, legs curled beside her, laptop on the table open to her project.  Her position was too demure, too accessible.  He could see down her shirt, admire her curves, imagine what else she could do while kneeling so conveniently.  As she set up he excused himself.  A quick shot of whiskey, maybe two, to settle him so that he could get through the night.  “Oh, I’m sorry…” she said, walking in on him downing his third shot.  “Busted…” he said with a grin, the whiskey was starting to take the edge off.  “I’m just used to having a couple drinks when I get home, don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”  Not uncomfortable at all, she said, but with that tone that made him know she was lying.  “Would you like a small one?  Your close to drinking age right?  Honestly I always code better with whiskey.”  They both laughed and he poured them both a drink, both his and hers a bit taller than they needed to be.

Her giggles were getting louder as he explained PHP and hex codes.  She touched his knee and looked up at him as he helped he plod through the site she was required to make.  Bending over her to correct small coding errors he lingered, taking in her scent, seeing how long she would allow him to hover.  By the second drink the temperature had warmed.  “I can’t figure out how to get all of these videos and ads to mesh right! I just don’t get it, there aren’t any sites that have ALL of this crap in the same place.”  Her frustration was attractive to him, he laughed and she followed.  “Let me show you.” he said, bending over her, playfully pushing her out of the way.  A few keystrokes later and a site appeared.  Sound, ads, text, comments, all of the content she hadn’t been able to work into her project; including video, one of a busty young woman taking a cock deep down her throat.

Her gasp made him laugh.  “Oh, did I embarrass you?  You just said it didn’t all exist in one place…this one popped into my mind as an example.”  Not, embarrassed she professed, just surprised, it wasn’t anything she didn’t know about she exclaimed.  “Are you sure?” he teased, “I just assumed, a girl your age, one as attractive as you, you must have been with a few guys already”  “Yeah…I mean no…I mean…I’m not embarrassed, I know about all of that stuff” she said.  “All of that stuff huh?  What about this?…” a few more keystrokes and a video appeared of a woman bent over a coffee table, her ass full of a large hard cock as she moaned and grunted.  She stared, open mouthed.  “Can I refill your drink?” he asked as he walked away to fill it.

Rest and Recovery.

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After a hard nights work.


Tutoring. Part one.

Posted in Avas Side, sex, To be continued... on 16 June 2009 by Ava

He had over heard them talking in the back of the class, “I can’t believe you are going to his house!  I’m so jealous! I need extra help too!”, the voices and giggles of high school girls, both grating and enticing at the same time.  One, however stood quietly, a bright red rushing to her cheeks as her friends gushed, “I just need help with my site, and we couldn’t do it hear because of that geek tech club, sheesh, don’t be so stupid.”  She always was the cool one, she stood out from the crowd.  That may have been why he was so drawn to her.

More than once he had found himself looking where he shouldn’t have been, glancing down an unbuttoned collar while checking her work, brushing against her in the hallway, watching her bend to pick up her books.  He felt like a lecherous old man.  When she asked for extra help on a project his first thoughts had been absolutely appropriate, give her some tips after school, and have a bit of company for the hour he had to stay cleaning out files, it would be fine.  When she mentioned the lab wouldn’t be available he said they could work at his place without thinking, and then his mind began to wander.

It wasn’t an obviously provocative outfit, simple really but enough to emphasise the parts of her he liked the most.  Jeans, cut just right, showing off her ample hips and firm round ass.  A plain white blouse, unbuttoned slightly, but with a tasteful undershirt beneath it.  Her breasts stood high and firm, the curves of the top visible only if you were to make an effort.  When he answered the door he didn’t immediately realize who it was, outside of class she seemed adult, but just barely, and when he said hello his eyes wandered across her body, making her blush, and that is what started to make him hard.

From the top down.

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