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This story begins with A Party Primer and continues with The Education of Ava

Her body was electric. I could feel it like a current before my lips even touched her skin; shivering through her muscles as she thrust down against her restraints trying to get some relief. Despite my closeness she wasn’t able to move her pussy where she wanted it and so I began, with the softest of breaths against her swollen wet lips, to understand the depth of Ava’s desire. She’d been kissed and touched, licked and sucked all night long – hours – but as yet had not cum.

I thought I had spoiled K’s plans the moment the tip of my tongue parted Ava’s pussy; the near scream from her mouth and rush of moisture made me think that this slightest touch had caused an orgasm too soon. I sprung back and listened and watched as she writhed in her restraints and cried out, begging me to continue, moaning that she needed relief. In this I was reassured. I know Ava’s orgasm’s well. She was close but had yet to go over the edge. I watched more as she slowly settled down and pondered doing the same thing again when I saw a slight shadow fall across her body and turned to see a woman who was not K dressed in the same corset and boots with the same ponytail. She smiled at my startled expression but said nothing. Instead, she handed me a card and sat down near the head of the bed as I read…

It was close to over but you stopped in time. Very well done. Ava is as taut as she has ever been. We will keep her this way. Watch Lisa and learn.


I looked around the room for K wondering if she had been in the shadows. She wasn’t. Looking back I saw Lisa smiling at me as she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed. She gestured and I saw a pillow beside the bed where one hadn’t been before. I went over and knelt beside the bed facing her and Ava. I had a fantastic view as she leaned over and shaped her mouth like she was about to suck Ava’s breast, but stopped just before. Slowly she began to circle Ava’s nipple with the very tip of her tongue, the back again to just above. Ava moaned and struggled again and I understood. After a few more times she looked at me and I returned her smile. I made to get up but she held me in place with one hand as she freed one of her breasts with the other. Moving my head to within inches of her breast I imitated what she had done, first with the very tip of my tongue, then back a bit and exhaling. I could see by her face that I had done it well. She stood up and gestured towards Ava and I leaned over.

Ava’s moans this time were as strained as before; she was being driving mad by this teasing of her breasts but it was obvious she wasn’t about to cum. As I continued teasing and blowing I became aware that Ava was moving in time with me in hopes of getting more contact and the intensity of her moans was increasing. Afraid to make her cum I changed my timing a little and began to explore all over her breasts in the same fashion. This has the desired effect of slowing her down but driving her even crazier.

Our teasing dance continued for a little while and I was feeling quite confident in the balance that I had struck when Ava wailed again and I felt her try to thrust down. I sat back in time to see K look up from between her legs and smile as she watched Ava struggle and moan and beg. K and my eyes met and I could tell that she was pleased because she gestured toward Ava’s breast and watched as I began again. This time when I blew I heard Ava almost scream again and I glanced down to see K’s lips rising from Ava’s pussy. She winked and we started again. This time Ava did scream out a plea to be able to cum and I noticed K’s fingers were wet as she stood, smiled at me and left.

I watched Ava pant for a bit, half kneeling and resting on my elbows. She and I hadn’t spoken in a few hours now and I didn’t want to start. I wanted to watch her and hear her and feel her and was trying to think of new ways to do this when I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw another note. As I began to read I felt lips kissing my back and a hand slide between my legs from behind, cool fingers barely touching my cock. It was all I could do to stay focused on the note.

Well done. she’s becoming addicted to the sensations. She’s ready for your cock.

I was half pushed to a standing position and turned so that I was facing Lisa again. She smiled, still holding my cock now at face level. She put one hand over her eyes and opened her mouth. With the other, she made to tease her lips and tongue with the tip of my cock before taking me in, then out and teasing again, then in. After a third time she stood and smiled, pointing to Ava and leaving the room.

Ava seemed to know what was happening immediately as I knelt by her head on the bed. As I hovered over her she raised her head as best she could and made to capture the tip of my cock in her mouth. I did as instructed though and teased her lips and her tongue with little tastes before I knelt up and plunged into her mouth. Ava began to suck feverishly as I pushed down and pulled out slowly, then down again before all the way out. She moaned as I moved out of reach and started straining again. We started over.

Ava has always been fantastic with her mouth on my cock, but never before has she been this greedy, fighting for every touch, every taste, and holding on strong when I was inside her. I began to tease her with my balls and she was equally insatiable. As I continued to use her mouth I felt the beginnings of an orgasm rising in me, sitting back I brushed against her breast and she let out one renewed moans and pleas. She was definitely ready to burst.

