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Door number four.

Posted in Doors and Dreams, sex on 11 April 2008 by Ava

Simon has taken control again and leads me through the next door. I see that I am back in leather again, collar tight, leash in Simon’s hand. I say “I think we have been here before” with a smile, and am shoved to my hands and knees. “The only thing that comes out of your mouth here is cock and cum.” My ass feels the sting of the crop and I know we are in a different room. This isn’t a place for my pleasure, it isn’t a room so that I can enjoy cocks filling me without inhibition. This is a room where I am only a toy, Simon’s toy, to play with, share, or cast aside.

This room is mirrored and I can see the crop swinging in Simon’s hand. I slow and it is used. I stumble and it is used. We begin to approach a crowd after what seems like crawling for hours and I begin to ask a question, I only want to know what he wants of me. Before a word exits my mouth a sharp tug on my collar has me raised to my knees and the crop stings the top of my breasts. Tears well up as the sting cools. Simon leans down and licks each welt, unzipping the front of the corset so that my breasts are even more exposed. “Only cock and cum. I won’t warn you again.” The sting of my breasts reminds me enough.

Rugs cover the floor, several chairs, a couple cushions. Several men are standing around, I cant tell how many, I keep my head down. Simon walks me through the crowd slowly. Several men reach down to slap my ass or fondle my breasts. All have silently asked his permission first. A hand reaches out and I feel a finger jammed into my pussy. I instinctualy move away and feel the crop across my ass. Simon pulls me to my knees again a slaps my face, letting me know that there are more rules than the ones about my mouth. The man fingering me laughs and continues, pulling away as Simon continues our walk. One man after another we pass, I’m groped and felt, petted and smacked, Simon proudly leading his pet.

We come to a stop and I am pulled to my knees again. Simon tells me to open my mouth and the moment I do a hard cock is shoved inside. My face is fucked quickly, franticly, and I’m suprised when my mouth is filled with cum. Simon pulls me back down and walks me again. We stop again and I am now facing three cocks. The first is savage, he uses my mouth as a hole, moving my head, shoving himself down my throat and holding me there until he explodes in my mouth. The next is slower, Simon tells me to lick and suck, he orders me to suck this strangers cock as I would his. I take my time, licking and sucking, taking his balls into my mouth, spending time to earn his cum. His balls tighten in my mouth and I envelop his cock with my mouth just as he cums what feels like gallons. I fills my mouth, dripping out and down my throat. The third man in line already has his cock in his hand, masturbating as I await mouth open. He slaps his dick across my face and erupts, shooting his cum all over my mouth and chin, watching it drip down onto my breasts.

“Good girl” says Simon as he leans down and slips a finger into my soaking pussy. “I think you are enjoying yourself.” He fucks me with his fingers for only a moment before he leads me back through the crowd.

We come across a man sitting in a chair. He is deep in convesation, virtually oblivious to the woman sitting at his feet. She is wearing an ensemble not terribly unlike my own. A tiny leather skirt, tight on her hips and a lace up bustier. Sexy heels with and ankle strap that wound around up her calves. Her hair was dark and pulled back tight, and her neck was adorned with a collar and leash as well. We glance at each other but know not to speak. “Would you mind if I walked her?” Simon asks the man holding the leash. “Please do, she has been impertinant and needs a bit of humility” he says handing over the leash.

Simon leads us both through the crowd again. The crop meets both of us when we glance over at each other. She and I are both groped and fondled until again we are stopped. Another stranger has approached Simon and quietly said somthing in his ear. He positions us to face each other, both still on our hands and knees. A man kneels behind her and smiles at me as he begins to smack her ass. She whimpers and looks up at me as he takes down his pants and begins to savagely fuck her from behind. I watch as he takes her, my pussy becoming more and more wet. She catches my eye again and I know she sees what I do. I feel the cock drive into me and my hair pulled back, used as a handle to push deeper and deeper inside me.

Simon holds both of our leashes taunt, knowing he is the one in control. Both men begin to tense, on the edge of cumming when he gives them both a glance. Both men continue pull out and move to where our mouths are almost meeting. The pause makes it possible to see a bit more of what is going on around us. Men stand watching us, some cocks in hand stroking along, others viewing barely touching themselves, all looking as if they are waiting their turn. The pause ends when a hard wet cock is shoved into my face. I open my mouth to take it in but that isn’t the point. Both men work to cover our faces, shooting from mouth the chest, a thin coating of cum, sure to be thickened by others. The other woman and I are both panting. We have been toyed with and teased so much with no release.

Simon brings us up to our knees again and tells us to clean each other. My hand moves to her face, to wipe some of the cum from her chin and the crop stings my ass. “Use your mouths.” I lean in and begin to lick the drips off her face, sucking the cum off her chin. She is immobile. Simon brings the crop to her ass and she cries out. Another smack and she is silent, licking my lips, cleaning every part that she can with an eager tongue.

