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Writers block (spanking)

Posted in Simons Side, Spanking on 30 October 2009 by Simon

I was trying to write a post tonight about spanking; Ava and I have been in negotiations this evening over who should be spanking whom (we’re drawing cave-art-as-hints on our bathroom mirror).  The trouble is that the post just isn’t there.

I reach for it, I see it in my head, but… nothing.

Maybe I need a good spanking to clear my head or maybe I need to reestablish a firm hand and get my blood flowing.  Who knows.

Consider this a start at clearing my head.

Two cocks

Posted in A Weekend to Remember, Simons Side, Spanking, Submission Memories, To be continued... on 18 September 2009 by Simon

It seems so contrary right now; in I’m my collar and leash and you just used my mouth to get off. But I can imagine a night with you blindfolded from six pm until you wake the next day.

No sight.

He is over and we are having an evening. You are the prop; the toy

And you can never be sure who is what.

We would tease you all evening. Make you provide services. You’d know who was who sonetimes. Other times though … Ultimately you’d do what you are told. And you’d like it.

When it was time to sleep you’d be surrounded by two men, two sets of arms, and totally comfortable with two cocks.

Work night Choices

Posted in sex, Simons Side, Spanking on 15 September 2009 by Simon

I have a ton of work to do tonight; as a website designer I’m locked into a “whenever there’s work” schedule.  I’d rather be playing though.  Ava’s come up with a novel solution: she says if I promise to do my work tonight she’ll hang around in a schoolgirl skirt and white button down, maybe sit on my lap a little.  She said she might even spend some time under the desk….

There’s NO WAY i’m going to get any work done under those conditions though I intend to try my hardest.  Her other suggestion recently was that I be tied to the chair while I work until it’s complete.  Equally hard to work but with far more challenging consequences when I’m naked.



Posted in Avas Side, sex, Spanking on 4 June 2009 by Ava

Very rarely do I order Simon.  I have a tendency to ask.  I ask sweetly, I say please, I smile.  He knows though.  Simon knows that a request from me, in times like now, is absolutely an order.

Forgetting to do something that is requested, or ignoring it, or being bratty about it doesn’t get an immediate reprimand or punishment.  It will usually get a grin, a little laugh, but it is always remembered.

I enjoy it that way.  I like to whisper that I’ll remember into Simon’s ear when we are out in public and he makes a little quip.  I like the look in his eye when I have to remind him of an earlier request.  I like the way he will flinch the tiniest bit when I tell him I’m not pleased in some way.

My nature is one of sweetness, liking to please, wanting to please, enjoying the quiet pleasures in life.  That does not mean, however, that I don’t take great pleasure in teasing and torturing when the time is right.  I can redden an ass without mercy when provoked and I will make him beg me to stop.  I can cum quickly and often, and I can do it without giving him release.  There are many ways to use a person and I can do them all, but it will always start with a request, not an order.

Naked Evenings

Posted in sex, Simons Side, Spanking, Submission Memories on 1 June 2009 by Simon

Looking back over the past several months I realize that i’d spent a lot of time thinking about my sexuality from a submissive perspective.  Ava and I both enjoy playing the roles on both ends of the dominant / submissive spectrum, but left free to wander, my thoughts more often float towards the latter.  This feeling was enhanced a while back when Ava decided (without warning or request) that she would like to take charge.  It was an incredible experience that’s permeated my fantasies and stoked my submissive flame quite frequently since.  Ava has agreed to explore it further with me.

Complications in our lives have kept this dynamic on the back burner.

This past Friday around 4:30 Ava managed to get a nap in while I was taking a shower.  When I was done I went into the bedroom to find her sleeping.  I laid down naked beside her and dozed off thinking only of sleep (we’ve been busy).  When we both awoke Miss Ava told me I wasn’t allowed clothes for the rest of the evening.  I went instantly hard; which prompted a few more instructions:

I was allowed to go about my evening’s business (I had a lot of work to do) but I was to work to keep my cock hard at all times.  When I got up to do anything I was to stroke my cock and present it to Miss Ava.  An hour or so of this and I was near orgasm with every touch of my hand or her lips – she liked the teasing.  Occasionally I was made to kiss Ava’s breasts through her shirt (she enjoys being touched through cloth).  During the whole evening we were talking over instant messenger about my submission (our “verbal” conversation was “normal” evening stuff).  We were also shopping for cock rings and gags and dildos, which only added to the pressure.

