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Two cocks

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It seems so contrary right now; in I’m my collar and leash and you just used my mouth to get off. But I can imagine a night with you blindfolded from six pm until you wake the next day.

No sight.

He is over and we are having an evening. You are the prop; the toy

And you can never be sure who is what.

We would tease you all evening. Make you provide services. You’d know who was who sonetimes. Other times though … Ultimately you’d do what you are told. And you’d like it.

When it was time to sleep you’d be surrounded by two men, two sets of arms, and totally comfortable with two cocks.

The weekend continues. Part 3

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, sex on 23 June 2008 by Ava

If you don’t know how it starts begin here at part one.
Or continue on from here at part two.

The cab ride home was less eventful than on Friday night but filled with sexuality none the less. Julia, then me, then Simon, piled into the back seat. The cabbie this time didn’t have as much to stare at but certainly enjoyed the sight of Julia and I laughing and nuzzling each other as Simon sat on the sidelines, just watching.

When we got inside we tossed our jackets and had a seat in the living room. “I think we could all use another drink” said Simon as he walked back to the kitchen. I heard the clink of ice and the door to the freezer shut. No whiskey for us tonight, tonight it was gin and tonics.

Julia and I sat on the couch, exchanging kisses and whispers. Her lips glide up and down my neck stopping on occasion to tell me exactly how she plans on touching me. She whispers about her tongue and fingers, what she wants to touch, how she wants to play. “And Simon wont be left out,” she purrs, “but it’s you I’m after tonight.” “And here I thought you were hesitant…”I tell her. “Ah, I’m good at hard to get.” she says with a laugh. Our mouths meet again and I melt into her. Slowly my hands find her waist and begins to pull up at the hem of her shirt. She again unties the top of my dress. I stand as I pull her shirt off, revealing those perfectly round breasts with rock hard nipples. She stands as well, slowly pulling the dress over my head as I carefully pull down her skirt. Our shoes are kicked off as we discard the dresses and skirts. She stands in front of me with nothing but a tiny thong on. Simple, silk, white, and showing the dampness that it is trying to hide. I seem fully dressed compared to her. Bra, and panties seem to be so much more than what she is wearing. Eager to even the playing field she quickly reaches around me and my bra falls to the ground, quickly replaced by her hands, holding them, feeling their weight, then barely kissing each nipple.

Simon had been silent, patiently standing in the door way while we finished. It was just the clink of the ice in his glass that took us back to where we were. Near nude standing in the middle of my living room. Julia reached out her hand and Simon brought us our drinks. Beads of water had formed on the outside, leaving the glasses cold and slippery. Julia licked the outside of the glass, gathering up the drops, chilling her mouth before returning to my nipples, hardening them immediately, then with a gesture offering them to Simon. He was less subtle than Julia, taking and ice cube from his glass and teasing me with it, my nipples were like tiny ice cubes when he took them into his mouth, greedily sucking on before turning to the other. Julia watched with obvious pleasure and guided Simon’s hand to my pussy. The ice was quickly melting, but not before both of them had the opportunity to chill their fingers before slipping them into my pussy. As Simon’s long fingers dove deep inside me, Julia’s teased me on the outside, pushing my panties aside and using my own wetness to glide her fingers around my pussy in circles. My knees started to give and they both guided me to sit on the couch.

“You are the odd man out here Simon, you should get rid of those clothes” Julia said as she rested beside me, her fingers still working my pussy. Following the trend Simon stripped down to his briefs, his cock pushed against the fabric, how it held him inside was a feat I will never understand. I looked up at him and licked my lips, his cock is amazing. Long and smooth and hard, beautiful for so many things. He came toward me slowly, not wanting to disturb Julia who was making me pant and squirm. I released his cock and took it hungrily into my mouth, Julia watched as I sucked then decided to release me a bit and help. She began by kissing my throat, up to my ear, then around to my mouth, taking the side of Simon’s cock between her lips. I release him and use my tongue on Julia’s mouth for a moment instead before we both return to Simon’s cock. One of us suck his balls as the other takes him down their throat. We kiss each other at the same time, sharing this smooth hard treat. I pinch at Julia’s nipples and finger her pussy as we suck. Our mouths are treating Simon, but our hands, they are working on each other, bringing us both to a point where are mouths are greedy because of the tension in our pussies…

The weekend continues. Part 2

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, sex on 20 June 2008 by Ava

Saturday begins here… but don’t forget about Friday night…

“Simon, this is Julia.”

