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Ready in the morning.

Posted in Pictures, Simons Side on 27 December 2009 by Simon

The Breath Before

Posted in Pictures, Simons Side, To be continued... on 12 November 2009 by Simon

The other night Ava mentioned to me that she was flirting with a blog-girl over twitter.  That flirting led to an exchange of IM’s.  I don’t know if it’s gotten any further than that but it’s certainly got me thinking again…

It’s too bad they live so far away.


Writers block (spanking)

Posted in Simons Side, Spanking on 30 October 2009 by Simon

I was trying to write a post tonight about spanking; Ava and I have been in negotiations this evening over who should be spanking whom (we’re drawing cave-art-as-hints on our bathroom mirror).  The trouble is that the post just isn’t there.

I reach for it, I see it in my head, but… nothing.

Maybe I need a good spanking to clear my head or maybe I need to reestablish a firm hand and get my blood flowing.  Who knows.

Consider this a start at clearing my head.

Two cocks

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, Simons Side, Spanking, Submission Memories, To be continued... on 18 September 2009 by Simon

It seems so contrary right now; in I’m my collar and leash and you just used my mouth to get off. But I can imagine a night with you blindfolded from six pm until you wake the next day.

No sight.

He is over and we are having an evening. You are the prop; the toy

And you can never be sure who is what.

We would tease you all evening. Make you provide services. You’d know who was who sonetimes. Other times though … Ultimately you’d do what you are told. And you’d like it.

When it was time to sleep you’d be surrounded by two men, two sets of arms, and totally comfortable with two cocks.

Work night Choices

Posted in sex, Simons Side, Spanking on 15 September 2009 by Simon

I have a ton of work to do tonight; as a website designer I’m locked into a “whenever there’s work” schedule.  I’d rather be playing though.  Ava’s come up with a novel solution: she says if I promise to do my work tonight she’ll hang around in a schoolgirl skirt and white button down, maybe sit on my lap a little.  She said she might even spend some time under the desk….

There’s NO WAY i’m going to get any work done under those conditions though I intend to try my hardest.  Her other suggestion recently was that I be tied to the chair while I work until it’s complete.  Equally hard to work but with far more challenging consequences when I’m naked.


Stripes HNT.

Posted in Pictures, Simons Side on 25 June 2009 by Ava


Traveling creates some interesting dilemmas for us right now, staying with family puts a bit of a hold on some of the more rough and tumble games we play, but gives us a whole new world for pictures.  Simon enjoyed the light in our room this morning, and a quick stroke or two…he’ll be pinning me down tonight though, not sure that he can hold out much longer.

Cleaning duties

Posted in Cravings, sex, Simons Side, Submission Memories on 4 June 2009 by Simon

The last time Ava had me tied to the bed (before the past one) she did something I’ve never done before; after we were done she positioned herself over my face in a way that silently forced me to lick her pussy clean of my cum and her juices. As I drank from her she began to use my face and tongue causing more and more work for me until I was full and bathed in our salty sweet mixture. Of all that happened that evening – being tied, spanked, blindfolded, teased and used; Ava forcing me to drink my cum from her made me feel completely at her mercy and service.

Talking yesterday evening as Ava rode me (unbound) she let me know that starting today Iwould be cleaning my cum from her whenever and wherever it was left; pussy, mouth, body, ass. This morning after I had chosen a blowjob over masturbation she reminded me again.

Whether I cum voluntarily – Ava gives me a choice; or otherwise – I am used; I know that I will be responsible for cleaning Ava’s body after. Thinking about that now makes me unbelievably hard.