He walks us further, leading us to a more open part of the room. Men are now following the three of us, hoping to be a part of the show but Simon has decided he wants to be a more active participant now. He pulls both of our leashes to him, pressing our faces against each other as well as his hard bulge. Boldly the woman begins to remove his pants. The crop is still in his hand but he doesn’t use it. His long cock springs up and he pushes our heads together, using our lips on both sides of him, our lips touch but kissing isn’t allowed.

He lays me on my back and spreads my legs. My pussy aches, wanting his cock, thinking its finally my turn. I am mistaken. He opens my mouth and places her leash inside it, telling me to bite down and hold it firmly. He places her on hands and knees between my legs and pushes her face into my pussy. More eagerly than I expected she begins to lick my cunt. Her tongue dives deep as I see Simon push into her. It stings when I see him fucking someone else, but I am distracted by her mouth. Men surround us again, enjoying the view. Loving to see a woman eating another womans pussy. Simon pounds at her, forcing her face further into my cunt with each pulse.

She flicks at me with her tongue and I cum, shaking and breathing heavy. I see Simon smiling and then watch as he fills her pussy. As soon as he finishes he pushes her to the side and drags me up. “Take my cum back” he growls in my ear, pushing me back down between her legs. I am sucking her pussy, tasting Simons cum in my mouth, using my tonuge to gather every drop as she cums. She shakes as I continue until I am pulled up again.

He brings us both to our knees again and walks us back through the crowd, cum covered, pussies dripping, smelling and looking like well fucked toys. Simone finds the man he had borrowed her from and returns the leash. She curls up at his feet immediately as he looks at Simon. Thank yous are exchanged and he walks me back towards the door…

Did you see doors one, two, and three ?

Door number three.

Posted in Doors and Dreams, sex on 10 April 2008 by Ava

In the mirrored room again. I’ve woken slightly now, my mind knows how this dream is working, I fall back asleep willingly, looking forward to every door.

I take Simon by the hand and through another door, identicle to the ones we’ve entered already, excited about what awaits. This time when we enter there is no suprise for me. I know exactly what is going to happen. I picked this particular door for a reason.

He seems a bit perplexed, he had been in control up to this point, but now he isn’t sure of what is happening. He sees the crisp white button down shirt he wears. The crisp blue jeans. The fantastic boots. He knows he is being shown off. I pull him further into the room, taking the lead, letting him watch me from behind. My ass nearly peeking out from under my short pleated skirt, my socks pulled up high, my white button down as crisp as his, fitting all of my curves.

I sit him down in the chair and tell him to wait. Well padded but firm, high arms, enough room for two if you wanted, but it fit his frame well.

He is sitting patiently, a little more relaxed when I return, but stiffens a bit when he see’s that I have brought friends Rene and Laura. The three of us holding hands, in our short skirts and knee highs. He stiffened in more ways than one. I whisper in one of my friends ears and she slips aways behind the chair. The other and I approach and Simon sits up straighter. I climb onto his lap, holding him still as Laura binds his arms down and the Rene begins to work off his boots.

Laura keeps her place behind the chair and I unbutton my blouse. As I lean up to kiss her I place my lace covered breast in Simon’s mouth. She pushes his head into me harder and tells him to suck. The two of us kiss as Simon sucks my breasts, feeling as if he could tear right through the lace. Laura kisses my neck as I turn slightly and call up Rene. She climbs up behind me and squeezes in. The chair is deep, and Simon is tall but all of us a pressed very close. Rene reaches around to remove my shirt and I remove Laura’s.

Rene has taken on the job of getting everyone undressed. As Laura and I begin to kiss Simons’s neck and nip at his ears she is carefully working his pants and briefs down around his hips. Once his cock was free and ready for use she bound his ankles to the legs of the chair. With Simon properly restrained the three of us could do whatever we wanted to him, and each other.

Laura comes around and takes off Rene’s shirt. Now we all match again. The three of us enjoy each other as Simon watches helplessly. I see his cock pulse as Rene and Laura kneel down before me, lifting my skirt and licking my pussy through the thin lace panty as they kiss each other. Simon strains against the ties, wanting to engage but unable. I laugh as I drop my skirt to the floor and pull them both to their feet again. Their tongues continue to explore each others mouths as I pull of their skirts, drop to my knees and taste pussy through panty one by one.