Simon was his normal charming self, making Julia at ease, not being overtly sexual but flirting just enough. As the three of us spoke Julia and I continued to be close, our hands held each other, hair was brushed out of our faces, touches lingered on backs and thighs. To any one observing it might have appeared that she and I were the couple, and that Simon was being interviewed to go home with us. The three of us got along amazingly, we felt like friends, but friends that were also very attracted to each other. We talked about everything, and we made it around to sex over time. Julia had been with men and women, but had avoided threesome’s to a certain degree because of the men. Most couples she met had men that just wanted a trophy, just wanted to fuck two women at once not caring about those women getting to enjoy themselves too. Simon just shook his head and laughed. “Thats not the case with all men Julia…”

I decided that I wanted her, and I wanted her then. I grabbed her hand and asked her to come with me to the ladies room. We goggled like girls, kissed Simon on the cheek and sauntered off. I glanced over my shoulder to see Simon smile. He knew what was on my mind. Luckily the club was trendy enough to have fantastic private restrooms. I pulled Julia inside with me as we continued to giggle.

The two of us laughed, drinks and nerves making it easier, and we moved closer and closer, laughing into each others necks, resting our heads on each others chests, hugging and smiling, slowly calming down until we are still, just looking at each other. There was no first, we moved together exactly and our lips met. A soft sweet kiss that grew. First lips brushing, then mouths opening, until our tongues are working and it would be impossible for us to be closer together. This sweet kiss turned flirtation to lust in an instant and I find myself sitting on the sink with my head thrust back as Julia’s lips work their way across my chest. She untied the top of my dress and feigned a pout when she found my bra. I smiled as she pinched my nipples through the lace and kissed her way across the top of my breast. The knock at the door startled us and we laughed again as we told the knocker just a minute.

I told Julia I wanted her to come home with us, that Simon would be involved as only a watcher if she liked, she could control how much he participated. I told her that he liked to watch me with other women, that I get jealous anyway. I pulled up her skirt and slipped two fingers inside her. She was very wet and moaned as my fingers worked for a moment. “I’ll come home with you, but don’t get too jealous if I want a bit of Simon too…” she said before kissing me as passionately as before. Her kiss continued as I kept on fingering her wet pussy, until another knock on the door had us straightening clothes and walking back to the bar, hand in hand.

“I thought you two had left without me” he said with a grin, pulling me to stand between his legs as he sat. I could feel his cock through his pants. I couldn’t wait to get more of it. I pulled Julia close to me so that the three of us were pressed together. “Julia said she’d come home with us…but only if I shared nicely…” Julia smiled at Simon, “I said you MIGHT have to share, it’s Simon that is going to have to give you up to me for certain.”

Simon’s phone rang and he glanced down at it. “Cab is here..are you ladies ready to go?”

Julia and I looked at each other and I brought the two fingers that had been in her pussy to my mouth. “Oh yes, we are ready” she said…

Keep the story going in Part 3 here.

The weekend continues. part 1

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, sex on 17 June 2008 by Ava

Simon had let me sleep late. I had been such a good toy for him the night before. We relaxed all day, enjoying each other in simple ways, knowing that tonight would bring plenty of fun and excitement. He had asked me what I wanted to do tonight early this morning. I had answered with a smile and whispers right in his ear. “I want to take a hot shower with you washing me, I want you to clean every inch of my body, testing with your tongue. Then I want to get dressed while you watch, I want to see your face as I slide lace and silk over my body. I want you to take me to drinks, I want you to take me dancing, and I want us to come home with a beautiful woman that wants to fuck us all night long.” I didn’t need a verbal response, Simon’s kiss was enough to say he thought it was a fantastic idea.

The shower went as planned, I was clean, shaved, and primed by Simons warm tongue. As I got dressed Simon watched. His hand slowly stroked his cock as I slipped into my bra and panties for the evening. Simple, classic, black lace strapless and a thong. No garter tonight, just the basics, but the basics that look the best. The dress was simple as well, purple silk, with a halter that tied around the neck. Classy and incredibly sexy. Simon continued to watch me get dressed, his hand on his cock the whole time, like a peeping Tom with a closer view. I teased him a bit, I licked the tip of his cock, I bent over inches away from his face showing him my fantastic shave. He slowed down his hand when I asked him to save up. “I want to be able to share your cum.”

