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Hospitality. The finish.

Posted in Hospitality on 8 November 2008 by Ava

We started here, then went to part two here

Vera was right, Simon did need somthing.  “Vera, wait here.  I’m going to get Simon comfortable.”

I took Simon to the bedroom and had him lie down on his back, his arms were stretched to the top corners and secured, his legs toward the bottom corners and secured.  He looked delicious streched out, body taunt, cock standing stiff and long.  “Vera, come in here please.”  She sauntered in wearing only her towel and smiled.  “Ava, that’s not very nice…I thought you were going to give him some relief.”  “Oh, we will, he will just have to play by the rules.”

Vera began to slowly lick his cock as I explained the rules to him.  He was to stay hard.  That was it.  If he came he would be required to clean up.  If he softened, he would be punished.

My mouth met Veras and our tongues wrestled over Simons stiff rod.  He moaned as our mouths worked on him and took a deep breath in as I climbed on top of him.  Slowly I guided him inside my wet pussy and began to ride.  Vera straddled his chest facing me.  As I fucked him slowly she began to lick and suck my nipples and grind her pussy onto his chest.  Her mouth moved down until it became a part of our fucking, her tongue darting across pussy and cock, taking in our combined juices.  Simon moaned continuously, arching him back, getting every inch of his cock inside me.  When Vera took his balls in her hand I could feel him explode.  He had been pent up all night and it showed.  His cock filled me with cum, overflowing and dripping onto Veras hand.

“Simon, time to clean up.”  With one hand she pulled his hair back, and his mouth opened.  “Lick it clean.”  Frantically he worked to lick her hand clean, sucking each finger, making sure not a drop of his cum remained.  I continued I ride him until she pulled me off, and positioned me above his mouth.  “Clean her up too, I don’t want to taste any of your cum in her pussy.”  Simon buried his face in my cunt, his tongue diving into me, scooping out every drop of his cum.  He sucked and licked from top to bottom, as deeply as he could.  The feeling of his mouth sent shivers all over my body, and I could feel him moaning again.  I turned my head to see Vera taking his cock into her mouth again, sucking hard, squeezing his balls, making him gasp in pleasure and pain.  I climbed off Simons face and slid down to help Vera.  I took his balls in my mouth as she teased the tip of his cock with her tongue.  He came again, shooting his cum into her mouth and across her face.  She moved to make Simon lick it off of her but I dragged her to me instead.  “It’s much more fun this way.”  I wipe her face with my hand and then reach down to her pussy.  Vera rides my cum covered hand, taking my fingers deep inside her, grinding onto me.  “I’ll get him to clean you up now, Lie on your back”

I untie Simon and turn him over.  “Get on your knees, and clean her pussy.”  As he crawls between her legs and begins to lick I hear her pant and see her grab his head to grind into him harder.  “Vera, you keep enjoying yourself, but Simon needs to be punished.”  After cumming twice so quickly Simons cock had softened.  I strapped his ankles back to the bed and told him to stay on his knees and continue to have his faced used by Vera.  I could see his body tense as he felt my movements.  The toy Vera and I had been using was still close at hand.  I slipped my end in and applied a liberal amount of lube.

When he felt the tip of the dildo against his ass he jumped slightly.  “Oh Simon, don’t worry, this isn’t your punishment.  That comes in just a moment.”  As I slowly slid the dildo into his ass I heard a muffled gasp, Vera was still using his face, making it hard to hear how he was taking being fucked by me.  I started slowly then began thrusting harder, paying less attention to Simon than I was to the feeling of my end of the cock.  By the time I came I was pounding into him and listening to him moan with pleasure into Veras pussy.  “That doesn’t sound like much of a punishment Ava…I think her needs the crop.”  She handed me the short leather riding crop with one hand as she kept Simons head between her legs with the other.  I struck his as with the crop in between thrusts, fucking and spanking, fucking and spanking.  Soon his ass was covered with small red welts and he was thrusting back into me with every stroke.  I came again and reached between his legs.  A long hard cock again met my hand and I slipped my toy out of him.  Vera had cum again and released his head, and Simon rested his head on the bed.

I unstrapped Simons legs and crawled up beside Vera.

“Simon, go get the shower ready again, I think we need to clean up… and new drinks.  These need freshening.”

Hospitality…part 2.

Posted in Hospitality, sex on 6 November 2008 by Ava

Start Here…

Vera was pleased, she gently slipped one foot between Simons legs and played with his still hard cock.  “Good boy” she said as she took her feet away.  She leans over and kisses my mouth, still wet from her pussy.  “Simon, go start the shower, get everything ready and wait for us.”

As Simon crawls away I see Vera grab his leash and pull, stopping him in his tracks.  “I think you should give Avas pussy a nice kiss first.”  She walks behind him and I spread my legs.  I smile as his mouth meets my pussy and I feel him kiss me gently.  I hear a smack and a whimper.  Vera stands behind him with the crop. “I think you should kiss her again.”  Again his lips press against me, and this time his tongue barely teases.  Another smack and his face presses into me, smack again and he is tonguing me in earnest, diving deeper into my pussy with each hit of the crop.  Vera stops and Simon keeps going licking and sucking my pussy, licking me top to bottom, lapping up my wetness.  She pulls him away by his leash and I sigh.  “Now start the shower Simon, I want the rest of her.”  Again Simon crawls toward the bathroom, and Vera takes his place between my legs.  As I cum she grabs my ass and pulls my pussy onto her face farther, until she is as covered in my juices as I was in hers.  “There, now we both need a shower” she says with a smile.

