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Shopgirl. Part 3

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A story continued from here…

When I got home Simon was there.  I had told him all about my adventure earlier in the day already.  There was a whiskey poured and waiting for me, and he had a grin that showed me he was up to something.  I took a sip and laughed, asking him what he was planning.  “I’m not planning anything, just following orders.  Kate called me shortly after you did.”  I had written our address and my phone number on the back of one of Simon business cards without thinking.  I also realized that I hadn’t even known her name until Simon had said it.  He kissed my neck and whispered “tonight is all about you, I’m just here to watch unless I am told otherwise” as he returned to straightening he called over his shoulder “you should take a shower before she gets here, I’ll take care of those boxes.”  I was confused, excited, overwhelmed, I realized he was talking about the two shoe boxes I had in my hands.  I set them down and took the lingering kiss he came over and gave me. This woman had  taken control so quickly, she had plans for me, she had an accomplice, and I hadn’t even known her name. In a haze I went to shower, whiskey in hand.

I let the water run as I sipped, letting it get hotter and hotter, steaming up the room before I even began to take off my clothes.  As I began to undress I thought of her.  Her beautiful breasts, her hips tight in her skirt, I remembered her hands on my calves.  I slipped off my shirt and my hands lingered on my nipples, hard as rocks even with the heat I could imagine her lips surrounding them.  As I slid my stockings down I felt her hands again, sending electric currents through me with her first touch.  Stepping out of my skirt I remembered the feeling of her fingers inside me, touching all of the right places, making me soak them with my excitement.  I could still see her standing with my panties in her hand, conducting business as usual as my knees shook.

Stepping into the shower the water shocked and then lulled me back into my memory.  I took my time, slowly soaping my body, imagining her hands where mine were.  Feeling them slip over my arms, around my breasts, cupping them in her hands.  I imagined her pinching my nipples, keeping me in line and making sure I knew who was in charge.  My hands moved down to my feet, rubbing, soaping, cleaning, wanting them to be perfect for whatever she had in mind.  Up my legs soaping and rubbing my calves, my thighs, until I reached my pussy.  Carefully slipping a finger inside I find myself hot and ready.  Slippery and wet for reasons unrelated to the water rushing over my body.  Leaning against the wall of the shower I imagine the fingers are hers, putting the perfect amount of pressure, circling pushing, slipping in and out.

I hadn’t heard the door open over the rush of the water and the noise in my head, the sound of it shutting though brought me out of my fantasy and back to current time.  Not knowing how long I had been in the shower I finished quickly, leaving myself hot and ready, but not satisfied.  Stepping out of the shower I noticed it hanging on the door.  It was obvious that this was what I was expected to change in to.  Kate must already be here, I thought, because this is not mine.

Hanging from the hook on the door; black leather, boning that held it’s shape, a deep scoop neck and wider straps.  At first glance it looked like a standard corset, only a bit longer, but upon further investigation I could see that there was nothing standard about it.  Steel beads, like the ones on my boots, went top to bottom at the back, at first I thought they were decorative, just pretty beads on each side of a zipper.  Then I noticed the long silk lace draped around the top of the hanger.  This was a piece that needed to be laced.  I could imagine the effect.  The silk weaving from bead to bead, creating a lattice work of silk and steel with naked flesh peeking out from behind.

It was the perfect companion to the boots she had sent me home with.  It was also impossible to put on alone.  Suddenly I was nervous.  Kate would be expecting me to wear this for her and I couldn’t.  I was nearly in tears thinking that I would disappoint her when I saw the note.  A tiny red tag hanging from one of the beads.  “Make yourself ready, then come with this to the living room where Simon and I will be waiting.  Don’t forget the stockings”  The tight controlled script couldn’t have been written by anyone other than Kate.  Relief rushed over me followed by a subtle fear.  I knew that we would play, I knew that she would be touching, controlling, ordering.  But now I start the game by presenting myself to her, not in the protection of a costume, but completely nude.

I was sure I wouldn’t ever be “ready” for what was coming, but I wanted it so much.  Nerves and excitement filled me as I dried my hair and tried to make myself as beautiful as I thought she was.  Taking a deep breath I gathered my outfit for the evening and went to the living room.