Simon knew where to go. The club was dark, the music was loud, and there was a fantastic mix of people there. We ordered a couple drinks and found a seat at the bar. I told Simon that I was excited, but either way, girl or not, we would be fucking me silly when we got home. The bulge in his pants had never been harder, and I grasped it firmly as I kissed him. His hand slid up my dress, and he slipped two fingers deep inside my already wet pussy. “I know you want to taste some” he said as he ran those finger across my lips, then told me to go dance. He motioned to the dance floor where a tall brunette was dancing alone among the couples.

Her body moved, feeling the music, not caring that she was enjoying it alone. She was taller than me, long strong legs, long arms, long hair. She moved with fluidity for someone so solid, so statuesque. Her skirt was straight, longer than all the other womens, a luxurious knit that fit her curves perfectly. She wore a matching backless shirt without anything else, her breasts smaller but perfectly round, her nipples standing out like candies, wet from sweat and chilled by the air. Simon knew what he was doing when he pointed me to the dance floor. He knows that I like my men built like men and my women built like women, with all the curves and soft edges. I moved out to the dance floor and danced beside her, both of us in our own worlds. My eyes closed and when I opened them again she was looking at me. We smiled and continued to dance, only this time with each other. Our bodies would touch, our hands would meet, there was electricity between us. Music went on and we danced closer and closer letting our hands move over each other enjoying the pulse of the music. Finally exhausted she stood behind me, her hands on my hips and bent down to whisper that we could both use a drink. I agreed and took her by the hand, telling her I wanted to introduce her to my husband. She slowed at first, knocked back for a moment. I looked her in the eyes and asked if that was alright. My look told her I wanted her for me, not for him. Of course she said, and we continued across to the bar…

See how it goes in Part 2…

Weekends. part 3

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, sex on 15 June 2008 by Ava

The story starts here, and continues here

Simon pulls me up and tells me to wait. I stand in the middle of the room, feeling their eyes, pussy throbbing, cum drying on my skin, just waiting for what is to come next. The men step out of sight for a moment, when they return, they each have a drink and lascivious looks on their faces. “Ava take off your boots, slowly. Then take off the rest.” Simon tells me. I bend to begin unlacing them and he corrects me. Bend at the waist, over fully and unlace one, then turn around and unlace the other I am told. I see James begin to rub his cock as I slowly bend over to unlace the tall boots. He is semi hard when I turn and begin on the other. The view for the men is what Simon was after. Garter, bra, and stockings, pussy and ass fully exposed the further I bend. I’m almost finished when I feel a body behind me, hands on my ass, squeezing it, then running fingers from my wet pussy up between my cheeks before stopping right at the entrance to my tight ass hole. When I raise back up I hear Simon growl in my ear, “I think this is the only spot on you that hasn’t been fucked…” I stand up fully and he walks back next to James. I peel off the garter and stockings as well as my boots. My bra goes next, stiff with cum. I wait for my next instructions naked and nearly panting.

Simon slowly walks back to the bathroom, James takes my arm and leads me back behind him. When we meet Simon he has started the shower already and the room is warm and filling with steam. “Such a dirty slut, it’s shower time for you” James says. I begin to step into the water when Simon stops me. “Not quite yet, remember we still had a bit to cover” he says. I’m pushed over, my hands placed on the edge of the tub, the water splashing up into my face. I cant tell who is where but all at once I feel a familiar buzz, my bullet vibrator shoved up into my pussy, and a hand slipping from my pussy up to my asshole. James steps into the shower, blocking the water, still stroking his cock slowly. Simon begins to finger my asshole, getting me ready, then starting to rub his cock up and down my ass, pressing against me for a few seconds at a time. The vibrator was working on me from the inside as Simon teased me from the outside. I’m moaning and begging for cock, some ones, anyones cock to be inside me, mouth, pussy, ass, anything. I’m theirs to use. They enjoy the begging. James laughs and his cock gets harder, he slaps it across my face, teasing me and telling me that he just wants my face as a target, he’s already fucked me and now Im just there to catch his cum. Simons fingers dive into my pussy as James teases. He retrieves the vibrator, and rubs it across my clit, making me cum and shake. The toy is tossed aside but Simons fingers remain in my slippery cunt. His hand was soaking in my cum and he had ideas of what to do with it.