We had dinner and settled down to watch TV.  For the next several hours I was fondled and pushed to the edge again and again until Ava declared that she would like to use me.  In the bedroom I was tied to the bed and after Ava pleased herself by riding my face, she settled onto my cock giving me specific instructions not to cum.

In this I failed.

As Miss Ava wrapped her pussy around me I could feel the orgasm approaching way too quickly to stop.  My begging Miss Ava to let me regain control was met with harder thrusts until we came together.  Then I was left tied and alone for a while.

I was used again but able to keep myself from cuming this time.  Miss Ava wasn’t happy about my failure to follow instructions though and I was flipped over, hands retied, and spanked soundly.  Ava has spanked me this hard before but stopped when she thought I had asked her to stop.  Part of our new agreement is that when she is in control she doesn’t have to “check in’ with me anymore.  She thought I needed a harder beating; I got one.  The result was a red, sore, hot ass.

We stayed up a bit longer and I was allowed to put on pajama pants.  I went to sleep that evening hopeful that Miss Ava got what she wanted / knowing that I did.

Today it was brought to my attention that I failed in another thing last Friday; I didn’t write here as I was told to.  While we were shopping online Miss Ava told me to post images of the toys I liked and why I liked them.  I’ve been told that I needed another naked evening as a result.

Once again I am rock hard.

Storage Closet

Posted in sex, Simons Side, Spanking, Submission Memories on 29 April 2009 by Simon

So as it turns out we didn’t need to be as quiet or slow as I’d thought and Ava handled stealth like a pro.  We came home late from our date but as we approached our apartment building we made a detour to a basement level entrance that is never used this late.  I don’t remember why we decided to head that way.

As soon as the door shut I was spun around and slammed hard against the wall.  I’m stronger than Ava but nine months of toting our baby around combined with booze and surprise rendered me unable to react.  By the time I even registered anything Ava was forcibly removing my belt and biting my neck; telling me what was going to happen while squeezing my cock through my unzipped jeans.  My resistance melted as her grip tightened.

Whispered conversation about needing just a little more privacy led us to a storage locker hallway around the corner from where we were standing; it’s secluded and locked and dark.  With my pants undone and falling down and my belt wrapped around Ava’s hand, I was pushed to unlock the door and get inside with a sharp command and nip from the belt.  As I turned to lock the door behind us Ava pulled my pants and briefs all the way down; leaving me exposed and breathless in the dark.  Some harder slaps from the belt and I was on my knees with my face pressed to the dirty floor while Ava straddled my back.  From my position my hands were pinned underneath me and I could see under the door out into the hallway; from hers, Ava could do whatever she wanted.

I was well and thoroughly handled.

After the rapid sequence that brought me to the floor Ava seemed to take her time; lulling me to relax with gentle touches from her hands and tongue, sucking on my balls and teasing my ass.  As I relaxed and began to moan I felt an amazing sting from the belt I forgot she had; the slaps and her words brought me back to where I was.  The semi-public space forced me to keep silent as she continued to work over my ass with her hands and my belt, penetrating me with her fingers and tongue, stroking my cock hard and fast, then back to the spanking…

I don’t remember how long this went on but I was not allowed to cum.  Eventually I was brought up to standing by my hair and told to dress.  I was given further instructions about what would happen once we were back in our apartment.  I would continue to be her toy, only this time in silence.

As we walked upstairs Ava reminded me that I had just been beaten, sucked, slapped, spanked and penetrated on the dirty floor of a storage locker hallway.  She told me next time there would be pictures, she would take her time, and not worry about how I felt.  As we reentered “normal“ life my head was swimming with anticipation.