We walk hand in hand to the bathroom and find Simon waiting, hands and knees, new soap out, bathroom steamy, and a clean pile of towels waiting.  I tell Vera to get in, I just need to grab something from the other room.  Simon waits patiently and she climbs in.  I grab our drinks from the living room, some lubricant, and a special toy that Simon gave me as a gift.  The strap on with out the strap so to speak.  When I return to the bathroom Vera is enjoying the hot water.  “Open your mouth and stay still” I tell Simon, and I see Vera peek out of the shower.  My special toy is placed in his mouth for safe keeping and the drinks are placed on his back.  Vera laughs and I crawl in the shower with her.

We take our time washing each others hair, letting the lather flow over each other, enjoying the way our bodies slip and slide together.  Every inch of our bodies is touched by one another, fingers pinch and tease, they slip in and out disappearing into mouths, and pussies.  The shower gets hotter and hotter and our breathing harder and harder.  Vera fucks me with her fingers, sucking on my nipples until they are sore.  I push her away and turn her around, slowly I bend her over and gently rub her ass.  “Stay like that” I tell her, and gently slip a finger in and out of her slippery cunt.  Simon still waits on his hands and knees, cock hard beneath him, double ended cock held tightly in his mouth.  “Open” I tell him, and slip the dildo out enough to slide the other end inside my pussy.  I fuck his mouth with the toy, holding his hair in my hands. “Don’t spill those drinks” I tell him as his body begins to move with my thrusts, each movement moves the cock inside me, bringing me closer to the edge.  “Ava…” I hear from behind me.

“So sorry V, got caught up a bit” I tell her as I slide ‘my’ cock out of Simons mouth.  I press up against her and whisper “He got it ready for you though” as I slide into her dripping pussy.  Her breasts press against the shower wall as I pound her and she begins to moan.  Harder, she says and I try to oblige, fucking her as hard as possible as I reach around and pinch her nipples.  “I want to fuck you while I cum” she says and turns around.  Reaching down she slips the dildo out of me turns it around and slips it inside.  She lifts my leg and rests my foot on the tub before sliding into me.  Our breasts press against each other as she thrusts up into me, cumming hard and fast.  She leans back against the wall to catch her breath and lets out a little laugh.  I look down and see Simon looking up at us, drinks still steady on his back, wet from the shower spray, cock as hard as ever.  “Poor Simon…looks as if he needs a little relief” she says and gently hands the toy back to me…

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Hospitality…part 1.

Posted in Hospitality on 3 November 2008 by Ava

Simon was waiting on the bed as instructed.  He had been there before.  Restraints out, bed clear, on his knees naked.  The last time he had waited for me he had shared some of his more submissive desires.  They had been spinning in my head since then.  He didn’t know about the suprise I had for him.  Without words I colared him.  I snapped on the leash and pulled him to the ground.  His perfect ass was exposed, his hard cock below him, he looked perfect, I knew the night would go well.  I told him he was to crawl, hands and knees unless told otherwise.  His leash or my words would guide him, and unless instructed otherwise he was to rest at my feet.  I punctuated the rules by a few slaps of the crop.  Leaving nice red welts on his perfect ass.  He glanced up and told me he liked my robe, a new green silk one he hadn’t seen before.  I reached down and gave his cock a quick tug and told him thank you, but he should really stay quiet.

I led him into the living room and reclined on the couch, dropping the leash I told him to go make two drinks, I was in the mood for whiskey, he should make two.  As he walked back into the living room, there was a knock at the door, Simon looked at me with surprise when I called for the knock to come right in.  Vera looked Smon up and down and smiled before joining me on the couch.  Simon stood stunned until I reminded him.  “Our drinks.”  He quickly set them down and got back to his hands and knees.

Simon didn’t know Vera, we had met on-line, shared a lot, and decided that we wanted to experience each other in person.  “Simon, take Veras coat.”  He quickly rose and helped Vera slip out of the long jacket, revealing a robe exactly like mine.  He quickly hung it and returned to our feet.  Veras hand had already entered my robe, her fingers pinching my nipples. “Ava…can I use him too?”  I answered with a kiss, and told her he would do what ever she asked.  “Simon, you need to show us how pleased you are to serve us tonight, every command must be followed immediately, and you should show how much you appreciate us by kissing our feet as you rest there.  Vera and I make the rules, and you will do what we say.”  Simon showed he understood by taking my foot and kissing the sole, and repeating the kiss on Vera as well.

Vera smiled and we began to kiss again.  I untied her robe and my lips quickly found her breasts.  I trapped her nipples in my mouth and sucked hard until a tiny squeal escaped her mouth.  Laughing I smile up at her as she pushes me to my back.  Playfully we wrestle on the couch, Simon watching, waiting patiently.  I pin Vera down, and open her robe completely.  My tongue traces a line from her throat down her chest, across her belly, before landing on her closely trimmed pussy.  I shove my tounge into her cunt and listen to her gasp as I lap at her wetness.  Veras eyes close and I call to Simon, “Simon, hands and knees, here.”  I pulla Veras body and put her feet up on his back, spreading her legs, allowing me room to bury my face further into her pussy.  As she moans and wirthes her feet press down on Simon, forcing him to hold her steady, or be pushed over, as she cums her toes curl and throws her head back.  I sit back and amire the scene.  My husband, the perfect foot stool for my lover.  Such a nice start of the evening.

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