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Pre-Release HNT

Posted in Pictures on 24 September 2009 by Ava

While I was embarrassing myself in front of family last night (follow us on Twitter to understand that) Simon was thinking about other things in the other room.


Indian Summer. HNT

Posted in Pictures on 24 September 2009 by Ava

I guess it isn’t technically an Indian Summer, but in late September I’m ready for chilly mornings, sweatshirt days and warm blanket nights.  Instead I find myself in summer garb.  A T-shirt and panties whenever I can manage it.


Two cocks

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, Simons Side, Spanking, Submission Memories, To be continued... on 18 September 2009 by Simon

It seems so contrary right now; in I’m my collar and leash and you just used my mouth to get off. But I can imagine a night with you blindfolded from six pm until you wake the next day.

No sight.

He is over and we are having an evening. You are the prop; the toy

And you can never be sure who is what.

We would tease you all evening. Make you provide services. You’d know who was who sonetimes. Other times though … Ultimately you’d do what you are told. And you’d like it.

When it was time to sleep you’d be surrounded by two men, two sets of arms, and totally comfortable with two cocks.

Distraction update.

Posted in Avas Side, Pictures on 18 September 2009 by Ava

For anyone wondering what was decided upon, the evening in which I wanted to play but we needed to work…

Photo on 2009-09-15 at 19.54

Photo on 2009-09-15 at 19.53

Photo on 2009-09-15 at 19.52 #2

Surprisingly enough…a lot got done 😉 it was just WAY more fun than usual.

Work Clothes HNT.

Posted in Pictures on 17 September 2009 by Ava

Simon works best in the buff.  This is not an uncommon way to see him past 6pm every night.  Its a good thing.

Photo on 2009-09-12 at 18.18

Faults HNT

Posted in Pictures on 17 September 2009 by Ava

I read a blog the other day about faults.  So many women unhappy with so many aspects of their bodies.  The majority of these I didn’t understand.  My response was the same as many others would be. “You don’t like what? Wow I’d love to look like that. You must be crazy”

I understand that kind of crazy and I am so impressed with how bold the women that put up and pointed out their faults were.

The other day Simon took a photo of me.  It was beautiful in a lot of ways, but a lot of what I saw were faults.  So consider this my fault post.

Main ones here, breasts that sag a little too much, and belly that seen gain and loss and gain and baby.

But the light and the color is beautiful.


Work night Choices

Posted in sex, Simons Side, Spanking on 15 September 2009 by Simon

I have a ton of work to do tonight; as a website designer I’m locked into a “whenever there’s work” schedule.  I’d rather be playing though.  Ava’s come up with a novel solution: she says if I promise to do my work tonight she’ll hang around in a schoolgirl skirt and white button down, maybe sit on my lap a little.  She said she might even spend some time under the desk….

There’s NO WAY i’m going to get any work done under those conditions though I intend to try my hardest.  Her other suggestion recently was that I be tied to the chair while I work until it’s complete.  Equally hard to work but with far more challenging consequences when I’m naked.