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Cleaning duties

Posted in Cravings, sex, Simons Side, Submission Memories on 4 June 2009 by Simon

The last time Ava had me tied to the bed (before the past one) she did something I’ve never done before; after we were done she positioned herself over my face in a way that silently forced me to lick her pussy clean of my cum and her juices. As I drank from her she began to use my face and tongue causing more and more work for me until I was full and bathed in our salty sweet mixture. Of all that happened that evening – being tied, spanked, blindfolded, teased and used; Ava forcing me to drink my cum from her made me feel completely at her mercy and service.

Talking yesterday evening as Ava rode me (unbound) she let me know that starting today Iwould be cleaning my cum from her whenever and wherever it was left; pussy, mouth, body, ass. This morning after I had chosen a blowjob over masturbation she reminded me again.

Whether I cum voluntarily – Ava gives me a choice; or otherwise – I am used; I know that I will be responsible for cleaning Ava’s body after. Thinking about that now makes me unbelievably hard.


Posted in Cravings, sex, Simons Side on 23 April 2009 by Simon

Last Sunday morning I was standing at the sink when Ava passed behind me and slapped my (naked) ass.  It wasn’t entirely playful.  Or maybe it was; but The effect was startling.  My breath went away for a moment; my knees got weak; I wanted more, harder…

Since then the pendulum has swung a few times; I know I should commit some paragraphs to these things, but when my mind wanders it goes back sometimes to the sink, then to my knees, then hog tied on the bed, gagged and blindfolded, not knowing whats next…

… Maybe next week.  Right now Ava’s being a good girl, doing what she’s told willingly and immediately.  There’s no reason to let that pass (though she is like that often).  That’s a post for later.  After we’ve had some beer and she’s showered and shaved.