Back again over her with my cock, I brushed a hand across her nipple as I plunged into her mouth. Her already forceful sucking almost made me cum this time as she screamed with a mouthful of cock. Deep in and then out again and she breathed hard, begging, I did it again and she screamed again as she pulled on my cock and I pulled on her nipple, then out. I was about to go a third time when a hand on my shoulder stopped me. Lisa was back with another note.

Hold Still

I did. Lisa walked around to the other side of the bed while Ava waited, straining to get my cock again. She was licking her lips and breathing hard. Lisa stood as close to the bed as she could and leaned over, using me for support. As Ava made a renewed attempt to get my cock her lips found Lisa’s instead. Startled at having someone there she turned her head away, but only for a moment, then she sighed and they began kissing. It seemed that the pent-up tension drained from her.

I was transfixed watching Lisa’s hands and mouth work on Ava; watching Ava’s body respond. It seemed that the electricity that had built up since Ava had been blindfolded was now being skillfully directed around Ava’s body by Lisa’s hands and mouth. Wherever she kissed Ava responded, whenever she gave Ava any slack, Ava melted into it. She took the tension that I thought had vanished and was simply moved it around Ava’s body, conducting sex through her veins. Ava was her puppet and her slave.

It occurred to me then how similar Lisa and K seemed. Every difference I observed – height, hair color, slight differences in shape – would be hidden from Ava by the blindfold and limited access to either woman throughout the evening. Ava hadn’t heard Lisa speak at all and could only explore whatever part of Lisa was offered in her restrained state. Ava was loving Lisa like she was K, trusting her that way. Lisa knew this and took advantage of it. K did too. As I looked closer I thought I recognized Lisa from somewhere too..

I almost rose up to leave the bed, wanting to watch from the shadows as I pondered the depth of K’s plans, but Lisa moved so she was kneeling over Ava and used one had to pull me forward again so that my cock was inserted into their kiss. Ava responded immediately and both began sucking and licking my shaft, taking turns to suck slow and deep before returning to shared kisses and licks. Occasionally my cock would fill one mouth while my balls filled the other; often they kissed each other around me like I was a treat; a shared fountain. Where Ava was greedy and strong in her desire to suck and kiss, Lisa was soft and flirtatious with my cock and Ava’s mouth. She didn’t have the driving need Ava did, and she was in control. As my body rose and fell I felt Lisa’s hands massaging Ava’s breasts and positioning my cock, sometimes stroking me while pushing me into Ava’s mouth, sometimes pulling Ava away. I thought I would be allowed to cum soon and relished the thought…

And then Lisa sat back and I knew to do the same. I was hovering by Ava’s head and Lisa straddled her waist. Neither of us touched her. Both watching. Ava laid their panting and smiling, turning and moaning. Lisa smiled at me and handed me another note she had laid by Ava’s head.

I hope you’re having a good time. You seem to be. By now you’ve discovered some of my plan. i hope you approve. Time to take a break and come out to the party for a while. Lisa will take care of Ava for us. I want to show you something else.


P.S. there’s a robe in the chair by the door

I smiled and gently got off the bed. once there was room Lisa laid down facing Ava but looking at me. Before I could move she turned her head and gave my rock hard shaft a slow, deep suck and gentle lick before turning to face Ava with a mischievous smile. I made my way to the door – a little unsteady on my feet – and found the robe. Tying it loose i made my way out of the Spanish guitar music and back into the party.

Continued tomorrow

The education of Ava

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The education of Ava begins here.

The room was as cool and empty as the party was warm and full. At first glance it appeared to be about the same size as the one we had just left, but noticeably absent furniture except for a large low bed covered in white linens and some shapes obscured by darkness around the walls. Light was soft and amber, provided from fixtures in the ceiling focused on the bed causing it to glow, leaving the remainder of the room in shadow. We could hear the continued chatter and laughter from the the other room, but our footsteps made no sound on the thick carpet as we made our way inside. Nobody spoke.

K moved in ahead of us and disappeared into a closet, returning a moment later with a purse in her hand that she was digging through. Silently she handed me a small notecard while she continued to dig. After a moment she found what she was looking for and moved away while I read.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for visiting tonight and agreeing to share yourselves with me. Remember your first “rule” this evening – NO SOUND FROM YOU once you are in here. As I said when we met, I think we’re going to have an amazing time together. I know that your night has been a good one so far, I can see it on the TV behind you…