We hear Simon moan, his cock throbbing with desire and take pity on him. Rene and I crawl over and share his hard cock, licking, sucking, kissing each other. She takes him as far down her throat as she can as I suck on his balls and tease his ass with my fingers. Laura joins us. Three mouths hungrily sharing one cock, until I leave the fray. I climb up the chair and rest my knees on the armrests, spreading my legs wide, and planting Simons face in my pussy. He kisses and licks, nearly dissolving my panties, working his tongue past the fabric and into my hot slit. All the while I feel him pull against his restraints. His moan makes me remember the two women working his cock. I slide my panties to the side and push against his face harder as I peek down at my friends. There has been a shift. Now as Laura fucks Simon with her mouth she has Rene between her legs, eagerly licking her pussy.

I can tells that Simon is getting close to cumming, so is Laura. I want him to be able to see these gorgeous women pleasing him and each other, and I would love to have Rene cum in my mouth. I crawl down so that Simon gets a full view. Laura sucking his cock, Rene licking up Lauras cunt, and me with my face burried between Rene’s legs.

I hear Laura moaning as my tongue dives into Renes hot pussy. Simons cock has been released for a moment as she screams that she is cumming. I work Renes pussy harder as I hear Laura cum. I want Rene to explode the same way. Soon she is moaning, muffeled by Lauras thighs, as I feel her pussy soaking my face. Both women pant and shake enjoying the aftershocks of orgasm.

I move back up and begin on Simons cock again. Soon he has all three of our mouths. His balls tighten and his cock begins to pulse. His hips rise and he again struggles to move. I stroke his cock as he cums, shooting his hot lava over the three of us, covering our faces in his cum. We lick each others faces clean and then bathe his cock with our tongues.

Rene, Laura and I lie back on the floor in front of him. As he catches his breath Rene fingers me as Laura sucks my breasts. I cum within minutes and the three of us kiss and explore each other’s bodies. Then one by one we get up and whisper to Simon. We all tell him that we had just begun, and that he would be exhausted by the time we were all finshed using his cock and mouth. How one planned to ride his pole while the other sat on his face. How we would be fingering his ass as he fucked one of ours. How his mouth would stay full and that his cock had better stay hard. How we had been sweet at first but would now just use what we wanted…how if he came without telling us first he would be kept tied down while we fucked each other for the rest of the night as we kept him painfully close to cumming.

By the time he knew our plans for the rest of the night his cock was like stone and he was moaning for release already…

Did you see what was behind Door number one and two ?

Door number two.

Posted in Doors and Dreams, sex on 8 April 2008 by Ava

The next door took us into a dark hallway. Leather was gone and was replaced with a simple dress, dark green, silk, slightly shorter than knee length with a plunging halter neckline. My nipples hardened under the silk as S___ brushed them gently. Two more doors, one right next to the other. S___ went towards one and told me the other was mine. I caught a quick glance as he stepped inside. A plush chair, dim lights, and what seemed to be a large frame, or mirror on the wall.

I step through my door and am greeted with a smile from a friend. The room is lit warmly and subtly, furnished slightly. The large bed is draped in soft red, a large chair sits beside the nearly wall sized mirror. The music was so soft I almost didn’t hear it until she reached out and pulled me close to her, pressing against me, starting our dance.

Playfully we dance at first, spinning and twirling, dipping each other with vigor. The music slows and we press closer to each other. Our hips lock and move in unison. Her hands rest on my ample hips, moving over the silk, slipping down to the curve of my ass. My head rests on her chest, smelling her sweetness, bare skin above her breast brushing my lips. The music continues, but we have forgotten to dance.

Her hands begin to pull up the silk of my dress, finding the simple thong underneath, pulling me close as she gently squeezes. I lift my head and our lips meet, tongues finding each other, lips enfolding one anothers. We part slightly and my hands move to the edge of her dress. I kiss her neck as my hands slowly pull her dress up. Inch by inch I move her dress until she raises her arms and finishes lifting it out of the way. It falls to a heap on the floor as I begin to kiss her breasts.

My hands rest on her waist as I lick the gentle curve under her breasts, moving up the side, kissing every curve before finding her hard nipple with the tip of my tongue. Her other breast receives the same attention. As I begin to kiss my way up to her neck she stops me and pushes me away. We look at each other and she smiles, throwing me into a spin, watching my dress spin up, giving her a peek at the skin underneath.

She pushes me back onto the bed, climbing on top of me, crawling up my body until she comes to my chest. My nipples are hard through the silk and she teases them through the fabric, leaving wet silk clinging to me. Her hands move all over my body enjoying the feel of the dress until she pulls it up and off me in a swift movement. Both of us lie there, nude except our panties and we began to kiss again. Rolling back and forth, on on top then the other, we kiss and touch each other. Our hands move from breast, to face. From pussy to ass, until we have worked off our panties and let our wet pussys begin to touch. We dance this way, rubbing together, creating exquisite pressure on all of the right places, our legs intertwined, our mouths always touching one another.