Simons cock is jammed into my pussy with such force that I almost lose my balance, James holds me up. He continues to masterbate and rub his cock all over my face, taking great pleasure in my begging tongue and mouth. After covering his cock with my wetness Simon presses it against my tight asshole and bends down to my ear. “Last hole to fuck…” he whispers and pushes his cock inside. My head goes back and I moan in pain and pleasure. James takes the opportunity to fill that hole as well. As Simon slowly fucked my asshole James kept me quiet by keeping my mouth full of his cock and balls.

I have no idea how long they have me pinned between them but I feel Simon pull out of my tight hole spewing cum inside and over my entire ass and James pull out of my mouth and shoot his cum all over my face. The men step into the shower and pull me in as well. I wait as they slowly wash themselves then tell me to clean myself up before coming to the bedroom. Simon waited and watched as I washed myself, soaping and rinsing to remove all of the cum that had covered me for hours. He walks me to the bedroom and lets me lie down. He and James explore me with their hands and I pass out…

I feel movement and open my eyes, I’m not sure how long I’ve been asleep. Suddenly Simon is holding my head, jamming his cock down my throat, holding my face, my mouth just a hole for him to fuck. James has moved and is pulling my body up so that I am on my hands and knees, my mouth full of cock, my legs spread, ass exposed. I try to move, I try to moan when I feel his tongue circling my ass but am unable to do anything as Simon fucks my face.

James attacks my pussy and ass with his mouth and fingers and Simon releases me a bit and tells me to suck like the good slut I’ve been all night. My body is exhausted. I cant fight or respond. I’m just a fuck toy to them, the good little cum slut they have used all night, nearly used up. Simon tosses me over onto my back and he and James take turns holding my head and fucking my mouth. One then the other they cum in my open mouth, forcing me to swallow all I can as the rest drips out of my mouth. They finish and I stay still. I’m spent and used. James gets dressed and he and Simon walk out of the bedroom.

Simon is beside me when I open my eyes. Gently stroking my hair he asks “It’s Saturday night, what do you want to do?”

Weekends. part 2

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How it began starts here…

The cabbie nearly wrecked. As soon as we got in the back seat Simon pushed my head into James’s lap and put his hand up my skirt. He gave the driver the address and what I’m assuming was a substantial fare and tip and told me to suck James like the slut I was. He lifted my head long enough for James to pull out his smooth, long cock then pushed it back down. My mouth is filled with cock as James moans. He leans back to give me more access as Simon pulls my legs up onto the seat. Hot slick cock slides across my face as I lick and suck balls, massaging them with my mouth and hands. Simon has started fingering my cunt, licking it on occasion, smiling at the look on the drivers face when he glances back to see me on all fours, cock in my mouth, fingers in my pussy, on the back bench of his cab. I can feel James about to cum when I hear a small cough. The cab has stopped. Simon takes his head out from under my skirt and we all move to go inside, giving the cabbie a wink and a thanks.

As soon as we step inside Simon has me bent over the couch. I don’t feel him immediately and start to stand back up, only to be pushed over again, this time by James. I can hear clothes dropping to the floor and am soon face to face with James’s cock again. He stands on the couch and shoves himself into my mouth. At the same time I feel Simon impale me from behind. As Simon pounds James is shoved further down my throat. I can barely breath when James moans that he is about to cum. My hair is pulled back and my body is lifted slightly. James’s cock slips out of my mouth just as he is cumming. His hot cum shoots across my chin and neck, dripping down between my breasts, splashing on the cotton and lace.

James stands back panting, watching Simon pound away at me. Without James holding my face to his cock I was left to hold myself up when Simon let go of my hair. He was now gripping my garter belt, using it as a handle to pull me back and forth on his cock. My face dripping with cum I moan as he pounds, feeling so full and wet I can barely take it. James comes back over, his cock half hard again already and kneels in front of me. He pushes me upright and begins to unbutton my shirt, rubbing his wet cum into my skin. Simon thrusts harder and deeper before helping to remove my shirt. I squeeze his cock with my pussy and feel him begin to pulse, filling my pussy before pulling out, pushing me over again and finishes by covering my ass.

Simon walks me around to the front of the couch where James sits waiting, slowly stroking his cock. “Take off your skirt and ride his cock now.” Simon tells me. I slide my skirt down bending over fully for Simon . “Don’t try to tease me, I know you are my cum slut” he says dragging a finger through the pool of cum on my back before slapping my ass. James lies back on the couch, enjoying the scene and I climb on top of him, slowly sliding down his now completely hard cock. He stays still for a moment, having me work him as he pinches my nipples. I enjoy the feeling, the slow ride, my pussy is soaking him making me very slippery but that doesn’t seem to slow James down. My garters come in handy again as he begins to use them as Simon did, to drive deep inside. He thrusts up and pulls me down on him so hard I feel as if he is trying to split me in two.

