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Writers block (spanking)

Posted in Simons Side, Spanking on 30 October 2009 by Simon

I was trying to write a post tonight about spanking; Ava and I have been in negotiations this evening over who should be spanking whom (we’re drawing cave-art-as-hints on our bathroom mirror).  The trouble is that the post just isn’t there.

I reach for it, I see it in my head, but… nothing.

Maybe I need a good spanking to clear my head or maybe I need to reestablish a firm hand and get my blood flowing.  Who knows.

Consider this a start at clearing my head.

PG intentions.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 14 October 2009 by Ava

The movie played and I sipped my whiskey, stretching out between the two of them, unintentionally arousing both.  Head on one lap, feet on the other, I didn’t mention the hardness I felt under my arm, or object to the gentle rubbing of my ass.  Hands wandered as I absorbed it all and I felt the waist band of my pants sliding down.  I turned to help them slide off without effort and the buttons of my shirt began to be unbuttoned.

Across the laps of two men, wearing only bra and panties, I took the subtle touches, the gentle kisses, not reciprocating as much as absorbing.  I see the movie flash as I feel their warm hands, and my bra seems to disappear.  Kisses on my neck and breasts, caresses though my panties, over my thighs.  I let the mood wash over me and try to put any worry, any nerves out of my mind.

Gently, I’m pulled to me feet and led to the bedroom, where clothes disappear and mouths find each other.  Hands roam in the dark, moans combine, warm bodies connect.

In the morning I feel a chill on my arms but a warm man on each side of me, growing hard again against my soft skin, I snuggle closer to both and drift back to sleep…

And it was supposed to be a P.G. evening…

Color Flash HNT

Posted in Pictures on 8 October 2009 by Ava

A quickie this morning, similar to the “pick me ups” I send Simon on occasion. Happy HNT everyone!

(posting this by phone so if it turns out odd sorry 😦 )