The room seemed suddenly unfamiliar, but beautiful.  The lights were dimmed but still bright enough to see everything.  Candles had been lit, it was warm, there was music.  I felt so bare, and I realized exactly why she wanted me to enter this way.  It secured her control, it made it obvious to everyone that she was the one with the power this evening.  They sat on the couch.  She was still dressed as she was at the shop.  Simon had changed.  He had dressed to match her in a way.  Black dress pants, perfectly cut, a white button down shirt, beautiful black silk tie.  They could have been going out for an evening at the most elegant place in town, but there they sat, her knees touching his, both of them smiling at me when I walked in.  “Ava, you look beautiful, come around and let us help you get dressed.”  Her voice was so strong, absolutely commanding even if she was making a request.

As I walked to the front of the sofa I noticed that our table was gone, it had been replaced with what could be described as a large rectangular ottoman.  It was placed perpendicular to the couch and as I approached she guided me to sit on the edge, just as I had in her store earlier that day. “Simon…” she said, and I felt myself being pushed back to lie down and my legs were parted.  My heart raced as she stood, and I felt my left leg being lifted.  Slowly and carefully the stocking was pulled up and smoothed.  The tight band of lace checked by Simons long fingers.  My right leg followed and was covered with silk and lace as well.  Simon had his instructions and he was following them without a word.  Again my left leg was lifted and Simon slipped on the boot from earlier in the day.  Kate watched with interest as he carefully buttoned each steel pearl, from the heel to the knee before placing my foot back on the floor.  When he finished my right boot as well he sat back on the couch as Kate approached me.

“Those look even more fantastic now.” She said as she took one heel in her hand.  She held my leg up, inspecting, admiring, and her other hand brushed the top of my stockings.  I gasped as her touch again shocked me, and I felt my pussy warm.  She released my leg and stood between them.  Bending gracefully she quickly licked the top of each thigh, then smiling up at me she bent further and slowly kissed my hot cunt, barely slipping her tongue inside, making me moan and twist.  Just as gracefully she stood straight again, and smilingly held out her hand.  “Now it’s my turn Ava, stand up and I will dress you.”

The boots stretched my calves, adding height I was not used to.  I felt dizzy and had to concentrate on standing straight.  Again she called for Simon.  Without further instruction he was in front of me holding the leather corset out for my arms to slip into.  The neck was much lower than I had even imagined and the leather felt cool against my skin.  Simon walked around behind me and I began to feel the silk laces tightening.  Kate worked slowly, it was obvious that she knew exactly how to begin, how tight to pull, where to loop and tie.  She laced the bust tight enough to push my breasts to the top of the neck line, they sat, round and full, areoles peeking out from the top.  I gasped as she laced the waist, pulling it tight to emphasize my hips, which she laced only tight enough to keep the “dress” on and other laces taunt.  When she finished she stood back to admire her work.  “Close your eyes and stay still.”  I did as she said, my balance shaky but getting better, getting accustomed to the new heels.  I felt her hands and soft brushes move over my face, and then heard her tell me to open my eyes.

A smile came over her face and she looked up at Simon.  In an instant he was gone and back, returning with a handheld mirror as well as a full length one.  “Look.” she said and turned me toward the mirror.  I barely recognized the woman who looked back.  She had changed my face, creating a mask almost with dark sultry eyes, white skin, and a full glossy red mouth.  The “dress” had changed my body, emphasizing the hourglass shape to an extreme, full breasts pushing out above a small waist and large hips.  She turned me around and held the small mirror for me to see.  The lace work was amazing.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before, my skin showed through this elaborate maze of silk and steel from the top of my back down the length, ending in an elaborate bow that brushed the sliver of exposed bottom.  The effect was stunning.  “I’m glad you like it,” she said as she pressed up against me, again slipping her fingers inside.  I could barely breath.  “Simon, go tell the driver we are ready.”  I looked at her, confused.  “Kneeling, crawling, and bending, don’t you remember?” She said as she pushed me to my knees.  I looked up at her she smiled her perfectly sweet smile again.  “That is how you wait Ava, all night tonight, that is how you wait.  And once we reach our destination you will be bending and crawling.  Kneeling, bending, and crawling…I did tell you Ava.  Didn’t I?”  Silently I nodded and waited on my knees for the driver and Simon, feeling her hand on my shoulder.

