Cold snap. HNT

It’s been cold here.  Very Cold.  So cold that I am rarely more than half naked, and Simon.  Well, Simon is always half naked but even he has had to take steps to keep warm.  😉

6 Responses to “Cold snap. HNT”

  1. brrr… you both need some extra bodies to help warm you up!

  2. Four people in our bed under the quilts and sheets would be a furnace indeed

  3. *whistles* Both amazing pics! Simon’s is one of my favourites this week though, so will be in my Sunday roundup.

    xx Dee

  4. Both nice images. I agree with Mina, an extra body or two would warm things up nicely.

  5. Thank you Dee! We always love the extra love. Extra love seems to be the comment theme around here today.. HmmmYummmm

  6. Stay warm! Love the pics.

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