HNT Subtle/Blatant

Which do you prefer when it comes to seduction?

9 Responses to “HNT Subtle/Blatant”

  1. tonight.. i have to go with blatant! Woo hoo!

  2. I have to agree with Mina, hot damn!

  3. Blatenty SEXY!!! my god.. you are beautiful….

  4. I like both! Subtle has that little nipple sticking out that begs to be touched.
    Blatant is just damn sexy – and begs to be touched too (among other things)
    Happy HNT!

  5. i like the switch…there are days where I want it blatant and days for softer subtle side….both works. Great shots!!

  6. Both–and sometimes at the same time (is that possible?)

    Very sexy both ways. 😉


  7. I have to choose?! BOTH! hehe…. HappyHNT!

  8. Both are great photos. I’m a fan of subtle, but you make blatant quite appealing. 😉 HHNT!

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