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Shopgirl. Part 2

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If you didn’t see the beginning start here…

“Well, how can a girl say no…” I told her, my voice shaky but filled with excitement.  She pulled me up and walked me across the store.  Holding up my left hand she looked up at me with a smoldering glance, “You’re married”.  “Happily” I responded, waiting for an objection.  “How would he feel about you coming home with two pair?”  I paused, knowing exactly how Simon would feel, trying to find out how to word it. “Disappointed…if I didn’t come home with you too.”  She laughed as she sat me down on the bench.  Her hands were more bold as she removed the shoes.  Starting at the top of my thigh, smoothing down my stockings, tracing the arch of my foot, the peek-a-boo toe with her fingertip.  I imagined those fingers elsewhere and shivered.  “I have another pair you must try.  Don’t move.”  She rose up and walked to the back room.  I noticed again her curves, and now the details of her clothing.  Neatly tailored, harsh almost.  Black skirt tight around her hips, slim to her knees with a long slit in the back.  It allowed her an ease of walking as well as a peek of the top of thigh high stockings.  I watched her walk, seeing lace and creamy skin peek out at me.  Her sweater buttoned from top to bottom in the back.  A neat row of pearls that I could imagine undoing, slowly revealing a soft back and her perfect breasts completely with a simple shrug of her shoulders and a turn.  My face flushed thinking of it.  And her walk.  So confidant, so proper.  I couldn’t help but do as she said.

She came back into the room holding a long black box.  I hadn’t moved a muscle, she noticed.  “Good girl,” she said with a wink, “I’ll like these on you.”  Opening the box she took out a boot, an amazing boot.  Black patent leather, pointed toe, seemingly made from a single piece.  A tall thin heel, at least four inches of what appeared to be steel.  But the most amazing detail was the closure.  Steel balls dotted up the outside of the entire boot, tiny toggles, buttoning up the length, it was easily knee high.  The effect was that of a strand of steel pearls running down the outside of the calf.  This was not a boot to slip on in a hurry.  Pulling me to the end of the bench she positioned me.  She parted my legs, having me straddle the bench and kneeled on one side.  Had she been at the end of the bench she would have had a clear view of the wet spot on my panties.  I knew that she knew it was already there.  “Hold up your leg.”  She held out a hand for my ankle and I quickly obliged.  She slipped the boot on and began to slowly button it.  My leg began to tremble from her touch and the tension.  “Keep still” she said sweetly, but behind the sweet was an obvious command.  It took all of my concentration to keep my leg steady, held in front of me in such an awkward position.  She continued to button and my breathing got heavy.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  Her nimble fingers, her breasts, her perfect posture.  I could imagine her controlling me, her confidence, her poise.  I felt her bending my knee and was pulled back to the present.  Pushing my leg up onto the bench she finished the buttons, and looked at her work.  My knee was to my chest, the heel was so high, it dug into the bench like a knife.  “Lay back,” she told me and once again I immediately obeyed.  “Oh yes, I like those on you.”  I stayed on my back as she moved in front of me and asked for my other leg.  I could feel her fingers on each button and her eyes lingering on the wet space between my legs.  In my current position I was very exposed, and she was enjoying every minute of it.  Involuntarily I glanced at the door to the the shop.  The position we were both in was not quiet normal for the average shoe boutique.  She noticed and said with a laugh “I locked the door and hung the sign as soon as you came in.”  When she finished the other boot she pushed my leg up to match the other.  My skirt fell up and I was lying on the narrow bench knees in the air, wet pussy peeking through closed knees, similar in so many ways to the shoes that brought me here in the first place.

“Stand up, let me see.”  I swung my legs to the side of the bench, trying to regain my composure.  As I stood I swayed, dizzy from my thoughts and her touch.  We both laughed a little and she told me to walk around to her.  Carefully I moved on heels so high and thin.  They caused me to stand taller and think about every step.  Slowly I came around to her side of the bench.  She had a wide smile and a gleam in her eyes.  “I’m not sure I can walk in these” I said with a laugh.  She circled me like a cat, and turned me to face the bench.  “Walking wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” she pushed my body forward, bending me at the waist, placing my hands on the bench in front of me.  She was taller than me and now, with the heels, my ass was right at her hips.  She stood behind me and admired, then, pressing her hips up against me she bent over my back and whispered in my ear, “They will be for kneeling, bending, and crawling.”  I panted as again her hand found its way up my skirt and fingers found their way to my wetness.