I feel Simons hands turning my body. James has my pussy to pound, but Simon now has the rest. He bends down and sucks my nipples through the lace of my bra, pinches them, squeezes my breasts. He kisses me hard and then pushes my head down. He is not quite soft but not fully hard, he forces his cock in my mouth and holds me there. I usually can’t take Simon all the way in my mouth because of his length, but at this state he is pressing hard enough that I am tasting his balls as well. Once again between these two men I am blissfully full of cock. Simon grows harder in my mouth and I struggle involuntarily to breath. He shows some sympathy and releases my head momentarily before he starts fucking my mouth with ferocity. James is now fucking harder and faster, I can feel his balls pressing hard into me and again I hear the familiar moan of a man about to cum. Simon releases my head for long enough to let James spew his cum up over my belly and chest. I am amazed at the amount, hot and wet it drips over my body again. He stays on the couch after cumming, telling me what a good slut I am and how Simon is very lucky. My pussy throbs from being used for so long and is still wet from cum, my own and theirs. I suck Simon but he seems more interested in just using my face, I cup his balls in one hand and reach around to finger his ass and I feel him stiffen, ready to cum. He pulls out of my mouth and holds my head back by my hair. A full shower covers me, his cum falls across my face and hair, down my neck across my chest. Simon steps back to admire his work. Both men look and agree, that I am a good cum slut, that I wear it well, but maybe one more coat might be needed…

continue on to the next part here

Weekends. part 1

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, sex on 12 June 2008 by Ava

I woke up suddenly and looked at the clock. 4:00am. The bed is in shambles and long strong bodies sleep on each side of me. Simon and James had used me all night. I thought it might be time for one more play before we slipped James out the door…

We had met James that evening. Simon and I had gone out for a bit of fun, dressing me up, knowing we were going to come home and he was going to fuck me hard. He had picked out one of his favorite outfits from top to bottom. White lace was what he had wanted. My bra was thin lace that my nipples could be seen through ( as well as sucked through ), perfect in form and function. I had a matching thong, but Simon wanted even easier access than that, the thong was vetoed, and I was told to shave…completely…and he handed me a white lace garter belt with thigh high stockings. A crisp white button down blouse…strategically buttoned, and a pleated black skirt, short enough to be fun, short enough to tease, but long enough to not get arrested. The boots were what he really wanted to see though. Black, lace up, heel that made me the perfect height to fuck. I had put my hair up and he quickly took it down. Simon likes my hair down. Before we left the house he bent me over the back of the couch; from front and back he checked out his choice of outfit. A firm slap on my bare ass gave me a shiver. He pressed up against me from behind and slipped two fingers into my wet pussy. Pulling them out, he ran his wet fingers across my lips as he whispered that I was a good girl and that he hoped I’d be a good little slut tonight.

We had wanted to do somthing a little different so we started out the evening at a bar we rarely go to. A little trendy, but fun. We were sitting at the bar having drinks when we noticed James. Just a couple seats down, he kept watching us. His eyes roamed over my body, they followed my lips, they watched as Simon’s hand slipped up my skirt. When he stood up to go have a cigarette, it was obvious he had a couple things on his mind. Simon looked at me and told me to go have a smoke with him. His finger slid deep into my pussy as he leaned forward to whisper that I should bring him back, that he wanted to see if he’d like to play with us. James noticed as soon as I walked out onto the deck of the bar. I was too worked up to play coy, my pussy was dripping with the anticipation of having this stranger fuck me at the same time as Simon. I walked over and asked for a cigarette. As he fumbled I rubbed the front of his jeans, his cock hardening from the touch. “I want you to come home with my husband and I. We saw you watching us.” His mouth opened slightly but he responded only with a nod. “Can you cum a lot, and often?” I asked as I pressed against him. “Yes.” he managed to utter. “Good, then come with me.” I grabbed him cigarette and tossed it aside before kissing him long and hard on the mouth, pressing myself against the growing bulge in his pants.

We met Simon back at the bar and did the introductions. From the bar to a booth, all of us a bit closer, a bit more free to converse openly. I was in between two handsome men with talented hands. After a few drinks and a lot of open conversation we called a cab…

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