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Vacation and whiskey

Posted in sex on 29 August 2009 by Simon

I haven’t cum in at least two days.  It could be more but I’m sure it’s at least two days.  We’ve been on vacation with the family and tired and whatnot and here it is a few days later and it honestly got lost in all that.  I’d not cum earlier in the week for three days but just as I was thinking about writing about it Ava took care of things.

But now my mind has wandered all over once again.  I’ll need to get some of that together to share.

Also – and I hate to even mention this here because it’s pretty lame and irrelevant to all fo you who are looking for something hot to read – I have a horrible back pain which prevents me from being any real fun at all (that I can think of).

For instance.

I had dreams this past week about instituting some rules for Ava around the house.  I know they wouldn’t stick but they’d be fun for a week or so.  As I sit here and think of them now I laugh at myself for thinking Ava would ever go for any of them most of the time.  Still.

I also read through all my submissive man blogs and although most of them are… strange… I started having thoughts about that as well.

Ultimately; we’re home from vacation.  I’m buzzed, Ava is drinking water.  I’ll start there.

Right HNT.

Posted in Pictures on 20 August 2009 by Ava


Left HNT.

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Posted in Avas Side, sex on 19 August 2009 by Ava

Last night as I was riding Simon I had a thought.  We had been having sex a lot lately, fairly simple sex.  Fantastic feeling, orgasm producing, want to pass out right after, simple sex.  Making love to some, just fucking to others.  No dynamics, no games, no toys.  I was thinking it has been nice, uncomplicated, and very fulfilling.

No sooner than those thoughts crossed my mind though they were intruded upon by different kinds of thoughts.  Visions of Simon tied to the coffee table, blindfolded, gagged, cock hard and ready to be ridden.  I found myself wanting to use him as a tool to make me cum and then leaving until I wanted to again.

Life has been busy, and tiring.  My thoughts hadn’t wandered in that direction in awhile, I’ve wanted more traditional closeness than control or submission.  It’s fun when they pop back up though.

It makes me want to see how sturdy our coffee table is.

Still here.

Posted in Pictures on 12 August 2009 by Ava

We are still here, and planning on more fun soon. I mean, how could we not with this hanging around.  photo(2)