I spun around quickly and almost made a cried out – saved only by being immediately engrossed in seeing Ava sitting on a bar stool obviously nearing orgasm while a woman-as-nurse whispered in her ear and worked her hand under Ava’s nightgown. I stood transfixed by the video, so sure I was about to see Ava erupt in orgasm but knowing already that she wouldn’t. I watched the nurse slide away, exactly as it had happened at the party a few hours ago. I watched myself laugh and sip my whiskey while talking to someone off screen as another costumed guest wandered past, stopping only long enough to flick Ava’s nipple and tease her lips with theirs. I was absolutely mystified that our stools had been videotaped the whole night without me noticing and thrilled that K had been so thorough in her planning. I would have stood there and watched the whole evening again but I was startled back to the moment when cool lips kissed my neck and I heard K’s voice whisper in my ear…

“everything’s ready”

I turned to see the room transformed; It was still dark around the edges but now the darkness was punctuated by candles on little tables, casting pools of light around groups of soft chairs and cushions. The light around the bed looked different as well, made softer by the candles but more direct by Ava’s form, spread out across the white linens and anchored to each corner. Her nightgown was still on but both breasts had been exposed and were wet as though both recently kissed. Her gown had also been hiked up so that her pussy was displayed, shaved and glistened in the light. She was still wearing the blindfold.
K drew me towards her and gestured for me to sit on the edge of the bed. As I did she handed me the card I had dropped, along with another underneath. She sat down beside me and began to rub the bulge in my jeans softly with one hand while gently pushing my head down to read with her other hand. She began kissing my neck again and let her hand fall to Ava’s thigh as I continued to read.

I hope seeing what has already transpired will excite you and convince you that I’ve given this evening a lot of thought…

I almost said something about this but her lips kept mine from speaking. After a moment I continued.

Feel free to enjoy your wife for a few moments while I check on some things. She’s been made near crazy by all of the attention this evening so be careful not to send her over the edge yet. Let time and the blindfold work their magic on her a while longer and her ecstasy at being allowed to orgasm after a night of deprivation will be exponentially greater.

Your Friend and Guide
– K

I set the letter down and read the second card K had handed me.

“Stand up. You will need to be naked form now on.” I did.

Deft hands worked over me as I stood beside the bed, transfixed by the feeling of being undressed while staring at my wife spread out below me. My shirt was unbuttoned and dropped to the floor, my undershirt lifted over my head. A moment later K knelt beside me and removed my boots and socks before sitting back on her heels to look up at me. She had positioned herself so that Ava’s hand rested on her ass as she sat back. I saw Ava’s fingers move and struggle for more contact while K smiled and reached out to undo my belt and jeans.

A moment later I stood there exposed before my blindfolded wife and our kneeling mistress. For a moment the only movement was Ava’s hand along the the curve of K’s thigh, but the K sat forward suddenly and took my cock in her mouth, sucking slow and hard for a few strokes before standing up, kissing me, and walking from the room leaving Ava and I alone. Suddenly for hidden corners of the room spanish guitar music began to play; not loud but enough to mask the sounds of the party. I sat back down on the bed and removed my jeans before leaning over to place a gentle kiss inside Ava’s thigh. She moaned and pushed forward towards my waiting mouth.

The education of Ava continues

A Party Primer

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It was a perfect halloween costume for the party. Perfect for our plans after; though we didn’t know either of these things yet. All we knew was that we were feeling clever and racy about it. And we were excited. We liked it mostly because it was super-sexual in a somewhat unconventional sense. That and we thought K would like it.

We had planned to meet K later. She was the reason we were going to the party in the first place. She had suggested it. We didn’t really know anyone there but she said we’d like the people and they were all friendly and that she’d be there as soon as work was done. We had never even been “there” before, but after meeting K a few nights prior we were ready to do what she suggested. The chemistry was right.

Everyone turned to look when Ava and I walked it. Nobody seemed to need an explanation; the wrist and ankle cuffs told a good portion of the story., the night gown and bare feet told most of the rest. Ava looked stunningly naked without showing a thing; her breasts smooth and white and barely concealed beneath thin pink silk and lace. The nightgown flowing over her back and belly and lifting slightly without quite revealing a peek beneath.

She looked like barely contained sex: The flush of her skin reflecting back the heat of of everyone’s staring as she passed. People said hello in that way that people do when they feel light headed. As we passed into the crowd meeting people and winding our way to the bar I could see the obvious affect Ava’s passing had on the men. I could see the women catch their breath and smile from their lips to their thighs. Everyone was exceptionally friendly.

K was right to recommend this party. It was dark and warm and noisy and packed. Throughout our walk to the bar we smiled and laughed with people who spoke to us. Ava was nervous in her exposure but relaxing quickly with the kind words and warm greetings from the other guests. We were expected, they said … K had hoped we’d be comfortable until she was able to make it … Was there anything we needed or wanted … They were glad we were here … Everyone friends with K. Everyone very friendly towards us

Ava spent a great deal of time asking me what everyone was dressed like…

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