A knock on the door startled me, but she remained for a moment, her fingers lingering, teasing me.  She glanced at the door.  “Damn…” looking at me she smiled.  “Sweetheart, I think we should finish this later.  You’re place?  Around six?  You better take those off so you don’t hurt yourself on the way home, I want you completely in tact.”  I quickly composed myself and began unbuttoning, ignoring the questioning glance from the delivery man.  As she talked business I packed up the shoe boxes, stacking them neatly, getting my things together.  I wrote the address on a card and quietly went to hand it to her.  She asked the man to excuse her for just a moment and took me to the back room.  Without a word she reached under my skirt and pulled my soaked panties down.  They slipped around my ankles and she held out her hand.  I quickly retrieved them and handed them over.  She led me back to the front of the store, panties and card held in one hand and continued her business. As I began to leave the store she called me back, “Don’t forget your shoes, and tell your husband he won’t be disappointed.”  I began to tell her I hadn’t paid yet, and she held up her hand with the panties.  “Yes you did” she said “I’ll see you at six.”

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I had visited the store several times. Trying to decide if they were worth it or not. Just a pair of shoes, I told myself, but I knew different. These were shoes that Simon would crawl for, or tie me up in, either way was fine with me. A simple black peek-a-boo pump, ankle strap, nice height heel. But the details, that’s where the beauty was. Peeking out behind the black, slivers of red, pouting like lips, barely visible but startling once you saw it. It was like peeking under a ladies skirt, seeing mainly darkness until a peek of pink let you know that she wasn’t wearing panties. Thinking about these shoes, and what I would be doing in them made me hot.

She was there again as well, playfully teasing me, laughing and tossing her hair. She was as tempting as the shoes, but seemed less attainable. She had a sweet face, great smile, nice skin. But what caught my attention first was her breasts. Perfect for her frame, not huge but not small, pushed up and presented like gifts peeking out of a scoop neck sweater. Nice curves, form fitting skirt, hair pulled back in a clip with pieces loose here and there. “You know you should at least try them on.” I had been in before and talked to her, never tempting myself further. Today though, she pulled me to a chair. I laughed and told her alright. I had worn a skirt and stockings, just in case, I did want to see what they looked like. She came back and knelt down, gently taking my ankle in her hand. “Oh, I can get it.” I said, somewhat startled by the electricity she had shot through me. “Oh, no, it’s my pleasure, and you can see I’m not being attacked by other customers.” The store was empty. As she slipped the shoe on my foot I saw her eyes move slowly up my leg. She carefully buckled the ankle strap and leaned back and looked up. “Gorgeous” she said. “Thank you, they are aren’t they.” I was startled by my sudden shyness. “We have to see them both.” She said coyly and pulled my over foot toward her, spreading my legs the slightest bit to position herself between them. The other shoe she put on slower, her hands lingering on my ankle, moving slightly up my calf. Again she sat back to admire them, saying again “gorgeous” but this time without a glance at my shoes. Her eyes looked straight into me and I could feel my pussy get wet.

I smiled back at her this time, feeling my confidence return, thinking that maybe I was wrong, that neither shoe nor shop girl was unattainable. “Is it just me, or are these, I don’t know…a bit suggestive? Almost lewd?” I ask, testing her a bit. “Yes, absolutely, they are completely lickable…” She said rising back from her lean, now on her knees in front of me. Her use of the word lickable made me take my breath. All I could think of was licking the tops of those perfect breasts. She never broke eye contact and when she heard my slight gasp she continued “I think they suit you perfectly, lickable.” Her smile I realized now had turned from sweet to absolutely sultry. She knew the damp spot she was creating, and she liked it. “Well, how can I turn down a pitch like that?” I asked and then suddenly “Or was it an offer?” I held my breath, not believing I had been so bold and then sighed deeply when she responded by very slowly, very subtly sliding her hand up my skirt and slipping a finger inside my wet pussy. Slipping her hand back out and raising her finger to her lips she responded “that was both…” and gracefully got up off of her knees…

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