She begins to moan as we move and I can feel her wetness increase. Gently I roll her to her back and slide down between her legs. Her knees on each side of my head, her hands in my hair I begin to enjoy her pussy. Long licks from the very bottom of her wetness to the top. I taste her excitement. Flicking my tongue against her, kissing, her pussy, pressing my face into her, she moans. My tongue dives deeper and her hands pull my hair harder, rubbing my face into her, covering it with her juices as she cums, moaning and grinding.

When she comes back down she pulls me back up, drawing my mouth to hers, tasting her pussy on my lips before pushing me to my back. She knows how sensitive my breasts are, she enjoys teasing and licking. Sucking my nipples, taking as much of my breast into her mouth as she can. Sucking harder and harder she makes me moan and arch my back. She releases my breasts and gently pushes her finger into my dripping pussy, covering it, then bringing it to her mouth. Her hand again moves to my pussy, massaging in all the right ways, become covered in wetness as she dives further in. She has me on the edge when she stops and brings her hand up to taste me again. My breath is short, one moment longer and I would have cum I tell her, she smiles and says she knows before moving down and parting my legs with her head.

Her tongue dives deep, lapping up my wetness, then licks slow and long up and down. She knows I am cumming and flicks her tongue at my clit so that she can enjoy the sight and feel of my body rocking with orgasm. She climbs back up, kisses me deeply, and we hold each other close.

Time passes and wake, she has left the room, and I get dressed. As I am finishing I notice the mirror, I notice a faint image behind it. A figure in a large chair.

I leave the room and shut the door and see S___ exit the door he had entered, I had nearly forgotten about it. “You seemed to have a fantastic time” he said. “I’m glad I had such a great view.”

We go back through another door and are in the mirrored room again.

Door number one.

Posted in Doors and Dreams, sex on 7 April 2008 by Ava

Dreaming the other night of mirrors and doors. It was all surreal, but worth wanting to have again.

S___ and I were in a room full of mirrors, mirrored doors actually. He told me to pick one.

We walked through one and ended up in the same room, but a transformation had occurred. I was in my patent leather corset dress. It was laced tight, my breasts spilling over the top. Stockings covered my legs as well as a pair of boots, knee high four inch heel patent leather boots. Matching wrist cuffs as well as a collar finished the look. Panties were not included.

S___ pushed me to my knees, he had my leash in his hand, and he guided me, crawling on my hands and knees to the center of the room. My ass showed through the laces of the corset, my pussy peeked out from behind as I crawled. I slowed as I saw the three men standing there. My hesitance was met with a sharp crack across my leather covered ass with the riding crop.

“We wondered how many cocks you could take” S___ said as he handed the leash to a tall slim man nearby.

My leash was handed from man to man as my mouth, hands, pussy, and ass were filled. They were without mercy as they fucked me. At times taking turns, at others using me all at once.

A hand held the laces of my dress as my pussy was pounded from behind, laces being used as a handle to push deeper inside me. As he pounds my leash is pulled, forcing my head to the left and right, finding a new cock with every movement. Three cocks eager to be sucked as I’m fucked harder and harder. Soon hot cum spills out of my pussy and into my mouth at the same time, and both pussy and mouth are full again immediately. This time more frantic and aggressive, I feel as if I am stretched as my face is held, him forcing his cock further down my throat, almost chocking me as he uses my mouth as a hole. The fucking from behind is harder as well, the laces of my corset pulled tighter and tighter, making me feel faint from lack of breath. Cum shoots over me again and the men start again.

Their timing was perfect as I was never without a hard cock, or cum covering me. Once my dress had been covered, and more access to fresh skin was wanted the laces were cut and I was exposed for them even further.

Dress and boots are removed. Only cuffs and collar remain. My wrists are secured, then tethered to chains on the floor. The chain is pulled so that I’m on my knees, arms stretched in front of me, chest on the floor, ass exposed. The men take turns positioning me and fingering me. My legs are spread and I feel fingers and tongues in my pussy and ass. The chain holding my arms is loosened so that a cock can be placed in my mouth. He has me nearly immobile as I feel a cock pressed up against my ass hole. I try to move and the man with his cock in my mouth only holds my head, forcing it in further, and I feel several hands spank my ass. Punishment for trying to move. I hold still and focus on sucking the cock and balls in front of me as what feels like a very long, smooth shaft enters my tight ass hole. Slowly, with both men thrusting in and out of me a rhythm begins, and I feel faint again. Fingers enter my pussy as I am fucked from both ends, and fingers pinch at my nipples. Dizzy and moaning with pleasure I lose any control that I thought I had and they continue fucking ass, pussy, and mouth.

Cum covered, exhausted, and still shaking from orgasms, S___ takes my leash and leads me to another door. Upon entering, we are in the same place again, all mirrors and doors, empty but for us, the transformation this time being a return to the original, clean, upright state I was in before the last experience….