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Our Christmas Tree HNT

Posted in sex on 19 December 2009 by Ava

I’ve been so busy baking we forgot our HNT…but the perfect opportunity presented it’s self.

I have been nice…

Posted in sex on 18 December 2009 by Ava

But I haven’t really wanted too.  Too much work not enough play.  But if Santa by chance gave me one of the lovely corsets, waist clinchers, or the NJoy 11, I’d definitely have time to play. 🙂

FetLife Santa, slide down my chimney 😉

Dear FetLife Santa

Posted in sex on 18 December 2009 by Simon

I’ve tried to be naughty but Ava just doesn’t have the right corset for the task! Help Me

Here’s a thought

Posted in sex on 5 December 2009 by Simon

Chicago isn’t halfway, but it’s about the same cost for each of us to fly there. You guys get tickets, we get tickets. We share a suite at … Arrive Friday; leave Sunday. In between. Who knows….


HNT Subtle/Blatant

Posted in Pictures, sex on 18 November 2009 by Ava

Which do you prefer when it comes to seduction?

PG intentions.

Posted in Avas Side, sex on 14 October 2009 by Ava

The movie played and I sipped my whiskey, stretching out between the two of them, unintentionally arousing both.  Head on one lap, feet on the other, I didn’t mention the hardness I felt under my arm, or object to the gentle rubbing of my ass.  Hands wandered as I absorbed it all and I felt the waist band of my pants sliding down.  I turned to help them slide off without effort and the buttons of my shirt began to be unbuttoned.

Across the laps of two men, wearing only bra and panties, I took the subtle touches, the gentle kisses, not reciprocating as much as absorbing.  I see the movie flash as I feel their warm hands, and my bra seems to disappear.  Kisses on my neck and breasts, caresses though my panties, over my thighs.  I let the mood wash over me and try to put any worry, any nerves out of my mind.

Gently, I’m pulled to me feet and led to the bedroom, where clothes disappear and mouths find each other.  Hands roam in the dark, moans combine, warm bodies connect.

In the morning I feel a chill on my arms but a warm man on each side of me, growing hard again against my soft skin, I snuggle closer to both and drift back to sleep…

And it was supposed to be a P.G. evening…

Work night Choices

Posted in sex, Simons Side, Spanking on 15 September 2009 by Simon

I have a ton of work to do tonight; as a website designer I’m locked into a “whenever there’s work” schedule.  I’d rather be playing though.  Ava’s come up with a novel solution: she says if I promise to do my work tonight she’ll hang around in a schoolgirl skirt and white button down, maybe sit on my lap a little.  She said she might even spend some time under the desk….

There’s NO WAY i’m going to get any work done under those conditions though I intend to try my hardest.  Her other suggestion recently was that I be tied to the chair while I work until it’s complete.  Equally hard to work but with far more challenging consequences when I’m naked.