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HNT – Ava in the Bath

Posted in sex on 16 July 2009 by Simon


Ava’s taking a bath so I thought I’d post this.  A little Sepia treatment because I can

HNT A Couple Morning Shots

Posted in Pictures on 9 July 2009 by Ava



Happy HNT everybody 😉

Poseable doll.

Posted in Avas Side on 8 July 2009 by Ava

I take his weight on top of me, his length inside me, enjoying the warm pressure.  His legs move mine, they spread them and hook mine to his.  He pulls my arms above my head, holding them then releasing and I feel his breath on my face.  I open my eyes for just a moment and his hand slides over to close them again.

He poses me for his pleasure, he tilts a hip, bends a leg, holds an arm.  He turns me over to use me from behind, thrusting into me and holding my head to the matress.

Not a sound from me, I just revel in his pleasure and the feel of his skin on mine.  I’m his toy right now, his own personal poseable fuck doll to do what ever he wants with.

Early Riser HNT.

Posted in Pictures on 2 July 2009 by Ava

I often am up and dressed before Simon.  Sometimes it leads to me getting undressed again, and other times it leads to a few moments like this.  Us, half naked.