A humble entry. Part 1

I’m not sure that you have all seen this blog, or this particular post.  But I have, and although I seriously doubt I will be even in the top 5 I wanted to throw in my hat.  Because, well, because I have developed and bit of a crush on Mina.  I won’t say mine is the most extravagant, but it’s what I would do.  If they like it over at Longings End, I’ll elaborate and turn it into a bit more of a story 😉

The ride back from the airport would be our first time really together, in person, close enough to touch.  I think I would have to restrain myself, knowing all that I do about her.  I wonder to myself if she’ll be surprised, disappointed, excited.  The cab waits as instructed as I step out to pace.  I see her exiting, a medium suitcase in tow.  I had told her to bring something warm to wear, among other things.  The L.A. weather being significantly different than our own.

I almost panic and dive back into the cab.  I know she would be crushed, but it’s almost too much.  What if she is disappointed, what if I don’t come near her expectations or desires.  Then it’s too late.  She glances over and my arm shoots up in a wave.  Relief flows over me when a fantastic smile and wave respond.  I meet her halfway and we hug.  Friendly but lingering, feeling the curves, getting an idea of how we fit together.  We approach the cab and she seems somewhat surprised.  This is how we get around.  No car, no need for it.  I had worried about her responce for no reason.  “Fantastic, “she says, “they can be such a pain in.”

The ride to the cities passes quickly, conversation and laughter fills the cab, and soon we are like old dear friends, except with a little more spark.  A touch of the shoulder, or brush of a thing sends waves of excitement through me.  I can only wonder what it does to her.

We have options I tell her.  The weather, though brisk if actually quite beautiful.  It’s a far cry from L.A. but to me it’s almost spring like.  When we arrive at my place again, I am concerned with her thoughts.  I would have put her up in the best hotel in the city, but it just wasn’t an option at the time.  She knew that she was welcome to stay at our place, and if she didn’t want to then we would figure something out.  Again I was pleased at her sweetness.  My place was wonderful, different, comfortable.  She was looking forward to seeing everything I had to show her.  I would have thought she was just being gracious and kind, but as she took my hand and drew me into another hug I knew she meant it.  I couldn’t help but respond with a kiss.  Not chaste, but not lusty.  She responded just as I had hoped, moving her body close to mine and holding the kiss until I broke it.

A bit flustered by the kiss I have to focus.  I had promised this lovely woman a date, and I intended to follow through.  I smile as I tell her our plans.  A mid-date change of clothing will be needed, so we pack two small bags, essentially large purses and head out.  Today is a day of favorites, and firsts.  I want to share with her the places I love to go, as well as the ones I haven’t yet experienced.  We head out into the brisk cold, the sun high and moving fast, cameras and huge purses in tow.  It’s not far, I tell her.  We’ll be at the museum in just a bit of a walk.


And so our date begins 😉  more to follow.




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