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Coffee Date. Part 3

Posted in Coffee date. on 19 November 2008 by Ava

Part one is here…Part two is here

The breeze is cool across our bodies, but it is fortunate, both Simon and Jim radiate heat.  I turned the light down, just so that the glow lit our bodies around the edges. I could see Simon’s shape in front of me, lit from behind, on his knees so that his silhouette showed lean legs, tall body, and long stiff cock.  Jim was behind me, but lit from the light of the street.  Stretched out along the bed, so similar to Simon, just a bit shorter, a bit softer, except for his hands.  Jim’s hands were slightly rough as they slid across my back, and down my legs, pushing me up so that my mouth met Simon’s ready cock.  As I worked my mouth up and down Simon, Jim crawled under me and set his mouth to work on my pussy.   Jim’s tongue had me cum quickly and as my body came shivered he moved up and kneeled next to Simon.  Both beautiful cocks in my face, I sucked greedily, fondling them both, caressing their balls, licking their shafts, rubbing them together.  The men kissed as I tried to take them both in.

Bodies moved, and mouths were replaced, the three of us sharing sometimes, monopolizing at others. The men taking turns in my pussy and mouth.  Using each other.  Sucking, licking and fucking, all of it a blur.

We only wanted more.  Simon placed me on my back and spread my legs, in one drive he was deep inside me, thrusting deeper and deeper, making me cry out.  Jim rested on his knees, straddling my head, and used my open mouth.  Then moving only slightly he bent to use his mouth on Simon and I together.  I sucked his cock and balls as he licked my pussy and Simon’s cock, slowing Simon’s thrusts so that he could enjoy himself more.  Simon came hard, filling my pussy, giving Jim more and more to lick and suck; and as Simon came I could feel Jim stiffen and begin to fill my mouth as well.  Just moments later positions are shifted again, and again I am filled with cock.  Simon has me from behind this time and he is slowly driving into me, steering me by my hips.  I hear his breathing, I feel him slow and bend further over me.  I turn my head and see Jim behind him.  I can imagine what Simon was feeling, those slightly rough hands grasping his hips, feeling Jim’s cock, the tension and release of being filled.  The silhouette we created in the window, the three of us joined, fucking like mad, what a sight it would have been.  Mouths, pussy, and asses filled.  All of us taking and giving pleasure equally.

Eventually we all collapsed, this time with me in the middle, my arms around Jim, Simon’s arms around me.  Waiting until we are rested and my hands slide down Jim’s torso, and Simon’s cock presses hard against my ass leading us all to the shower, and a whole new round of excitement.

Coffee date. Part 2

Posted in Coffee date., sex on 18 November 2008 by Ava

The date began here

I just stood there for a moment, I had never seen Simon with another man in this fashion.  I was surprised at the tenderness, at how he slowly just took Jim’s kiss.  I was stunned watching them.  I’m not sure how long I stood before Simon looked up and called me over.  Startled back to the present I joined them on the couch, they had separated, and Jim patted the seat between he and Simon.  I sat down and was greeted by kisses from both the men, one by one and then a kiss shared by all of us, faces together, tongues intermingling.  It was somewhat difficult to know who’s hands where where, my breasts were being fondled as my hand explored Jim’s chest.  Reaching over to feel Simon’s cock I feel another hand, and as I move from Jim’s chest to the bulge in his pants I find that Simon has already started to discover it.

I’m breathless between these two men.  They work together to unbutton my shirt.  Jim gently slides it off as Simon gently nibbles on my left nipple, standing stiff beneath the black lace, Jim follows suit and begins to tease the right.  “Things are getting a little crowded out here, don’t you think?” I ask.  “Your right, lets go to the bedroom.” says Simon.  He stands and holds out his hands, one for Jim, and one for me, an we follow him back to the bedroom.  Standing by the bed, Simon got in front of Jim, and I behind.  Slowly I pull his shirt up, pinching his nipples on the way, pulling it over his head, slipping it off of his strong arms.  Simon unbuttoned his pants, slowly unzipping them and carefully pushing them to the floor.  I kiss Jim’s neck and hear him gasp. Simon has released Jim’s hard cock by pulling it out of the tight black briefs and slipping it into his mouth.  I felt Jim go a bit weak in the knees as Simon began sucking him harder, taking long slow draws, savoring every inch.  His hands had reached around and he was pulling Jim closer and squeezing his ass and I stepped back.  I watched them as I slipped out of my jeans and reclined on the bed.  I caught Jim’s eye and motioned for him to come onto the bed.  He gently pulled Simon up, they finished undressing each other as I watched, and both climbed onto the bed beside me…

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Coffee date.

Posted in Coffee date. on 17 November 2008 by Ava

Simon and I had seen Jim around the neighborhood.  One day the coffee shop, the next night a bar.  We would always say hello at least and at times have a seat and chat or have a drink together.  We never made plans to meet, it just happened.  Then one day I was meeting Simon for coffee over his lunch break, we saw Jim come in and asked him to join us.  As we sat and talked I began to notice more about him.  He was more handsome than I remembered, nicely built, taller than I had thought.  His voice had a nice timber and his hands looked strong.  More than those things though I noticed the way he watched Simons mouth as he spoke, the way his eyes subtlety moved down my neck lingering only slightly on the V in my sweater.  As we all spoke and laughed his attention shifted back and forth between both Simon and I, and it became apparent that he found both of us attractive when he casually touched Simons thigh while talking.  That day the conversation somehow made it around to sex, not in a graphic way, but naturally.  Jim was saying Simon and I made a great couple, he had just ended his relationship, unfortunately she thought he was too adventurous, wanted too much out of their sexual relationship.  Simon and I laughed, saying that hadn’t been a problem.

The time passed quickly and Simon had to get back to work, I kissed him goodbye and Jim played that he was going to as well, giving him a hug instead.  Simon playfully sulked, told me I should keep Jim company and went back to work.  Jim and I talked and laughed, relationships, poltitics, weather, but some how everything had a hint to it, everthing led back around to sex.  Finally I realized how long we had been there and asked him if he would like to come back to our place for a drink.  He looked me straight in the eye and asked “Don’t you think Simon will mind?”  “Simon would insist on it” I responded, and we got ready to leave.  I excused my self for a moment before we set off towards my apartment and sent Simon a quick text “I’m taking him home…”, the responce was quick “good”, he texted back.  I met Jim and we left for the apartment.

When we got upstairs I gave him the quick tour, making no move to hide the cache of sex toys on the headboard, or the collection of erotica on the bookshelves.  I poured us a couple of drinks and met him on the couch.  “I know it’s before five, but just barely, we can start our own happy hour” I joked as we sipped our whiskey.  As we spoke we moved closer, I sat facing him, he moved his hand onto my thigh.  When he leaned in to give me a kiss I didn’t resist, but when his hands began to roam more freely I told him to wait.  “We should wait for Simon, it just wouldn’t be fair to start without him” Smiling he sat back and we continued our drinks and conversation, kissing and touching continued but we kept it light, teasing each other, building up the tension.

We were kissing when Simon walked in, at first I could feel Jim tense up, until he heard him “I didn’t expect you two to wait for me.”  At that, Jim relaxed, well, all but his cock, which became visibly hard in his jeans.  I got up and kissed Simon hello, I told him to have a seat, relax, I’d make him a drink.  From the kitchen I heard the two of them talk and laugh a little, I took a bit longer than needed and went back in with Simons drink.  The two of them were sitting close, Jim’s hand on Simons upper thigh, moving in to kiss him when I walked in…

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